Styling A Little Bit Of Cowgirl Style For The Everyday Girl

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Outfit Details

Francesca’s Knot-Detail Top: XSmall             Levis 710 Super Skinny Jeans: 6
Western Ankle Boots: 27in x 28

I love a good pair of cowgirl boots, western ankle boots however you want to classify them.

I got really into country music when I was younger and when I was a toddler I had a pair of white cowgirl boots with purple stars on them. Does anyone else talk about the different styles you’ve had through your life in terms of the type of music you listened to? Like, you see a picture of yourself and your first thought is “oh yes, that was my punk rock phase.”

I know I do. And my love for a good boho western look is definitely something I have held onto from my deep country music phase. I may not be quiet as deep into it as a once was but I still love some good 90’s and early 2000’s country music.

I was getting ready to go meet some friends and with my group, you never know where plans are going to lead, so I’ve learned to always be prepared.

So having a bag that can hold everything from my phone to sunscreen, a book and even a light sweater in case we decide to duck into a movie or something of the much more A/C or late night variety.

This crossbody bag has been everywhere with me from several different countries to work and adventures through my college town and it has held up through all of it.

The straps haven’t torn or broken or had to be replaced no matter how rough I am on it and if you are anything like me where you are always on the go, tossing your bag around and sometimes have other things on the mind, you will be obsessed with this bag.

I love sunshine. But I hate sunshine, well, more precisely my eyes hate sunshine. I was that girl that spent years squinting through the sunshine probably giving myself some premature wrinkles.

But then my dad decided to lend me a pair of his old aviators. They were 20 years old, scratched to all hell but they were my favorite thing in the whole world. I wore them every chance I got that at some point he just got new ones and let me keep them.

Well, after those eventually got too scratched to wear I spent years trying to find ones that were crazy looking on such a small face. I tried everything from kids to juniors and even the most doubted ones that were supposed to be best. But the answer was obvious:

Ray Bans.

The small sized ones that can be a bit tricky to find but once you do they will be your favorite pair just like mine are. I wear them almost everywhere I go, and I mean come one, are they not the best most classic aviators ever?

Beyond finding great sunglasses I’ve learned the power of the perfect jewelry on an outfit.

This layered necklace spoke to me when I put this outfit on and was looking for something shiny and beautiful to add to it. A little bit of a sparkle princess moment for a girl who has never really been much of a sparkly kinda girl. Pairing this with v-neck tops has always seemed to work best for me and I can’t believe how in love with it I am. Talk about a score.

And I know this might make me a bad blogger, but I can’t for the life of me remember where I found this adorable twisted earrings. They were probably the first pair of more “flashy” earrings I ever bought after my ears got pierced when I was younger.  And for a long time after I bought them, I wouldn’t wear them because I felt like they were too much.

I finally am getting to a point where I like wearing things that make me feel a little bit extra. I no longer have to worry about taking them off and throwing them into a soccer bag where they might get broken or lost. So now I wear them and feel like I am doing something a little extra sassy.

I hope you guys are all having a good week so far. And I hope that you guys are all rocking some fierce fashion to help get you over the hump and on towards the weekend.




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