Being a young adult is an interesting place to be. It’s not easy starting a career and starting out in a competitive world, but on the other hand, you are faced with more freedom than ever. Whether you are starting out in a job, attending grad school, traveling or taking some other route towards your future, we can all use some motivation or someone to make us feel like we aren’t alone. These 10 podcasts for female millennials are motivating, inspiring and can even make you feel better about the current state of your life. Because let’s be honest, as young adults sometimes we have all felt like our lives are a hot mess.

From offering advice to giving something to laugh about, listening to these podcasts while driving home, or cooking dinner, working at home or doing other chores, is a great way to help yourself and help you be a young adult even when it seems like the last thing you want to do.

The Big Leap Show 

The Big Leap Best Podcasts For Female Millennials

Being a young adult can feel like a time full of making massive choices and The Big Leap Show is all about inspiring you to make those massive choices by bringing to light women who have taken the leap to pursue their passions. Find your drive and listen to the amazing down to earth women who aren’t afraid to chase after their dreams. This podcast is an amazing motivational tool, that helped me find the courage to start and blog, and it can help you take the leap as well.

Girl On Guy

Girl On Guy- Best Podcasts For Female Millennials

I’ve been in love with Aisha Taylor since she guest starred on Friends. She is a comedian, a businesswoman and more than that just all over a badass person. Her podcast features her talking to the guys in her life about all kinds of topics. Seriously, this will have you laughing with stitches on your side and features some huge names like LL Cool J and Adam Rodriguez.

She Did Her Way

She Did Her Way- Best Podcasts For Female Millennials

Because sometimes well all feel like we could be doing better, this podcast is the weapon to help you actually get there. In laid-back episodes, this podcasts examines the world of a female entrepreneur and helps you navigate the path of how to make things run smoother and makes you feel like you can tackle the entire world as it comes at you from the viewpoint of women who have actually done it.

Dear Sugar Radio

Dear Sugar- Best Podcasts For Female Millennials

Have you ever read those input columns in the paper where people submit their questions and they get responses from the writer? Well, this is that in podcast form and to be honest nothing will make you feel like you have your life more together than some of the questions that are answered and discussed on this show. It will make you laugh, and it most definitely will help but everything you might be struggling with into perspective.

Call Your Girlfriend

Call Your Girlfriend- Best Podcasts for Female Millennials

This is the best podcast out there for helping stay up to date on current events and keep in touch with everything happening out there. Hosted by three of the most badass young women out there a fierce leader in tech, a journalist, and radio producer these women will make you laugh, and help keep you in touch with all the news and current events. Whether listening to awe-inspiring women with their “besties”  that show you anything is possible, or listening to them discuss feminism in today’s world you will be proud to be a not only a young adult but a young woman.

Be Amplified 

Be Amplified-Best Podcasts For Female Millennials

Don’t let anyone tell you can’t. This podcast is the how to be a badass guide for every young adult out there. From how to manage your appearance online to preaching collaboration over competition and handling personal health, let this podcast show you how to be the best version of yourself no matter what you are chasing in life. I love this podcast because after listening to it I feel like I could kick ass at everything in my life. Like damn, talk about some motivation and one of the best podcasts for female millennials.

Creative Living With JamieCreative Living With Jamie-Best Podcasts For Female Millennials

Looking for a little boost of creativity in your life? Well, this is it. This podcast covers the way to bring creativity to every aspect of your life. There is no such thing as too much creativity and sometimes we can all feel a little blocked. This is a great one to listen to if you are ever feeling a little stumped as to new ways to bring creativity to your job or other projects you are trying to accomplish in life.


Nerdette- Best Podcasts For Female Millennials

We all deserve a space to geek out over the things that make us passionate. And this is exactly the place to do that. From modern pop culture to history and technology, this is the ideal place to come and get to feel the sense of comradery that comes with being surrounded by people just like you who are freaking out about the things they love. If you are ever feeling out of place or are exciting about a topic check out Nerdettes cause they have something great for you!

Women Of The Hour

Women of the hour-Best Podcasts For Female Millennials

Who doesn’t love Lena Dunham? In her podcast, she interviews influential women and gives them a platform to chat with all of us like ordinary human beings. If you’ve ever wondered what its like to be Emma Stones best friend and hear all of her embarrassing and hilarious personal stories, you can find out here. It will make you feel so much better about yourself when you realize even the most powerful among us is dealing with everyday problems in their personal and professional lives.

#Girlboss Radio

Girlboss- Best Podcasts for Female Millennials

Like the title suggests this podcast is a powerful space where all of the pitfalls and triumphs on the way to success are discussed openly and candidly to help build a community of truly unstoppable women. Brazen, funny and enlightening you this podcast is nothing short of truly inspiring and has a way of reminding you that all of these powerful women in the world once started out exactly where you are now and that you too can rise up to meet the challenges.

If you are looking for something listen to on the drive home, while working, or even will sitting around your house painting your nails, cooking dinner, doing laundry or any other time, these podcasts will entertain you and help you feel like you are a badass young adult! What are some of your favorite podcasts?

I hope you all enjoyed this collection of podcasts for female millennials and are having a great Monday! Be sure to follow me on social media to keep up with all things Living Life Petite!



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