The Ultimate Gift Guide For All The Ladies In Your Life

Whether you are shopping for all of your fabulous “galentines” or are trying to find some inspiration to drop some hits for SO, the perfect valentines day gift can be a struggle to find. Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating the people you love and what better what to show your appreciation for all they do, than with a little special gift to remind them that you are thinking about them? From small little gifts for your favorite coworker to great ideas for girlfriends and best friends, this Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for the petite women in your life is the perfect way to find some inspiration.

No matter what interests the petite ladies in your life might have, the perfect gift is out there, you just have to nowhere to find it, and that’s where I come in. I have gathered some of the best gifts out there for this special day to help you avoid that last minute panic. So ladies, and gents, who might be checking in for some help shopping for their ladies, keep reading for some fabulous gift inspiration!

Best Gift Guide For Ladies

Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Petite Women

It might be more than obvious but no Valentine’s Day gift guide would be complete without jewelry on this list. I know its cliche but believe me, whether its a cute little charm for your best friend, an Alex and Ani bracelet for your sibling, or something far more extravagant for a girlfriend or wife, jewelry is always appreciated. Engraved pieces, like this bracelet with coordinates to a special location, shows you really know your Valentine will make them feel so special and really be the perfect way to say you care. Pandora charms are a great way to give a gift that you can keep building onto and create a bracelet of memories over the years, while a beautiful pair of stud earrings, whether will surely, give her something remember the special day by.

A stunning watch from Fossil never goes out of style and is a beautiful gift for Valentine’s Day, and if you want to take it up a notch, engraving something on the back will really make it special. They are also great for petite women because removing the links is easy to do without needing professional tools. Don’t underestimate the power of the classics, especially when it comes to Valentine’s Day. While this holiday of love is being celebrated by more diverse couples, friends, and people alike, there is still something so special about receiving a beautiful piece of jewelry on this special day.

Valentines Day Gift Guide For Petite Women

Do you have a cooker or baker in your life? Well, why not spoil the foodie side of them, and maybe give them a reason to cook your some delicious new dishes. From spices to olive oils and balsamic vinegar, from baking utensils to fun cookie cutters, if your special someone loves to spend time in the kitchen, show them you have truly appreciated every delicious meal they have made you by giving them some fun new ingredients and tools to continue their passion. A fun kitchen gadget like an electric wine opener or a beautiful spice set will show just how much love watching them pursue their passion for cooking.

Valentines Day Gift Guide

The category that speaks to my soul is of course fashion! If you have a true fashionista in your life, why not add their addiction? Asking their friends what size they wear or hand them a gift card to their favorite petite store, like Ann Taylor, ASOS or where ever else they love to shop, to buy a new outfit for whatever your Valentine’s Day festivities might include. They will be so excited that you noticed their love of all things fashion, that you’ll be celebrating the night away and the will be celebrating their new outfit too. Accessories are never a bad idea, so if someone you know needs a new purse or sunglasses, or loves hats or scarves spoil them by adding to their collection.

This gorgeous midi lace dress would be perfect if you are planning a date night for Valentine’s Day and what would make it any more special than having your SO leave this dress for you as part of the surprise for the evening? So maybe drop a hint or two. If you are looking for something cute to give a friend this beautiful bag will quickly become a favorite and is so versatile.

Valentines Day Gift Guide For Petite Women

Is the petite women in your life, a major techy? Does she struggle to find wearable tech accessories that fit her, well, I understand and I am here to offer some help. If you have someone in your life who is looking for a new band for an Apple Watch, look no further than an adjustable mesh metal band that comes in black and rose gold. Not only is it guaranteed to fit them perfectly because it’s unlimitedly shrinkable, but it will make their Apple Watch their favorite fashion accessories. It stays closed with a magnet, is super lightweight and comfortable no matter what they are wearing it with, from a date night to running off the valentines chocolate on their morning jog the next morning.  If they are the type of person who is always on the go why not gift them a Google Home Mini? Perfect for helping them keep track of all the lists they need to stay organized, help them find information when they need it and even get the party started with some tunes!

If they are music-obsessed giving them the perfect pair of headphones or a new Bluetooth speaker to enjoy all of their favorite tunes on will make them dance the day away! Finding the perfect petite headphones can be challenging, but there are definitely some great ones out there such as the House of Marley earbuds and the Urbanears Platten 2 Wireless headphones that the perfect pair of over the ear headphones for small heads. I am almost always connected to my music. I listen at work, when I am working at home, when I am in the car, all the time and so having a great pair or two of headphones around is an absolute must. I wrote a whole blog post on the best headphones for small heads, if you need some help finding a great pair!

For the beauty and makeup gurus out there don’t be shy to hand them some new makeup skincare or even a bottle of your their favorite dry shampoo to inspire them to flex their makeup creativity. Whether its the Huda beauty rose gold palette they have been drooling over, or their favorite bath bomb from Lush what makes a better Valentine’s day fight than saying, relax with your favorite products because you deserve it? Great a little gift set full of fragrance samplers or hand lotions or wrap some candles from Bath and Body Works, cause what girl doesn’t love lighting a delicious smelling candle at the end of a long day. Every time they use it they will think of the sweetest friend, coworker, or SO who knows them so well!

What are some of the best Valentine’s Day Gifts you’ve ever been given? HAve any of you been given a particularly bad gift?

No matter what the ladies in your life are into hopefully this guide has helped give you some ideas about how to spoil them with some goodies this Valentine’s Day! I will be spending my Valentine’s Day with the BF making delicious food at home and probably curling up and watching movies. That sounds like my idea of a perfect evening right there!

Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love and those people who help make our lives fun and full of joy. So I hope however you spend it, whether its a quiet night in, or a fabulous date night, that you get to spoil some beautiful people and get spoiled a little bit because hey we all deserve that!

Happy Friday! I hope you all have a great weekend and I will be back on Monday sharing some great Valentines Day Gifts for all the men in your life!





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