On a rare occasion, I will actually make it all the way through some of my favorite beauty products before getting distracted by all the shiny new stuff coming out. I hold on to the empty containers to help me remember my beauty empties hits and misses. Some of them I really loved and others don’t feel the need to repurchase because they aren’t worth it or I’ve found something I love better.

There are so many new beauty products coming out all the time that It takes a lot for a beauty product to make it on to the must repurchase list. I try out new products all the time and so I have a lot of containers laying around and various stages of used and abused, and I am going to round up my beauty empties hits and misses to hopefully let you guys know what I think it worth it and what I would pass on when walking through the beauty aisles or your local beauty store.

dove dry shampoo beauty empties hits and misses

Dove Refresh + Care Dry Shampoo smells absolutely amazing and does a pretty good job of absorbing oil and giving fine hair some texture. But if you have darker hair and even in my blonde hair if I’m not careful you will get a pretty intense white cast from this. To be honest I probably won’t repurchase this just because I have other drugstore dry shampoos that I love, that don’t leave a white cast no matter how much of it I spray in my hair and that prolong my clean hair longer than this one does.

Body Butter Beauty Empties Hits and Misses

C.Booth Honey Almond Body Butter is a ride or die product for me. This body butter is so moisturizing, without being oily or leaving behind a greasy feeling on the skin. I feel like a lot of other body butters I’ve used leave my skin feeling kind of slick or gross but this one is just so nourishing. I use this every day and after shaving to help keep away razor burn and prevent dry skin and it’s so good, I don’t think I will ever use anything else. I’ve already been through two big tubs of it and will continue to repurchase.

moisturizer beauty empties hits and misses

Gariner SkinActive Moisture Rescue is a great lightweight gel moisturizer if you can get past the smell. Even though this left my skin feel really hydrated and absorbs into the skin fairly quickly, it wasn’t better than other face moisturizers I’ve used and I just couldn’t get past the smell. It’s almost chemically and just kind of weird, even though it doesn’t hang around long I am just not a fan. I probably won’t repurchase this as I have others that are better with scents that don’t bother me nearly as much.

Post Shave Balme beauty empties hits and misses

Nivea Men Post Shave Balm might be a weird item to have on my beauty empties hits and misses, but it’s actually an amazing makeup primer. I got the suggestion from watching a beauty youtuber and its become my go-to primer for my everyday makeup. I have and will continue to repurchase this because I use it every day and think its amazing. If you don’t like the smell of men’s products you might not like this but I don’t mind it and it does such a great job of giving my makeup something to grab onto that for so much cheaper than other primers.

concealer beauty empties hits and misses

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer is one of the few makeup items I have actually gone through recently. This was the first concealer I ever used when I started wearing makeup and to this day is still a favorite. I will probably repurchase this because its a staple even though I’ve branched out and have been trying all different types of concealers lately, I always like having some old reliables around for those days when I need to make sure my makeup looks flawless.

sugar scrub beauty empties hits and misses

Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub works incredibly well to exfoliate the skin. I love that it’s not oily like some salt scrubs I’ve tried and that its super affordable. I will say that if you aren’t careful to rinse it off super well it can leave a residue behind on your skin that’s a little sticky but all in all its really great. I went through the pomegranate acai one and might try a different scent this time as this one is super yummy but the more I used it the more I wasn’t a fan of how sweet it smelled.

Wow, I expected this beauty empties hits and misses to be much longer, but it was a good month for going through some great products as I had more hits than misses. Does anyone else have trouble actually getting all the way through products because you find new ones to try way too often? What are some of your favorite products you’ve been using lately?

I hope you guys all have a great start to your week and be sure to follow me on Instagram, facebook, and twitter to keep up with Living Life Petite!




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