Valentine’s Day And Beyond: Red Off The Shoulder Top And Black Skinny Jeans

Happy Valentine’s Day! While most of us have to work I’m sure, an excuse to spend time with loved ones is always the best. Now hopefully you already have your outfit for your plans laid out ready to go, but just in case you don’t here is a petite red outfit that would be flawless for Valentine’s Day and for date nights all year long. I don’t know about you but I am a super procrastinator when it comes to just about everything and that includes planning out outfits for special occasions. Let’s be honest as much as I love fashion I have so many things going on in my head that sometimes I will forget about things like Valentine’s Day or birthdays until days before they happen.

But this blog is about fashion and I am here to help you find some inspiration for whatever special plans you may have whether it before love day or for any date night, girls night or fun event when you want something a little fun and some bright color to wear. So buckle up for something a little out of character for me but of so fabulous that you’ll be dying to rock the next time you have plans or for tonight if you are like me and always rushing to get your life together last minute and still need a petite red outfit for Valentine’s Day.

Let’s start with what makes this outfit everything and more. This red off the shoulder top, that was actually originally a 4th of July buy but it has become a beautiful date night or girls day piece. To be honest, it took me so long to figure out ways to be comfortable wearing strapless bra’s and therefore strapless tops but now that I’ve not only found a great strapless bra that stays put but also getting more used to the feeling, I’ve am ready to rock this top into summer where its bright color would still be a fabulous choice.

petite red outfit

The tight bodice, that has some stretch to it helps keep this top in place, while the adorable sleeves and peplum body give it a great shape that will really accentuate all of your curves. This top is so comfortable and I think its the perfect amount of sweet and the color is such a gorgeous true red and who doesn’t love that? This one is from Francesca’s but unfortunately, I can’t find anymore! Boo, I know but I’ve linked this more sexy date night top and this more girls day out top that are extremely similar.

petite red outfit

I am not going to lie jeans are not the most comfortable, however, every once in awhile you can find a unicorn in a sea of regular horses. That’s what these jeans are and more than anything that’s what I want to be on a special occasion, looking beautiful but also knowing that I am going to be comfortable the whole night. Classic black jeans never go out of style and for some reason, I just feel like they are the perfect thing to pair with a red top for Valentine’s Day. Ready for anything whether it’s making my way downtown, and yes, it intended for that to be read just likes its sang in the song or heading out to brunch with the girls they are the perfect compliment to this petite red outfit and to any look that needs to be ready for the madness of life.

petite red outfit

So your girl has been getting into her accessories lately. I don’t know why but recently I’ve felt the need to play around with some great jewelry pieces that I’ve always admired but just told myself that I wasn’t an accessories kind of girl. To be honest most days I’m not. I am jeans and a t-shirt, type of person but more and more I’ve been working fun piece like this dainty gold bar earrings into my collection because who doesn’t love a little pop of something sparkly and beautiful? And to add to that I am not really a gold person either yet these earrings have been speaking to me lately meaning I am wearing them with everything.

petite red outfit

Are you sick and tired of seeing these boots with everything yet? No, yes, maybe? Well regardless, I can’t stop wearing them and I have no plans to stop styling them in great outfits. They are a great piece for this outfit and at the end of the day, I think they add the right amount of casual and something a little better than just a pair of flats or sneakers or other options. A heel for some height and the sound they make on a hard floor will make you feel so confident and ready to tackle the world. Or date night? or whatever your plans may be! There is nothing better than a great pair of heeled booties. And for more your information I am the bootie queen, no not in the way, in the shoe type of wear. My collection of ankle boots and adorable fall pieces like that could easily match anyones. I may have a problem but its really not a bad problem to have.

So there it is, a great petite red outfit you could wear for this special evening, or any fun plans you have coming up in the future. Get ready for some fun, get some sun on those shoulders, or get ready to dance the night away with your girlfriends while you look fierce and ready for festive and fun occasions. There is something so flirtatious and fun about this outfit that is so ready for all the plans you can have coming up. I think this red is such a stunning color, even though at one point I believed red was not the best color for me. Apparently, I was wrong!

I hope you are all having a great Valentine’s Day and are enjoying time with the people you love! Happy Wednesday and please continue to tag and follow me on social media @livinglifepetite!





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