The Perfect Everyday Foundation Routine For Fall

Lets talk about makeup. Even though cooler temperatures haven’t hit Southern California yet, my skin sure seems to think that it has. If your skin tends to get more dry in the fall and winter this the post for you! As fall and winter role into town I switch out my matte foundations that last all day in the summer heat for a slightly dewier look that works better for drier skin. Having a great everyday foundation routine for fall is so important to avoid dry, cakey looking maybe when your skin is more dry in colder weather.

Before you start applying makeup, I always make sure my face is clean and has a nice layer of moisturizer so that I have the best canvas possible for whatever look I am going for.

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Start With Primer

The best everyday fashion routine for fall has to start with a good primer and often times I use more than one to make sure my skin is looking and feeling its best. I used to be horrible and never use primer. I know, I know I am horrible but don’t judge me! It took me a long time to figure out what my skin needed and how best to apply my makeup.

But when I finally got my life together I found to primers that absolutely kill the game for me. My everyday foundation routine now starts with not one, but two killer primers. Thats right, the girl that at one time couldn’t be bothered to moisturize on a daily basis now uses more products than she ever thought possible.

The first primer I use is one to just give my skin a little extra hydration. The Too Face Hangover Replenishing Primer, is a life savor for me during the more dry months. It gives your skin a nice little boost and will make sure that even if you want to use matte foundations they stay looking fabulous all day.

But it doesn’t end there. To make sure my foundation routine for fall is truly flawless I add just a little bit of CoverFx Blurring Primer to my trouble areas which for me is around my nose and mouth and in between my brows.  This primer is literally a dream for keeping everything smooth like butter.


Okay, lets talk about foundations. For me this the tricky piece. Cause see, I love matte foundations but even in the summer my skin does not. Over the last few years my skin has started to lean more towards the dry side of things which means I have had to make some adjustments to my skin care routine and my makeup.

However, my go to foundation for an easy everyday foundation routine for fall, is the Too Face Peach Perfect Foundation. This comfort matte foundation claims to last 14 hours, be photo friendly, and smooth skin. While I think 14 hours might be stretching it just a bit, I do get a solid 12 hours of wear out of this foundation, and if you want to know if its photo friendly, take a look at any picture on my instagram for the last year and some change cause this is all I wear for shooting photos.


Concealer is a busy working girls best friend. Cause lets be honest the dark circles are real and also no girls best friend. Finding the perfect concealer takes time and getting over the fear that the second you find a great once its going to be discontinued.

My go to concealer for any everyday foundation routine is still even now the Fit Me Concealer. I have been using this concealer since I started wearing makeup at 14. Back then, I didn’t wear foundation, heck I didn’t even know how. But I used this to cover what I thought to be glaring acne on my skin. Looking back on it, the acne probably wasn’t that bad but this sure helped. An oldie but a goody, I think I would actually boycott Maybelline if they ever got rid of this stuff. Creamy, with good coverage and a beautiful finish that won’t crease, what more could you want?

Finishing Powder

Let me tell you a little secret. Just liked I used to not be so concerned with primer, I used to skip powder all together. But its become an essential part of my everyday foundation routine for fall and for most seasons. I have tried a lot of them over the years but I keep coming back to the same one. The Fit Me powder from Maybelline has along side its concealer counterpart become a must have in my makeup bag.

Not only does this beautiful powder keep my foundation and concealer from creasing all day long but it makes everything look smooth and polished. Pores disappear and skin becomes velvet while this powder keeps foundation and concealer from creasing and keeping you looking your best!

Setting Spray

Setting spray helps everything melt into the skin which in the fall and winter when powders and matte foundations can look dry is super important. I have a favorite one for sure especially for my everyday foundation routine for fall but its equally as perfect for hot summer days.

Morphe Continuous Setting Spray is a god sends. The spray its self is magically in helping powder melt into the skin, and the can itself gives such a nice even spray that it goes on flawlessly. It helps keeps things from wearing off and makes everything look great. I am not sure it helps with the longevity of makeup but for the 8-10 hours you will be wearing your foundation it will help keep you looking your best.

And that’s it. The perfect everyday foundation routine for fall that will not only have your skin looking flawless and hydrated no matter how dry and cold it gets outside. This full coverage foundation routine will have you ready for all manner of fall activities from holiday parties to pumpkin patches and more.

I hope you have been enjoying these first few weeks of fall and that this week is going well for all of you!




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