What I Wore Last Week: Featuring Petite Jumpsuits & Fashionable Petite Clothing

Hi all! I know I have been a way for a while but I am back! I have missed sharing with you guys here in my little corner of the internet. And I feel like I have been apologizing a lot lately for being absent but we are going to be changing that.

I decided to start doing something new on my blog. I am going to starting doing weekly round up posts full of great fashion petite clothing to share even more great looks with you guys that you can rock. I will be sharing all of the great outfits I wore through out the week, breaking down where I found all my favorite affordable and everyday petite clothing!

This Weeks Petite Fashion

The one where I ripped my pants at work. If you get the reference of where this title came from, we can officially be best friends.

Unfortunately, it is more than a catchy title. I managed to tear the inside seam of one of my favorite pairs of jeans while at the office on Friday. And we all know when it comes to petite clothing one of the hardest things to find it jeans. So I was really upset understandable. I don’t work a physically demanding job or anything. Heck, I spend most of my day sitting at my desk. However, a couple of co workers wanted to go grab coffee and when we got back to the office I realized that the inside seam of my pants was coming apart and over the next hour as I was sitting in a meeting it continued to fall apart.

My parents used to get tell me and my sister all the time to keep our car clean but, in the case, it paid off because I happened to have another pair of jeans in the back of my car. And thank god I did. I hadn’t worn this pair of Levi’s in a long time and I am so glad this unfortunate circumstance forced me to bring them out again cause they are so adorable though they are a bit long so you are going to either have to cuff them or get them hemmed, I totally think its worth it.

The rest of this weeks looks don’t have nearly as exciting of a story. However, this adorable  petite jumpsuit does have some what of nice tale behind it. Another great piece of petite clothing that I was shocked to find. My mom found with me at a little boutique in Austin while we were out there for my birthday. I couldn’t find this exact one but I linked a great option from Amazon. Now I don’t know how many of you have been in the hunt for a great jumpsuit since they have started coming back into trend but its not an easy feat. I am pretty sure this one is supposed to be more a crop leg length, but I think it looks just as cute rocking it longer with a denim jacket and some sandals or even some heeled sandals if you are feeling a little fancy.

Petite jumpsuits are super hard to find so I have linked some other great options to help you find one that will fit anyones style.

While that petite jumpsuit is all that and a bag of chips, and I wish I could wear it every day of the week there are so many other great pieces to share.

The first official day of summer may have passed but San Diego certainly hasn’t gotten the memo, and so I have still been rocking some of my favorite jackets and sweaters even though it’s almost July. But that’s okay because I love jackets almost as much as I love a good iced coffee. This petite friendly utility jacket from Loft is no different. And what do you know? Another great piece of petite clothing you NEED in your closet if you are a jacket lover like me. I have never met a jacket that been more perfectly cut to fit a petite woman. The khaki colored one would be perfect to pair with that petite jumpsuit for a fun casual look. The length hits right at the hips and I love that you can adjust how fitted you want it to look with the ties in the back.

I have blogged about this petite clothing piece before but who says you can’t do dark colors in spring? This off the shoulder top with its white lace detail and bold floral patterns is a great option for spring or summer. And I find that the dark colors draw me to it even in the warmest of months. What can I say? I am a rule breaker. Here is a beautiful option that is perfect for spring and summer! Okay not really but hey I say if you like the colors wear them whenever you want to include dark colors in summer and the brightest colors in winter if that what you love. For me this top will be an anytime if warm enough to wear it type of option.

As you have probably figured out by now when it comes to my every day petite fashion I keep things simple. But when I kind find pieces like this one that take it up a little bit while still being completely easy to wear and not much more effort than a basic t-shirt it’s a win for me. Pretty lace details make this top more than just a t-shirt and while it will be a great layering piece for the winter in the spring and summer this t-shirt is a great alternative to just the basics by adding something a little to it. Sometimes it nice to change things up and not be wearing just a basic t-shirt. You can also dress this up with a blazer and it would be a super cute business casual kind of look.

So thats it! These were the standout pieces for me this last week! Please if you like these and find them interesting and helpful for finding some great fashionable petite clothing let me know because these are so much fun and I love being able to share so many great looks at one time.



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