How do you define success?

Making money?

Working with brands?

Hitting a certain number of monthly views?

However, you define success for your fashion blog reaching those goals isn’t easy. Blogging isn’t a quick money making scheme or a way to get rich quick. In fact, starting a successful blog is much like starting a small business. Well, that is exactly what it is. Treating it that way from the get-go is key to finding any form of success.

This is something that I myself have struggled with in finding my footing in this whole blogosphere. For the longest time, I didn’t look at this a business, I didn’t think of myself as a business owner or creator. And that was my greatest downfall and my largest obstacle in finding the success I wanted.

If you ever plan on making money from your blog, and growing your business you need to structure it like one from the beginning.

Now, this isn’t one of those here is how I turned my blog into a full-time job in 6 months. Because personally, I don’t think those blog posts are very helpful. The truth is that there is so much more work that goes into beyond those 6 months. But this blog post will help you define success in your first year and keep the momentum going to ultimately meet whatever dream you have for your fashion blog.

You won’t learn how to start making 6 figures, or how to quit your job in an unreasonably short amount of time. But you will learn how to meet your own goals of success, hit those benchmarks and keep growing through your first year.

Set Deadlines And Stick To Them

Success is different than a goal. In the first year of starting a blog, there will be moments when you change directions, second-guess yourself or feel discouraged. Marking success points, moments where you let yourself celebrate a victory is important.

Don’t just set these successes in your head. Write them down. Set an exact date in your planner, on a vision board and or on your phone, however, you stay organized. And don’t just blow by them. Success is in large part defined but how hard you fight for something and that means working for those deadlines. Viewers won’t just stumble across your blog, stats won’t go up without you making changes and working to improve your strategy.

Change Things, And Change Them Often

You can’t simply wait for something out there in the world to change for your strategy to start working. Constantly be changing things to find what works for you. For the longest time, I was beating my head against a brick wall of doing the same thing day after day and wondering why I wasn’t seeing the same results as other bloggers around me.

But here is the dirty little secret. What works for them won’t work for you. Be original. You are a unique special person and as such you have a voice that is all your own. Creating a brand is about giving people a reason to follow you and listen to the things you have to say. Copying someone else doesn’t allow you stand out from the crowd, so be different, stand out and be loud about who are.

If something isn’t working, change it. If your growth strategy isn’t driving results tweak things until you find what works. Change one thing at a time until you figure out what the missing piece of the puzzle is. Get frustrated, get worn out, get fired up but use it to drive the updates you make till things work the way you want.

Schedule, Schedule, Schedule

Decide what kind of posting schedule works for you and stick to it! One of the biggest mistakes I made was falling off my three times a week posting schedule once I started to see a raise in traffic and it came back to bite me in the ass with a pretty intense down turn down the line that felt like a major setback.

2-3 blog posts a week will ensure you have enough content to be promoting on social media and various other outlets without things getting stale. So turn out content. Write on the weekends and schedule it to go out on a set day during the week.

Believe me you will feel worn out but blogging is a marathon not a sprint. If you want to find long term success you need to stick to your schedule and keep fighting for it, even when you are tired or feeling down.

Don’t Just Post and Run

No one is going to see your post if they don’t know you exist. Which means you need to be turning out content constantly. Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook are going to become your best friend and biggest obsession if you want to find success.

There are two types of SEO that you need to be aware of. Social media as mentioned above is known as off page SEO and having keywords, headers and well organized easy to read posts is on page SEO. As with anything in the blogging world this isn’t a short race. To build credibility and start to see payoff from these methods takes, time and effort as well probably some tears and frustration.

Best practices for these things are always changing so pay attention and always be learning about how you can do better.

You Are Never Doing Enough

Does that sound harsh? Good cause it is. Whether your goal is to make it to 15,000 views a month or to transition in making your blog a full time business, you can never get to the point where you say to yourself that you are doing enough. Keep working harder doing more and adjusting your strategies for growth.

Rely On Multiple Traffic Sources

This will prevent massive dips in numbers due to algorithm changes, seasonal swings and anything else that is out of your control. For a long time something like 98% of my traffic came from Pinterest alone and when they updated their best practices and platform things took a massive dip derailing any success I had.

So build more than one channel. I am not saying try to tackle them all at once cause it’s not necessary but focus on a couple that you know you are going to see returns from.

You should also always be writing for SEO. Naturally integrate keywords have headers that make it easy for google and readers to follow the post.

High Quality Photos Can Make You

Running a fashion blog is about photos. As much writing is enclosed if you have poor quality photos you won’t succeed. That doesn’t mean you need to buy an expensive camera or hire an expensive photographer.

Using your phone with some good lighting, a tripod or a friend can help you achieve the gorgeous photos you need to truly find success. If you are unsure about your own photography skills Facebook groups, fellow bloggers and even craigslist are great ways to find photographers that will work for content for their portfolios meaning they can use the pictures taken to help build their business. In the end using these high quality photos that have been edited to fit your brand will have night and day differences for your blog and business.

Canva is a life saver when it comes to styling branded photos for various social media and even sizing for various locations on your blog. With preset sizes and templates for inspiration being consistent and efficient has never been easier when creating perfect photos.  If you want to learn more about creating high quality branded photos check out my blog post on how to take great pictures for your blog.

Invest In Your Blog To Make Money

One of the best things I ever did for my blog was listen to my boyfriend and start investing money into it. Scary, yes because what if you fail, what if you lose interest, what if it just doesn’t work out? Well, like with so many things in life of course that is a risk you have to take. Because on the flip side, what if it does work out? What if in a few years you are getting lead the life you want to live because you spend $10 a month now for hosting and maybe some scheduling tools for social media? So invest in your blog even if you end up deciding it’s not for you in 6 months, you will still feel glad that you decided to take that leap I can guarantee.

Some of the things I think are worth while include Tailwind for scheduling posts to Pinterest and Instagram, hosting and buying a unique domain, and paying for the full version of Canva. All of these things have dramatically helped my blog grow very quickly in the past few months after I spent months trying to figure out what the secret formula was to finding some success.

Everything You Post Needs To Be On Brand

From pictures to content to pinterest graphis should all fall under this umbrella of your brand. Familiar colors, words, tone and voice are all great ways to make sure that your content is easy to pick out from a crowd. When someone sees something from you it should be easy to spot and they should know without having to look it up that it came from you.

Don’t for the love of all that is good in this world simply copy something that has been done from someone else. Being unique has never been more important in the online realm as it is today. So find the colors you love, find designs you love and being the most custom spectacular version of yourself that you can be. Just like your style is unique so to is your blog. Believe me you will be thankful that you built a community for yourself when your followers are amazing engaged and just like you in the sense that you can connect with them in a very real way.

Ignore All The Other Bloggers

And yes, that includes me. All of these are important tools that can help you start your journey to a successful fashion blog but at the end of the day it may or may not work well for you. That’s okay. Tweak things and don’t compare your chapter one to someone else. You will never be able to know the whole story whether they have tried this a dozen times before, are dedicating 18 hours a day to their blog or are getting help from somewhere else. Focus on building your brand and being authentic and in time it will grow.

Your vibe attracts your tribe and at the end of the day that means taking most of what you hear on the internet about blogging with a grain of salt. Use this a framework to head in the right direction but then follow your own yellow brick road to the end goal of building your own blog.

I hope these help you on your journey to starting your blog with a bang! Its not an easy thing to do but it is a hundred percent worth it if you are passionate and dedicated to putting in the time. There will be lots of long nights and even longer days busting your ass around busy schedules and juggling everything but that’s part of what makes it fun.

Go Hustle!





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