The Best Comfy Thermal That Your Closet Won’t Be Complete Without

I have been all about comfy clothes this past weekend. I took a few days off at the end of last week to spend time with my Aunt who was in town, so I’ve had a nice long weekend which has left me feeling so recharged and ready for this coming week! I mean, I am sure that feeling will wear off pretty quickly but at least right now I am feeling like ready and motivated for the work week. I feel like there are two types of vacations as an adult. The type that leaves you recharged and ready to return to real life and the ones that leave you dreading your normal routine. And since most of us don’t have the option to not go back to work the former is much preferable.

But anyway, the other nice advantage of a long weekend is that for the first time in a long time I’ve felt like I have enough time to get everything done on my weekend to do list. Finding time to run errands, clean my house, blog, and still be a normal functioning person isn’t easy, but when you have a couple extra days of freedom that sure helps. Couldn’t we all use a few extra days of the weekend?

While doing all of the running around and being productive or not so productive, though I still maintain that sometimes taking a mental health day to enjoy margaritas and a massage by the beach with your aunt is still productive in its own way, I have been rocking some of my most comfortable fashion and well as you guys know I am the queen of casual, easy going attire, as it is my bread and butter.

petite thermal top

I have been in search of the worlds most perfectly flowy thermal for the longest time and when I stumbled upon one from Free People, I fell in love. I have a bit of a love, hate, relationship with the brand. It’s expensive and a lot of the time their clothes are a little too outside of the box for me but sometimes their basics are just too comfortable, and cute to pass up. So I waited until this adorable swing thermal went on sale and then I pounced like a kitten on a string. Because when Free People goes on sale many do they make it worth it. This top comes in a variety of different colors and while initially my eye was drawn to the neutral colors, white, grey, but in a moment of being outside of my own box, I went really creative with a light blue. While not a petite thermal top, its a beautiful piece for petite women.

Okay so maybe the light blue isn’t that off-brand for me, in fact, it’s still very much in my wheelhouse but at least its more colorful and spring appropriate than all the neutrals I have going on usually. I bought mine in a small, and I probably could have gone down one more size but I actually like the oversize fit and how comfortable it is.  Wearing it with a beautiful bralette like this blue one from Victoria’s Secret semi-annual sale or even delicate lace one that shoes a little bit of girly detail with this top. Either way, you can make this top work for you for weekend plans, a date night or anything else that you might have in mind.

petite thermal top


I decided to pair it with these black skinny jeans, though I was unsure of that choice it seems to have worked out well when mixed with some black accessories as well. These are my skinny pants. I am not ashamed to admit that being unemployed for so long when I first moved to San Diego took its toll on me and my fitness. For a long time I couldn’t fit into these pants but then I finally started paying attention to what I was eating and getting out of the house more and I can finally fit back into the skinny pants. I love them because they look and feel like jeans but there is no uncomfortable snaps, buttons, or zippers. Which I know makes me lazy, but let’s be honest who doesn’t love a good pair of stretchy skinny jeans that you can pull on? You can try to tell me I am wrong but well, let’s be honest we all know that is not true.

These fabulous pants were given to me by my boyfriend as part of an outfit for interviews when I graduated college. Doesn’t he just have the best taste? I am not sure where he learned it but he has been killing the gift giving game from the moment we started dating, including these pants that are just one of my favorites for work, that I wore countless times to interviews and that I still love rocking for looks like this or for an all-black look to slay on date night.

petite thermal top

One of the nicest parts of living in San Diego is wearing sandals in February. And being able to give you spring outfit inspiration in time for you to find some great pieces to add to your wardrobe! These sandals replaced a much-loved pair that I wore until they got caught in a crack on the sidewalk and it split the strap from the sandal, therefore, ending their much-loved life. But these ones are a great replacement for their gold details and neutral color that goes with anything including my rare moments of bright colors and my usual uniform of denim, neutrals and easy going style.

As much as I love a good pair of heels, especially block heels, if you are looking for a good pair check out my blog post about the best ones, I am more in my natural habitat in sandals, flats, and sneakers. So these are the most fabulous solution because I can dress them up or dress them down and never feel out of place or underdressed. I’ve walked all over town, run after planes, and chased after my boyfriend’s long legs no matter how far we are walking to get to our favorite spot for dinner.

petite thermal top

I wasn’t going to use this black bag but when I pulled out the black pants I decided that the black bag would be a perfect addition this outfit. This bag came from the random allures of Target on a day I fully intended to walk in and buy some toothpaste and walk out with that and that alone. Well, we all know that that didn’t happen because it never does with Target. I have been looking for a little black bag like this for awhile because I wanted something small and compact I could carry with me during nights on the town and other times when I don’t want to or can’t carry a bigger bag. This one fits the bill with a cross body strap that makes it easy to keep your belongings close to you no matter if you are jostling your way through a crowded farmers market or a bar on a Friday night.

The gold details pulled together the sandals with the details of the outfit, which made adding a bracelet stack of gold and rose gold an easy decision to add. I adore all of the pieces in this stack and have gotten in the habit of wearing them in different combinations to make them fit with any outfit I have in mind. they add some shine, sparkle and something a little extra to an outfit. I was never a big accessories person, mostly because when I was younger I had to go straight from school or work to soccer or the gym, so there was no point in wearing all these pretty things if I was going to risk the chance of losing them in the pockets of my gym bag or them falling out while I was digging for something else.

The gold bracelet was a pass down from my mother. I love wearing it because not only is it a perfect addition to an outfit on its own or a stack but it makes me feel like I can channel some of my mama. Which who doesn’t need that from time to time. So mom, if you are reading this which I know you are because you have been supporting this whole thing from the very beginning and I love you for it, thank you for letting me carry a little part of you with me when I need it most.

petite thermal top

The rose gold watch I’ve had since I was a sophomore in college. It was birthday present and let me tell you Fossil makes perfect watches for petite women. You can remove links to make it small enough for even my tiny wrist without having to take it into a jewelry and the size of the face is perfect for a petite wrist. I love the colors and styles of their watches because they are just the perfect amount of sparkle but casual and beautiful at the same time. This one has survived years of everyday wear and tear which I will admit I was never the most gentle with it but it survived even when I accidentally banged into things or dumped my coffee on it.

And the last member of this little stack is this beautiful rose gold love bracelet. No its obviously not a real one from Cartier but I love how cute it is and its the perfect addition to a stack or to wear alone for just a little bit of something extra to an outfit. It pairs beautifully with the watch and makes it a fabulous addition to my collection. For an Amazon piece, this is surprisingly sturdy and feels more high-quality than I expected. It hasn’t turned weird colors or faded as I’ve worn it, and I wear it a lot. It styles so perfectly with this petite thermal top!

I hope you are all gearing up for a great week and had a great weekend. As always I love seeing all of your fabulous fashion so tag me @livinglifepetite and give me a follow to keep up with all things Living Life Petite!



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