The Ultimate Summer Vacation Packing List For Petite Women

Summertime is here and that means it’s time to start thinking about all the vacations you have coming up. Are you ready for them?

If you are a haphazard packer you know the feeling of showing up to your destination and realizing you forgot something. You will throw a whole bunch of stuff in a suitcase and figure out outfits when you get wherever you are going. Not the best tactic but in the end, it usually works out well enough.

However, if you have a big summer vacation coming up, this summer vacation packing list will help make sure you are ready for a great vacation without having to worry you forgot anything. This is a list full of all the items of clothing, swimsuits and other fashion items you will need for a flawless vacation.

This summer vacation packing list will have you ready for your next adventure and while somethings on here might seem obvious but at the end of the day you don’t want to end up at your destination and realize you have forgotten something vitality important.

The Ultimate Summer Vacation Packing List

summer vacation packing list

The Dresses

The quintessential summer item. I never go on any summer or spring tips without at least a couple of these packed in my bag. Not only are they great if you are going to be somewhere hot but they are perfect for anything from beach days to fancy dinners or anything in between.

Maxi Dress

summer vacation packing list

They say petite girls can’t wear them but clearly, they have never been to ASOS or raided the petite section of a local Macy’s. Bring at least one of these as they are comfortable and breezy. Look flawless taking that perfect beach selfie or sipping wine on a seaside dinner. It’s funny because lately, I have been having an easier time finding great maxi dresses than shorter dresses.


summer vacation packing list

Never underestimate the power of a great sundress. While on vacation this summer don’t be afraid to “sundress up” as Barney Stinson would say. Light, breezy, and small enough to barely take up any space in your suitcase so you can back more shoes what’s not to love about this summer classic? Its something you have to include on your summer vacation packing list.


summer vacation packing list

Planning on running around and maybe doing some more active things but want something that is just as easy to slip on over a swimsuit or bralette? Rompers are going to be the answer to all of your problems this summer. Another great piece that you can either dress down or doll up for dinner depending on the romper. Comfy, versatile and easier to wear while riding backs, or doing any kind of more intense activity.

Don’t Forget The Shorts

As I’ve gotten older I have strayed away from denim shorts, however, that doesn’t mean I am avoiding shorts altogether. The perfect pair of comfy breezy shorts never goes out of style. My biggest obsession has been tie waist shorts. There is just something so comfy and perfect summertime about them. They look a little more dressy than normal shorts and yet they are so easy to pull on and wear to just run and grab a coffee.

Even though I haven’t been wearing denim shorts a ton I still have a few cute pairs I can’t get enough of. Lace has been my big thing for the past few years, so when I found this lace trimmed denim shorts I just couldn’t resist them. They are super cute, comfortable and are perfect for anything from throwing over a swimsuit with some flip flops to styling with a shirt and sneakers to go exploring. Grab your favorite pair and include them in your summer vacation packing list.

Tank Tops

Loose, flowy and soft is the name of the same when staying cool through the summer. This can be tricky because there is a fine line between being lightweight and flowy, and being see-through and unwearable. Beautiful lace trimming or this cute peplum one from American eagle are both perfect for summer vacations and will have you looking cute and feeling cool as a cucumber.

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes and More Shoes

I’ve mentioned it before but my mother made sure I had a healthy obsession with all things shoe related. And no good summer vacation packing list is complete without them. Even if you plan to spend most of your time at the beach having a pair of shoes that are easy to slip on when the day is over and it’s time for dinner is key to making any great outfit pop.

Sandals, flip-flops and a pair of wedges are the three essentials of any summer wardrobe. Of course, this is by no means all you need to get through an entire summer but when trying to narrow down your collection into the necessities for a summer vacation, this is where you should turn

summer vacation packing list.

These MIA sandals are perfect for taking to the beach and I have loved wearing them with everything from dresses to shorts, to skirts and even jeans.

Need the best pair of flip-flops you will ever own? You need a pair of Rainbows. I was skeptical at first but man oh man are these things fabulous. And they have a lifetime warranty so if they break you can get new ones free of charge.

And the worlds most comfortable and easy to wear espadrilles are everything when it comes to being ready for summer.

Swimsuits Are A Must

No matter where you are headed for the warmer months, having a great swimsuit for the pool, beach or even just tanning is super important.

Whether you are a one piece type of person or a bikini lover, there are so many great options. As a tip, I always make sure I have at least swimsuits packed if I know I am going to be spending time in the water in case something happens to one. Spill a cocktail on it, or it breaks or gets dirty and you don’t have access to a washer.

I have found some great one pieces at Target this year that are both a little sexy and super comfortable to wear while making me feel super confident while hanging out in the water.

So, do you feel ready for your next big adventure? I hope that by following this list you feel like you have everything you need to feel breezy and beachy on your next vacation. I have always struggled with knowing exactly what to pack for trips and usually just end up hoping whatever got thrown into my suitcase works out.

However, following this list has made it much easier to feel prepared for the next big vacation you have coming and are ready to soak up the sun.

I hope you all have a great week and some great vacations to look forward to even if its just a long weekend.





  1. Sarah Gray

    June 6, 2018 at 8:22 pm

    Thanks for sharing this. I will check those spots for Maxi dresses. I am 5’1″ and just avoid them entirely because I just assumed they didn’t exist for us little’ns, haha.

    1. Charlie

      June 6, 2018 at 9:31 pm

      Haha I totally understand I am 4’10 and some of these have worked great for me!!

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