Sometimes no matter how many racks of petite clothes we scour or how many size extra small items we purchase, there will inevitably be pieces that could fit just a little bit better with some alterations. Alterations don’t necessarily mean sewing cutting, pinning, or taking it someplace to have it fitted for you. Being so petite, I’ve had to get creative with quick alterations in jam.

As nice as it would be to have my life in order enough to be able to take things in to get altered, sometimes it just gets away from me and I am left wanting to wear a specific outfit for an occasion but having no time to make sure it fits just right.

Enter, alterations cheats for dummies. Well, maybe that’s the wrong term but you get the idea. There are so many ways you can make some quick adjustments and be ready to go in a matter of just a few minutes.

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1. It’s As Easy As A Belt

petite spring fashion

Let’s start with the most obvious ways to make your clothes fit a little better. You can completely transform the shape and fit of a dress by adding a belt. Give a little extra emphasis to a dress lack shape or even tighten a waistline that is a tad lose by adding a pretty belt and making sure you look flawless and pretty no matter what your plans are. They can also help add some sophistication to an otherwise casual outfit taking a dress from a spring day to a bar night with the girls with a belt and changing up some shoes and adding some sparkle with pretty earrings and bangles.

Adding a belt to this white dress would offer some additional shape and emphasis to the waistline and give it an even more structure appearance. Pair that with a blazer and I would be ready to go for a business casual look on the go.

2. Nothing A Saftey Pin Can’t Fix

Nordstrom Rack Petite Section

Let’s talk about the magic of safety pins. As a petite girl, I always make sure I have some of these laying around. Whether I need to quickly tuck a hem, fix a button or get some sleeves cuffed into place, there is never a time when I haven’t found safety pin extremely useful. You can buy little tiny ones that are easy to hide so no one will even have to know. Keeping this blouses sleeves in place to style this office casual outfit was so much easier with some safety pins and the best part is that you can’t even tell.

3. Shorten It Up With Special Tape

It is amazing what you can do with some scissors, and iron and some tape. Yes, it’s special tape but keeping a role of this around your house is your someone who has to alter things frequently in a pinch is an absolute must! While not a permanent fix if you just need it to hold up for a couple days until you have time to really get it altered this is the perfect way to make it happen. Skip and or fold the fabric to the desired length, apply the tape and iron. Boom, done and ready to go.

This stuff holds up great and you won’t have to worry about it coming undone. This dress is one of my favorites and you would never even know that when I took this picture the hem of it was being held together with some ironed on tape! I did eventually get it hemmed correctly as you can tell it is still a tad long in this photo but shhh no one needs to know.

4. Cuff It To Perfection

And this might be crazy but there is a method of adjusting things often overlooked because of its stupid simplicity. The “alteration” as old as time, the cuff. Jeans, sleeves, jackets all of it can be cuffed for a cute casual approach to a quick alteration in length. I am an avid fan of cuffing my pants as I off times find them too long. But as you can see this casual weekend style with my favorite boyfriend jeans, it adds a laid-back and casual way to make sure these jeans look great with booties, sneakers and even flip-flops.

5. Bobby Pin It Down

If you are ever really in a bind and can’t find a way to make a dress or pair of pants, grab one of the million Bobby pins you probably have laying around tuck the fabric and place the Bobby pin on the inside of the clothing to hold it in place. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to quickly give something a nip and tuck for a better shape or better fit when you need it. I use to keep this adorable noted t-shirt in place, can you tell?

6. Button It Up

Casual Winter Look For Petite Women

Have a little bit of thread, a needle and a spare button laying around? Sew this on to a skirt or a jacket to tighten a waistline and make sure you get the perfect fit and are ready to tackle any situation. I love this trick for giving a blazer a little bit of a defined waistline when they aren’t quite as fitted as I would like. A secret little button sewn into the inside of this sweater quickly made sure I wasn’t showing to much skin for a family dinner and made this sweater outfit a hundred times for comfortable to wear.

Easy household items can quickly become a useful tool for us more petite ladies because let’s be honest sometimes a time crunch gets the best of us and we don’t have time to order in advice or make it to the alterations place. These are also great for when you are buying fast fashion which let’s be honest are never built to fit super petite women the way we want.

Hopefully, these tips and tricks are helpful to you when you are in a bind and trying to find a quick fix to petite clothing problems and do some quick alterations.

I hope you all have a great week!



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