Henley Tshirt + Boyfriend Jeans: A Weekend Outfit For Petite Women

I enjoy casual weekend style probably more than any other part of my wardrobe. Doesn’t matter what time of year it is I know I can excel at rocking a good weekend look. Its probably because I don’t have to try and think about putting together an outfit at 6 am when I am severally sleep deprived and running late, but my weekend style is where my fashion excels. I could try to lay out a cute outfit for work the night before, and be that girl who is prepared for it all but honestly, I don’t think I am ever going to that put together. So a great weekend outfit for petite women is where I continue to thrive in terms of great fashion.

During the weekends I can wake up, sift through the piles of clothes that I have left in my laundry basket after washing them because I was too lazy to put them away and find all the perfect pieces for a great outfit. I can change about half a dozen times if I need to and take as many long looks in the mirror as needed to make sure everything is working together. Getting dressed for work is all about throwing on something I don’t have to stop an analyze in the mirror to worry about if its comfortable, or if my bra is accidentally showing a little bit through the texture of a t-shirt, cause lets be honest we have all had that moment where we thought something was fine till we stepped outside and everything was really not fine.

weekend outfit for petite women

A great henley is never out of place in a winter wardrobe, or a summer wardrobe, or any seasons wardrobe. Wear them with anything, and the will look fabulous, which makes them the chameleons of the fashion world. Am I going to a business lunch or am I about to hit the grocery store? No one will be able to tell and you’ll look fabulous whether you are wearing it under a blazer for work or a scarf and jeans for a day of running errands. Old Navy has cute ones in their petite section, that come in a variety of colors and are cut so the seams hit in all the right spots. A great fitting henley is a staple for a weekend outfit for petite women.

I will say this, even though I really love this grey henely I prefer more loose-fitting styles. If I bought this again I would probably buy a size up just for a slightly more relaxed fit. If you enjoy a more fitted look this shirt fits true to size but if you are like me and prefer slightly looser or you have a bigger chest then sizing up would be a good idea. For reference, I am wearing a size x-small and while it fits I would buy a small next time and shorten the length and the sleeves to fit more the way I prefer.

weekend outfit for petite women

Boyfriends jeans are the saviors of weekend wardrobes. As I am quickly learning, I am still new to the boyfriend jean trend, they can be paired with anything and everything. To be honest I am ashamed of myself for not jumping on the train earlier because well, it been a great love affair so far. I worked at Charlotte Russe in college, and the crazy discount made not shopping really difficult. After one of my shifts I picked up these fabulous distressed jeans, and honestly, I am surprised they have held up so well. I wanted to buy a cheap pair in case I didn’t end up liking them, but I’ve had them for almost 2 years now and they are still in great shape. The fit of these is the perfect amount of relaxed while still hugging in all the right places giving your butt a really nice shape if I am being honest.

I love the slightly more relaxed fit of these but when I wear them to many days without washing them, yes I know some of you might be cringing at the thought but I do tend to wear my jeans a few times before washing them to help them last longer and prevent fading, they can get a little too baggy. These are a size two and I think I could probably have bought a zero and been fine thought they would have fit a bit more snuggly at first. It’s all a matter of preference on the size but I still adore the soft denim and am impressed with the quality of these jeans.

weekend outfit for petite women

Hi, my name is Charlie and I have a serious boot obsession. These adorable lace detailed booties were just too much for my shoe-loving heart to ignore. They are just the perfect amount of feminine without being girly or little girlish, and they are perfect for pairing with cuffed jeans or dress depending on a great outfit. Even on days when you are going to be spending 10 hours on your feet, these boots will look and feel great making them perfect for anyone on the move. Stylish, comfortable and the perfect height for an ankle boot, I can already tell that these are going to be a favorite piece all through the winter and into summer.

