I don’t pretend to be old and wise.

But no matter your age there is always some knowledge that can be shared from your experiences. So I decided that on the blog I wanted to start a Wednesday theme! Wisdom Wednesday, where you will get to know some more about me and I can share some of the things I’ve learned through the ups and downs.

For the first Wisdom Wednesday, I am talking about my final semester of college and getting ready to dive into the post-grad world.

wisdom wednesday

My final semester of college, I was taking 18 credits, working a job and trying to figure out what was next. I knew I didn’t want to stay in my college town, my boyfriend and I were looking for a fresh start. So for those 6 months, we spent so much debating where to go next. Heading back to places we had lived before, or moving to some place new, all of it was on the table. Of course a lot of depended on being able to find jobs so I started applying to some that interested me all over the place, maybe that would make the decision easier.

I got wrapped up and lost in enjoying that last semester of college, to the point where I maybe was using it as a way to not thinking about my impending freedom. Because the most insane thing of all is that I was quickly realizing that for the first time since I started school I was totally free to chose where ever I wanted to live. How insane was that moment?

wisdom wednesday

But I didn’t think I realized that I was going miss it so much. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t want to live in Phoenix anymore, it was a great college town, but beyond that, I was done with it, but I had built a home for myself. My best friends, my university, my life revolved around it and then before I knew it, all of that was coming to an end.

I was scared. I was scared to see what the world held outside of my carefully constructed college bubble. And that was really what was making me second guess all of it. Starting all over again. No system in place to help me adjust, no built in way to make friends. It was all going to be different.

You tell yourself you are an adult in college, but I didn’t really know what that term meant until I graduated and was facing that reality. Something I had never really thought about until it was staring me in the face.

Time passed and nothing was making this choice for us. So we had to, with my graduation looming we were faced with more pressure to chose. To stay and keep up with the life we were living or move to a place with all of our options wide open and no guarantees.

Well, with just weeks before I was suppose to put on that cap and gown, we ended up making the choice to move to San Diego. There was family here, a safety net of sorts I guess, but it also meant moving in with my boyfriends parents because we had no jobs, no place to live lined up and were basically flying by the seat of our pants with no way of knowing whether it would work out in the end.

wisdome wednesday

In those finally weeks I was a total nervous wreck I mean in every sense of the word. Between wrapping up my degree, finding someone to take over our apartment lease which didn’t end till June, renting a uhaul, selling an old car that wasn’t coming with us and all the other logistics, I was constantly stressing hoping it would all work out.

Well, it did, eventually. We signed over the apartment the day we pulled out to drive from Phoenix to San Diego, and the packing was done the night before. I’ve learned that we do everything very last minute and that sometimes thats how things work best.

Getting to San Diego, it felt like a vacation. Sometimes to be honest it still doesn’t feel like real life, things are still in kind of a limbo space.

But heres the thing. Even with all those unanswered questions, and what ifs. I wouldn’t change it. Because even though this might seem like m trying to warn you against jumping into the unknown, its exactly the opposite.

Sure it wasn’t always easy. But nothing worth it ever is right? Now I got lucky, having people at my side who were willing to go the extra mile to make it worth it for that I am for ever grateful.

I miss my college town sometimes. I miss being a college student sometimes.

But time never stops moving, so make the most of the present cause you can never get it back or relive it.

Whats the biggest thing you learned after living college and entering post-grad life?

I hope you all have a great Wednesday and thanks for stopping by!







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