Sometimes I wish I could walk through the international terminal at an airport, pick a destination and go. I’ve been blessed to do some pretty awesome traveling so far in my young life, but every time I return no matter how short or long the trip is I want to take off again. I have this fantastical image of strolling through some of the worlds most beautiful destinations seeing it all.

Over the years I have compiled a travel bucket list of places that I want to see, not so much a bucket list as a ranking by the desire of the places I want to go. I mean the list is never ending as I would never turn down an adventure to some exotic place but I feel like we all have an urge to see some places more than others.

So here it, I am putting my lit out there for the world, my promise between all of us to make sure that I actually accomplish visiting all of these wonderful bucket list

  1. Paris, France. Who wouldn’t want to go to one of the most beautiful cities in the world? One of the top destinations in the world I have yet to see and honestly it kills me a little to know that I haven’t gotten to see the Louvre or the Effile tour. For most of the travel enthused out there, I feel like seeing this city is like a right of passage. travel bucket list
  2. Barcelona, Spain. One word. Soccer. Or I guess more correctly Football. Being such a huge fan of the sport I feel like I can’t feel complete without traveling to one of the most soccer crazy places on the planet. Also sangria, pallea, culture, language, beaches and oh so much more. travel bucket list
  3. Turks And Cacois. Because I want to go somewhere to cut myself off from everything, sit on a beach and stare out at something that has been the stereotype of screen savers the world around. I mean have you seen it? I am so incredibly obsessed with anything beach or ocean so this is basically my heaven. travel bucket list
  4. Istanbul, Turkey. There is this book called The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova that details the crossover between the myth and truth behind the story of Dracula and it made me want to visit and tour this beautiful city. From hearing about the architecture and the culture sent me a deep craving for this gem. travel bucket list
  5. Vienna, Austria. This might sound strange but I watched Sound Of Music all the time and there is just something about it that I want to experience for myself. It’s been the heart of so much creativity and bucket list
  6. Bali, Indonesia. This is kind of an eat, pray, love type of thing and kind of a just want to swim with cool sea creatures, see the culture, type of thing. I had a friend from here when I was growing up and everything about their zen way of life, or at least the way it portrayed is so very appealing to me. travel bucket list
  7. Sydney, Australia. They say it’s like southern California only the people have accents, but I want to see the harbor bridge and the opera house. Bondi beach and the gold coast, I want to snorkel or dive at the Great Barrier Reef. Other than the huge number of dangerous and poisonous things it all sounds pretty bucket list8. Rio De Jinero, Brazil. I mean I know there are parts of it that are still dealing with a lot of poverty but the culture here is so vibrant and alive. It would be the most incredible thing in the world to see carnival live in person! travel bucket list9. Lisbon, Portugal. I’ve head that this is such a melting pot of people and lifestyles, that holds a hidden maze of beauty, art, music, food, and history. It has been dying to go explore this place that I haven’t seen getting much time in the spotlight. travel bucket list 10. Prague, Chez Republic. Because I mean have you seen the pictures? Every time I hear someone ranting and raving about the experience they had in this stunning old city I get the urge to buy a ticket then and there, take off and just go!


So there you have it. My top places in order that I want to see in this great wide world before tackling the rest which I fully intend to do. Where are some of your favorite places that you have been or want to go? I hope you guys are having an excellent and magical week! Sorry, this post is coming a day late but I was on a flight most of last night and was running around all day yesterday.



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