Wow, it feels like forever since I’ve actually sat down and written a post for you guys. And maybe that is because it has been. I know I turn out new posts every week but the reality is that I pre-write a lot of posts in order to help juggle a crazy schedule. I work full time as well as working on this blog and it takes a lot out of me. I love all of you though and getting to create content for you is one of the greatest joys I have in this life.

And today’s post is a little different. Though still fashion-focused as that’s what my blog is mostly about this one will be for all of those petite ladies trying to figure out how to take that perfect picture to show off all your beautiful fashion. Whether you are a blogger, trying to snap a great shot for a special occasion, or just want a fun new photo to put up on social media, it can be really difficult to get the perfect picture.

Great Lighting Is The Answer

No matter how hard you try your photos will never look flawless and beautiful without great lighting. Now depending on the feel of the photo you want, different times of day will provide you with the best lighting conditions. You may have heard of the golden hour, a short window of time right before sunset where you can capture images in a soft and a warm toned light like the photo above. These pictures are so gorgeous and are a great way to get romantic feeling photos.

However, if you are looking for crisp, bright colors shooting in mid-afternoon if done correctly can help you find the great lighting you are looking for. If you aren’t careful these photos can look harsh but they can also be extremely sharp and clean if that is what you are looking for.

Shooting during a slightly overcast day is a great way to get photos that are bright, focused and yet not overly harsh or looking way to blown out which can happen if you shoot on a sunny day during midday.

Don’t Forget To Edit

No matter how perfect the lighting editing is going to be a lifesaver. I am not saying you have to be a photoshop master or use excessive filters but using some editing to bring out certain colors, sharpen, brighten, or changing the tone of the photo to bring out its beauty or certain traits that can improve the way a photo looks.

If you are using them for professional purposes editing them is something that can’t be ignored. If you are a blogger or someone trying to build a brand editing photos is a great way to create cohesive brand imaging to make you stand out in the crowd of others who are trying to do the same thing you are. Look at the before and after pictures above. The bottom one has been edited to look brighter and whiter giving it a much more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Using presets is an extremely easy way to edit photos for a more professional look without having a wealth of photoshop or lightroom skill. There are even apps on your phone such as VSCO and Snap camera that make editing on the go super easy. This cowgirl boot outfit is not only a great casual look but looks great in photos!

Use Being Petite As An Advantage

Now let’s talk about you and how you are going to slay the outfit you want to take a picture of. The easiest way to go about this is to have someone else manning the camera, however that can’t always be achieved. But regardless of whether someone is taking the photo or you are using a camera/phone with a tripod learning to be comfortable with your poses and angles is an absolute must.

When I first started taking photos both with a photographer and with a tripod I felt so extremely awkward. I didn’t know how to pose or what to do with my hands or legs to make sure I looked my best. So you know I did? I practiced. Yup, when I would be getting dressed for a date night or dinner or anything I would spend a few minutes posing in front of the mirror. Sound weird? It is but it also helped me learn a lot about myself. Like the fact that I often don’t sit or stand up straight.

Don’t Think About The Poses

Another huge thing that helped was meeting photographers or friends who never overly posed me. Of course, some direction is always appreciated if you want a certain thing emphasized in a photo but some of my favorite pictures have been taken by people who just keep shooting while we talk and interact. Candid photos are fun and because I was in the middle of laughing or talking or even just walking down a street I wasn’t thinking about whether my smile looked perfect or my arm was placed just right or if my outfit was laying perfectly.

Use Your Size To Your Advantage

Being petite can create some interesting challenges when taking photos of your outfits. For example, while I adore this photo it’s not the most flattering. Due to the background and items around me, you can truly see how short I am and while that’s not the worst thing in the world there is something about this that isn’t the most appealing to the eye. So how can you prevent this from happening?

It’s easy. Position yourself in front of the background to provide nice depth in the field of the photo. Trying placing one foot slightly in front of the other to emphasize those gorgeous legs, and try to avoid standing in the same level of depth as something like this iron fence which can through off the aesthetics of the photo and make you look shorter.

You might be shorter but if you use that to your advantage, you can come up with some truly adorable photos that many taller people can’t. For example, trying to fit into an adorable tree, or even shooting a photo in front of a cute background that might not be tall enough for an average person like these adorable yellow flowers. Or even, fitting our entire outfit into the square Instagram format without having to be taken from quite so far away. Okay, I joke but let’s be honest why not celebrate all the little advantages. Like this adorable weekend outfit made cuter but this picture uniquely done on this well.

Don’t Be Afraid Of A Tripod And Taking Photos Yourself

If you are shooting with a tripod things can be more challenging. However, a good portion of the photos on my blog are taken with either a digital camera or an iPhone and a tripod. Can you tell which ones are taken by a pro photographer and which ones were taken by my iPhone?

overalls for petite women

There are advantages and disadvantages to the tripod method. I love it because I am allowed to as much of a perfectionist as I want. I can retake and retake until I find the perfect shot without having to wait for returns from a photographer. While this is an advantage it can also mean some frustration while you are learning how to handle the angels and framing yourself in the pictures. The tripod I use is this one that supports both my camera and iPhone which is perfect so I can be ready for either situation.

To help find yourself in the framing try focusing the camera on something in the background that you can stand directly in front of them, then just set the self-timer, or use a remote and snap away. iPhones and many cameras have burst features which take more than one picture meaning you can get that perfect candid in a snap. No, too bad of a joke?

Keeping the backgrounds nice a simple makes taking pictures yourself easier. If you can find quiet side streets, alleyways are even a cool industrial area where there are very few people around until you get more comfortable posing in front of a tripod is a great idea. But at the end of the day have an explanation or just being honest with people isn’t nearly as weird as it may seem. I mean think about how many people there are just like you chasing this same dream.

I hope that this tips and tricks help you improve your photo skills so your blog and visual brand can really shine!

Have a great weekend and thank you so much for stopping by!





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