I love a pretty dress, and getting dolled up as much as the next person but I spend most of my time wrapped up in casual clothes. Sweaters, t-shirts, and jeans or my uniform and meeting up with friends at the local coffee shop is no different. Don’t get me wrong there are moments when I feel like putting on cute heeled booties and rocking some stylish weekend gets up but I can be rocking a worn pair of boyfriends jeans and some sneaks, well I am a happy camper. Put a coffee in my hand I could easily melt into a chair with my computer or a good book for the next 8 hours or so. Plus, jeans to help style petite sweaters never go out of style.

style petite sweaters

You might not know this but I actually used to be a barista in college. It was probably the best job I had in college and not because the money was great but because what more could a college kid want than an unlimited supply of coffee? Of course, the hours were murder but it definitely helped me perfect the oh know you slept through your alarm and have to be at work in 10 minutes casual yet presentable look I rock on the daily now as an adult.

Obviously, it doesn’t take much to make me happy and I love that my weekend wardrobe is truly where every phase of my fashion thrives. However, I am also totally the girl who will wear literally her most worn-out sweater and jeans with a full face of makeup, anyone else? Like you start getting ready, thinking you just want a little color in the crease and maybe a pop of highlight in the inner corner, and before you know it you are six shades of blended brown eyeshadow deep into a soft cut crease?

Petite Sweater

style petite sweaters

No matter how you rock it, no wardrobe is complete without a perfect crewneck sweater. This was a totally unintentional purchase but I was wasting some time walking around Macy’s one night waiting for my boyfriend to get off work and for some reason the cute grey color and perfect style just grabbed my eye. Maybe that’s why I should walk around stores when I am bored, cause I always end up making impulse purchases like this, but come on is it not the perfect sweater for meeting up with your girls on a Saturday morning at the local coffee shop before heading to brunch or even watching the sunset on a cool summer night?

style petite sweaters

Anyway, so I snagged this sweater walking through the Macy’s and have fallen in love. I think the people at the office are unaware that I have any type of real fashion sense because I am always wearing the same basic three outfits all the time. It’s so comfortable and just the right amount of warm. You could throw on a jacket or another layer underneath it for extra warmth if you live somewhere colder. For those who are planning to layer this over other clothes or are just in search of a more oversized look, I would suggest sizing up. I am wearing an extra small and while I think its perfect, this would also be super cute a size bigger for a comfy more relaxed look.

White Jeans and style Petite Sweaters

I’ve never been a believer that white jeans can’t be worn year round.  I am not sure if it’s these jeans specifically or white jeans in general but the fit of these just makes me feel so dang good about myself. For me, these are those jeans you put on when you know you need a confidence boost or you know you just want to feel like your butt looks good. They are such a good classic white jean that is perfect to wear with everything from summer looks to bundling up in sweaters for winter. Well, they are perfect unless you are like me and practically incapable of getting through the day without accidentally dumping something on yourself. Usually, it’s my coffee, but as long as I am extra careful, rocking these white jeans is easy like the Sunday morning brunch I am wearing them too.

moccasins- style petite sweaters

I promise these aren’t slippers! They are however my favorite comfortable shoes in the entire world. Whether they were intended to be worn outside or not, I do, and I am in love with how cozy they are. Lined with faux fur to keep your feet warm, these Minnetonka Moccasins are single-handedly responsible for getting me through more than one all-nighter in the library in college. If these ever wear out or go missing to say I would be upset would be an understatement. I have spent so much time wearing these in so not only are the extremely soft but the interior faux fur is so perfectly molded to my foot it’s like stepping into a cloud.

style petite sweaters

This crossbody bag has been with me through some of my worst fashion moments and now it gets to reap the reward of the better part of my fashion life. It has seen the blue eyeshadow, too tight tank top, awkward length skirts, and shorts phase but now it’s chilling at a coffee shop with me at 9 am on a Saturday morning, enjoying the Cali sun. If that isn’t the perfect representation of how far I’ve come than I don’t know what is. The perfect size for everything you need to have with you, with shorter handles or an adjustable crossbody strap, there is no wrong way to wear it.

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I hope you all are having a great week!




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