I spend a majority of my life writing. I work as a full-time copywriter and in my spare time, I work on this blog. So Its important to me that I have a great space to sit and work at home, however, I also happen to live in a fairly small studio apartment. I want my workspace to be comfortable but compact and easy enough to keep tucked out of the way so that we can use the rest of the space in the apartment.

My work set up is where I spend a good majority of my time when I’m home. Its bright, and helps me be productive when I am trying to get through everything. There are certain things I need at my work desk that help me be at my best, which means I can sit and plow through work whether its content, photos, or creating my schedule. Making sure you have everything you need at you work desk is all about understanding what helps you work best.

What Makes My Work Space The Best

  1. I sit right in front of a window so that my workspace never feels cramped or dark. I hate feeling closed in or sitting in harsh unnatural light if I can avoid it so my workspace is in one very well lit corner of the apartment right another a big window allowing a lot of natural light which has the added bonus making my desktop a primer backdrop to take photos on for Instagram and blog posts. need to have at my work desk
  2. I have cute pops of color on my desk to keep it fun makes it inviting to sit down and work. I have some pictures of me and my boyfriend, friends, family and of course my dog. As well as a few things that double as great props for photos. Cute coasters, notebooks, my kate spade planner, and a cute pencil cup to keep things organized.need to have my work desk
  3. A Blanket lives on or near my desk and chair because I like curling up and being as comfy as humanly possible when I work. Wrapping myself up in a cute fuzzy throw lets me remain comfortable while also keeping me warm so I can focus on my work. This microplush blanket from Target has been with me for a long time and get used both at my desk and on the bed! It’s my favorite.need to have at my work desk
  4. I can’t work in silence. I have a pair of headphones that I keep on my desk at all times. I love the House of Marley brand, both their earbuds and their headphones are a great mid-range option that offers great sound and blocks out outside noise. I like feeling like I am in my own little bubble, and sometimes I get really into my music.need to have at my work desk
  5. For those moments when I am working alone in my apartment, I will play my music from speakers instead of using headphones. I love my Bose Speakers, they have great sound and have been going strong for 5 years. However, I recently was allowed to try out the HP AMP 100 printer which has a built-in Bluetooth speaker! I love this because the Bluetooth means that I can still use my phone, or walk around the apartment while having the music going and my phone with me. The sound is pretty decent and because of the 2 in 1 feature, it means less stuff taking up space in my apartment.need to have at my work desk
  6. A drawer of snacks and chocolates is also a nice thing to have nearby. Sometimes you just need a sugar fix or something to help pick up and keep you focused. I am so obsessed with Dove Dark Chocolate, I could eat like 50 of them in a sitting. They are the perfect pick me up while I am working.
  7. Having candles burning to make it small warm and cozy also really helps me relax and work well. I mention some of my favorites in my favorite product roundup post, and I am all about scents that are warm and cozy no matter the reason. I usually have at least one if not more of these candles burning in the apartment and at my workspace to keep me relaxed.

    need to have at my work desk

    Stay Positive While Job Hunting

  8. I am a bit of pen whore. I am very particular about what kind of pens I use. So I always make sure I have plenty of my Uni-ball Retractable Gel Pens handy. To me, they are some of the best to write with though if you are left-handed it might make it difficult to write because gel pens tend to take a while to dry and you might smear them.

Ultimately the best part about any workspace is that you make it yours. I love the fact that I have mine set up just so because it allows me to create some of my best work. Its an organized chaos that works for me. You have to decide what is needed to help you work the best. Whether its a good luck charm, a special snack or even a certain pen that makes work easier for you. No matter what you define as your job, sometimes even the littlest things matter, there are always going to be days when we feel like ignoring responsibility but having a great workspace can help alleviate that feeling for a bit.

What are some must-have items for your workspace?

I hope you all have a great Monday and an awesome start to your week.




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