If you have feet that are particularly sensative or need arch support these booties are great. There is enough room for extra insoles if you need them but they also feel pretty good by themselves. I have flatter feet from years of soccer and cleats, but I think even those of you who need more support would find these shoes extremely comfortable to wear for a long day. If you do need insoles I would still recommend buying your normal size as they do run just a tad loose which I don’t mind but will be perfect for those of you who need the extra support.

weekend outfit for petite women

A beige satchel is a perfect match to go with these booties and help tie this outfit all together. I love that this bag isn’t too big or too small. I can fit everything I need inside without feeling like I am digging my way to China when I am looking for something. You’ll love all the inner pockets that help keep things organized and make it easy to find smaller things like pens, lipstick, and hair ties that easily disappear into the bottom of your purse never to be seen again. The gold details add a little something while keeping the lines of the bag, clean and minimalistic. This one comes in a few different neutral colors, so no matter what your preference is you’ll find a color that matches your style perfectly.

Is anyone else super picky about their bags? I know I saw this about a lot of the things I mention on here but I really at a point in my life where I want to invest money in great pieces for my wardrobe that work perfectly. I don’t want to just kinda be okay with the way something looks. I am also that person who can tell within about ten seconds of trying something on or checking it out in the mirror, whether or not I am going to buy it. Trust your gut, its usually right. I love my bags to have lots of smaller pockets to help keep me organized, and I am all about those neutral colors. I want to be able to grab which ever bag will hold what I need for the day and head out the door without thinking about if the color is going to clash with my clothes.

weekend outfit for petite women

A great scarf not only makes a statement but can help you feel cozy and in the winter spirit whether you live in the freezing cold with snow or in more mild climates like San Diego. I especially love the dark blue color, something about it just seems so appropriate for this time of year. A few years ago I really started uping my scarf game and believing in accessories and thank god because its really helped take my more basic outfits and turn them into something fun to wear with pops of color and cozy details. This scarf won’t be too bulky overwhelming your face or neck, but will still provide a nice warm accessory to any basic winter outfit giving it a little something extra.

Cozy scarves are one of my favorite accessories in the winter time but I am also aware that as a petite woman its very easy for them to overwhelm. Being aware of that thinner styles and fabrics as well as taking some time to twist or scrunch the fabric into a less bulky shape can really help prevent scarves from making us look like a turtle. Scarves are essential for weekend outfits for petite women and all women I think, and as long as you are smart about the way you wear them can be a great way to add some spice to basic look like this grey tshirt and jeans look.

weekend outfit for petite women

When I saw these baublebar earrings I knew they were going to be perfect for pairing with this scarf to tie all the colors together in an outfit. The dark blue colors match perfectly and the gold details on the earrings help tie in the gold details on the purse as well. All in all, these were that cohesive element this outfit needed. I love them because they aren’t too heavy, are big enough to make a statement but won’t look ridiculous on a small face. Statement jewelry is great but sometimes I feel like it can be a little too much and so I strive to find pieces like this that are just enough to really make people notice but aren’t so big that they aren’t functional.

Some people say that petite women can’t wear big earrings, but you know how I feel about people telling us we can’t or shouldn’t wear things. Sometimes I’ll do it just to spite them and prove that no matter how petite we can still rock some serious fashion. Its all about scale. Earrings or hoops that might not look as bold or make a statement on someone who is average height or tall, will look great and stand out on a petite frame while earrings that jump out at you on someone taller might be too overwhelming not to mention heavy for petite faces and ears.

Do you guys have a favorite weekend look? Whats the one item you always turn to for that perfect comfy outfit?

I hope you guys are having a great week and are looking forward to finishing it out strong before the weekend!





  1. Casie

    January 19, 2018 at 10:22 am

    People who wash their pants after every wash are insane. That’s my theory anyway. I am still on the hunt for a pair of boyfriend jeans that don’t emphasize how very non-existent my legs are. 😆 I LOVE your scarf!

    1. Charlie

      January 19, 2018 at 7:46 pm

      Haha I totally agree! Beleive me once you find that perfect pair you are never going to want to wear anything else!! Thanks doll! XOXO Charlie

  2. Jessica

    January 22, 2018 at 12:13 am

    Love a good henley shirt too! So comfortable and versatile 🙂

    Jessica |

  3. Jessica

    January 22, 2018 at 12:14 am

    I love a good henley tee! So versatile and comfortable, too!

    Jessica |

    1. Charlie

      January 22, 2018 at 8:17 pm

      I totally agree!! Thank you so much for stopping by! Xoxo charlie

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