Best Shameless Kid’s Department Shopping For Petites

I am not going to lie. I shop in the kid’s department. Why? Because with exception of the jeans which when they are made for kids are usually bedazzled with butterflies or some obnoxious design, most name brand items can be found in the kid’s section for so much cheaper.

I actually recall once when I was still in high school, someone who had overheard a conversation between me and a friend asking me why I still shopped in the kid’s section. If it’s the same item why not just buy it in the adult section? My response was why would I pay $70 for my Adidas superstars when I could pay $40?

I have absolutely no shame in shopping through the kid’s or “youth” department when it comes to shopping to brand name items like Nike, converse, uggs, Adidas, and others. It’s honestly one of the great unexpected perks to being under five feet tall. I mean I am basically the size of 12 years old, and I won’t grow out of the expensive Nike running shoes that I bought, so I sure as hell am going to shop in the section as one.

And so I decided to round up the greatest shameless kids department shopping for petites that I have collected over the years. Doing the math I have saved over $1200 over the years buying the “kid’s” version of items. Yes, you read that right, and these items I’ve kept for years. My Chuck Taylors well let’s just say they have seen some shit through college and had to go through the washer more times than I can count.

best stores to shop for petite clothing

My Adidas Superstars.

You know those super trendy black and white Adidas sneakers you see everyone wearing? I owned a pair when I was 8 years old, and when the style came back around I was dying to get my hands on a pair. Well, depending on colors and all that jazz these shoes can run upwards of $80. Though they are technically Adidas Baselines, they look almost exactly the same and I got mine from the kid’s department at DSW for $45.

My Football Jersey.

If you don’t know, I am a die-hard Broncos fan. It’s in my blood, born and raised into the Orange Nation. I didn’t get super into football until college when my team, the Sun Devil awoke a sleeping beast but once I did, I wanted to get my hands on a jersey. They can run about $100 a pop, and as a college kid, I wasn’t about to drop that kind of money on a Broncos jersey, no matter how much I loved my team. My jersey was still expensive but it only cost about $50 on sale which is about half the cost!


Converse. Not going to lie, growing up I was a bit of a converse whore. I was always trying to find the coolest new designs, or designing them on their website. But I only owned a few pairs because I was always ruining them or growing out of them. I wanted to buy more pairs as an adult but again, didn’t wanna drop the pretty hefty price on them. That was until I could get them for like $35 a piece from the youth section at Journeys.

petite red outfit


I wrote an entire article on petite face friendly sunglasses which you can check out here, but for years I bought some of my shades from the kid’s department. I bought my Aviators for $70 instead of $180, a much more budget-friendly price tag than $100+. If you can wear shades that are 50mm or less across than you can most def rock the youth version of these popular shades.

black on black outfit for petite women

Denim Jackets.

While shopping for a new jean jacket to layer over dresses and wear with white pants as fall approached a year ago, I was annoyed by the thought of paying almost $80 for a perfect one from Gap. But then I remembered that at only 4’10” I could fit into a youth one. My classic Denim jacket, which you can find here, has served me well over the years, It cost me $40 and over a year of all the wear and stylish outings it has endured, I am still just as in love with it as I was the day I bought it.



You know all those cute Nike leggings,  you wish you could have in your closest but are $80 so you might have a couple pairs you treat yourself too? Well, if you are fairly petite you can fit into a girl large or extra large and get the same leggings for between $30-$45 depending on whether they are on sale.

Levi's- Petite Winter Outfit


I know I mentioned that I avoid buying jeans from the kid’s section, but with classics like Levi, it’s really worth looking into for those of us that are more petite. They don’t extra embellishing and depending on how curvy you are, they will fit just as nice as their regular ones without needing to alter the length. A pair of my favorite skinny jeans are these ones, and they have gotten their fair share of wear.

lazy winter day outfit for petite women

Northface Fleece.

I love my Northface. Over the past few years, it has served me well when going from layering it for skiing or walking around the city when visiting family in Chicago in winter, to brisk morning, walks to work in winter in Arizona. These pricey items are more than just warm, they are a fashion statement, and if you buy them from the kid’s section on sale you can get them for as little $50-$60 as opposed to $120.

College Swag.

I don’t think I own more than a handful of items out of my oversized collection of ASU gear from the adult section. You ever notice how expensive it is to buy college swag? Well, I bought most of mine from the kid’s section over the years and saved myself a crap ton of money in the process, especially with my spirit jersey!

Maxi/Skirt or Dresses.

There are some brands that I can actually swing buying my maxi dresses from and most everywhere I can buy maxi skirts from!

It’s quite the unexpected perk, getting to shop the kid’s section! And while there was a time in my younger days when I hated the thought of it because I was an adult and wanted to be all grown up but now that I’m older, trying to save money, and stick to a budget, I feel like every time I find a great item in the kids section I’ve hit the jackpot!

Do any of you shop in the kid’s section? If so, what were your favorite finds over the years?

I hope you all have a terrific start to your week, thank you so much for stopping by, and I love you all!!



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