Tips For Styling Oversized Sweaters On A Petite Frame

I’ve won a lot of short girls can’t wear this battles over the years. Maxi skirt or dresses? Rocking it like I was born to. Knee High boots? Swing and a miss, cause mine are my favorite. Wide-legged pants? Tailor them right and show me a good pair of heels to match them with and I’ll be power strutting through the office like I own the place. But, I have embraced over the years that there are some trends that just don’t do anything for me. However, in fall, I will never shy away from a good oversized sweater!

I love big cardigans and sweater in the winter and fall.They are so cozy, and comfortable that I just want to wear them all the time. The more chunky the better I always say, however, having a petite frame can make it hard to pull these off without looking overwhelmed by all the material.

Not going to lie I’ve looked back at some pictures of myself wearing some of my favorite cardigans or sweaters and I realized they made me look bigger than I really am, or shorter than I really am all because of the way I wore them or how I chose to style them.

And as soon as I realized that I got a hell of a lot wiser and decided to find ways to still rock my favorite oversize cardi and sweater trends and look like a million dollars doing it! Because even though a lot of people say there are certain trends petite women should stay away from I think its honestly all about how you choose to style these pieces to make them work for your body type.

If you are going to wear an oversized sweater, try pairing it with some high waisted pants or leggings to make your legs look longer. It makes it the cardi look less overwhelming on a small frame and can even out proportions. Plus who doesn’t want their legs to look a million miles long?

I used to love my boots with a nice rounded toe, the pointed toe thing was just not for me. However, it turns out that pointed toe shoes are my best friend when it comes pairing them with an oversized cardi or sweater. These, from Steve Madden, are one of my all time favs but aren’t sold anymore, so I linked an extremely similar pair here! Again, it helps those legs look longer making you seem taller, and leaner, looking oh so cozy wrapped up in your favorite fall attire.

styling oversized sweaters on a petite frame

Belts are going to be my best friend this fall season when it comes to giving my favorite cardigans some shape. I have found that adding just a little definition around my natural waist really helps keep a nice figure with a cozy cardigan, something I wish I would have known before a few disastrous fashion mistakes in my younger days.

I have also found that tucking in my shirt underneath my cardi helps keep looks like this from looking too baggy and enveloping. That loose fitted flowy look is super cute and you can still rock it but I’ve found that this is a great way to make sure that I don’t lose the shape of a human being while I’m at it.

Of course, cardigans are a great way to layer up for the office as well when the temperatures start to drop. Rocking a cute more structured top underneath really helps add a level of more professionalism to a more casual trend. Of course, this all depends on the dress code of your office but I think this is a great way to add some cozy comfort to your work looks. styling oversized sweaters on a petite frame

Of course making sure your oversized cardi is too big in a good way and not the, oh my gosh she doesn’t know how to dress herself way is also an important part of the equation as well. Make sure that the sweater it’s you in a good spot. It can be long but if it hits you in an awkward it’s not quite a duster and it’s not quite a cardi zone, it won’t do you any favors.

Tailored pants will always look better with an oversized cardi or sweater. especially on a petite frame. Rocking volume on top and bottom is bound to make you look lost in all that clothing. I’m not saying you can’t rock a classic pair of wide legged jeans or trousers but maybe pair them with a top that fits a little closer to the body. It’s all about balance.

styling oversized sweaters on a petite frame

I love a good pair of riding boots as much as the next girl but pairing them with a longer cardi or sweater is going to cause you to look shorter and more cut off in some bad places. If you are going bigger, and more boxy or cozy on top, balance it out with some pointed-toe flats or a cute pair of ankle boots that really show off your stems!

No matter how petite, pint-size, short, miniature, or pocket size people may say you are, you can and should wear whatever you want! It’s all about styling it right and rocking it with the confidence of the 6-foot personality we all have crammed into our gorgeous little frames.

Whats your favorite way to rock on an oversized sweater in the colder months?

I also just wanted to say, that my thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the tragedy in Las Vegas last night. Hold your loved ones a little tighter and say I love you a little more.

I hope you all have a great Monday and thank you so much for stopping by!



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