Top 15 Petite Fashion Items Worth The Splurge From Nordstroms

Okay I am gonna be honest with you. I don’t shop at Nordstroms ever. However, over the years on the few occasions I have made purchases from them, they have always been 100% worth the splurge in money. Great petite fashion items can be hard to find and so when you do find them I feel like its okay to spend a little bit of extra cash and treat yourself to that perfect fit.

I know I blog about affordable petite fashion, however I do have some splurge worthy fashion items in my closet or that I have tried on and loved, that your really should consider adding to your closet. Affordable doesn’t always mean inexpensive, sometimes it means spending money where its worth it and gonna last.

Some of the items on this list or for sure splurges and some of them are just small extravagances you should treat yourself too without breaking the bank.

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Must Have Petite Fashion Items

I think the two biggest things I invest in when it comes to Nordstroms are boots and jackets. Stocking up with some great quality items that I know will take me through the next 5-10 years with out wearing out is super important especially as I get older and I have stopped relying on fast fashion ever season and have come to rely on my old stand by’s again and again for look that are timeless and comfortable.

Top 15 Petite Fashion Items Worth The Splurge

    1. BlankNyc Leather Jacket: If you aren’t ready to take the leap into the serious investment of real leather or you want a less animal harmful alternative look no further for the perfect leather jacket for petite women. BlankNyc has some of the best fitting jackets for petite women I have ever tried and this edgy moto jacket is no exception.
    2. Spanx Leggings: Did you know these came in petite lengths? Well they do. While expensive these are worth the splurge for those who you live in leggings. Whether you dress them up or down they will always look fabulous.
    3. Sam Edleman Chelsea Bootie: I couldn’t get through this list without adding a bootie or two. On the slightly more expensive end these cute ankle boots are worth every penny in quality and how much you’ll love wearing them.
    4. J.Crew Blazer: If your work in an office with a business attire dress code a great fitted blazer is a must. J. Crew makes some of the best fitted for petite women and if you are gonna splurge on the perfect blazer you should check out this brand for sure!
    5. Thread & Supply Quarter Zip: Okay, if you have been around this site once or twice you have probably notice my love of all things Sherpa fleece make it a quarter zip and well, you’ve got yourself a deal.
    6. 1.State Cold Shoulder Top: They bring this top back in so many different colors every year for good reason. Super cute, flowy and just a little bit sexy its the perfect top for any date, or party you might be headed out too.
    7. Steven Madden Wedge Sneaker: My favorite hidden secret of 2019. Comfortable enough to wear to a concert for hours, but they give you a couple inches of height that make you look taller. What more could you ask for.
    8. Paige Flare Jeans: I’ll admit I needed to hem these a bit for the perfect fit, but the quality of the denim, the wash of these jeans and the flattering fit make them a hands down winner in my book. These are going to be in my closet for years to come.
    9. Eileen Fisher Coat: Long known for turning out great petite pieces if you live cooler climates and are looking for the perfect petite coat this is it without a doubt. The perfect flattering length with plenty of warmth you’ll never want to take it off.
    10. Stuart Weitzman Over The Knee Boots. These might look great on everyone but especially for those of us the petite side. The flattering shape of the toe and the perfect shaft height make for the worlds most flattering and comfortable boot.
    11. Kut Cloth Denim Jacket: I am a sucker for a good denim jacket and the Kut ones are just something else. While pricey I believe they are truly worth the money every time.
    12. Frye Riding Boots: Okay, these are for sure a splurge but they are so worth it. Made of the softest leather, in the prettiest color, these riding boots are the perfect calf height for those of us on the shorter side of life.
    13. Wit & Wisdom Skinny Pants: Do you have a networking event to go to? Or work in a business professional setting? These ankle pants will solve all your problems with the perfect fit and all the cute patterns.
    14. Topshop High Waisted Jeans: Topshop is known for cutting things a bit smaller than you might be used too, however when you are extra petite this can work to your benefit. That’s the case with these fabulous black jeans. You might to go up a size though if you are a curvy girl like me.
    15. Calvin Klein Pumps: Not the most expensive pair of pumps but I wanted to add them to this list cause the are absolutely worth every penny in how comfortable, stylish and versatile they are.

What item in your closet do you think is worth the splurge?



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