As nice as it would be for life to be all flips flops jeans and t-shirts, unfortunately, thats not the case. Sometimes we have to put on our big kid pants and do big kid things like real professionals. My work wardrobe consists of mostly shades of grey and black because, to be honest, I don’t want to worry too much about having to match my wardrobe but lately, I’ve been trying to add some color.

Olive green is a beautiful color, one that is still very professional but adds a little something extra to any look. Paired with some pops of gold jewelry and you’ve got a work outfit for the petite women that will turn heads. A go-to for me, I can dress this look down for more casual days at the office or throw on a blazer and some more professional shoes and be ready to go to meet with clients.

This olive green top is one of my favorite business pieces. By its self with some dress pants, it’s a great classic top that is lightweight enough for summer but also works for transitioning into the cooler months and layering. A blazer over top of this and you’ve got a pulled-together ensemble that you can rock going into meetings with clients or happy hour drinks after work.

pants-work outfit for petite women

I own three pairs of these ponte pants. They are so comfortable and can be worn with t-shirts and sneakers as I am out running errands around town or in this case dressed up for a business casual atmosphere at my office. I love that these pants are so versatile and that they don’t really look like leggings. They are made of a nice thick comfortable material that allows them to be the best pants I own.

This large tote bag might seem like a little bit much but I love it because I can throw everything I need into it for the day. From my computer, to my lunch, water bottle and all of the bens notebooks, planner, headphones and other random debris that finds its way into my bag. This monster is perfect for anything and everything that might come through my schedule during the day.

glasses- work outfit for petite women

Changing up my glasses frames has become even more fun now that I am wearing them almost every day at work. That can get pricey till I found Zenni. With prescription in hand, you can get glasses for as low as $20 allowing you to change up the frames as often as you like. These classic black ones are my favorite because they are a great fit for my face and go with everything. With styles for everyone, you are sure to find a pair that is perfect for you.

bracelet-work outfit for petite women

Gold and olive green, a combination made in heaven. And this petite little bracelet is one of my favorites because I can wear it alone or stack it with some of my other pieces to create something beautiful and unique. Found this love bracelet look alike on Amazon for around $20. The quality is pretty great for the price, and it hasn’t scratched, or faded in the year or so that I’ve had it.

Great work outfit for petite women, this is going to for me because it’s easy and when I am running around from thing to thing, I can make this outfit work. Being comfortable and being put together is key. As someone who enjoys every second of sleep available to them if I can have an outfit that is simple and clean like this ready to go so I don’t even have to think about it I am a happy camper!

What are your go-to work outfit staples?

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