Plaid Dress + A Denim Jacket


This plaid babydoll dress would be perfect fall or even the upcoming holiday season depending on how you style it!

Outfit Details
Dress: Plaid Babydoll Dress , Jacket: Denim Jacket, Hat: Flat Brim Hat, Shoes: Beige Ankle Bootie

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Amazon has been killing it for me this year with all of its cute fashion finds. And this baby doll dress is no exception. Seriously the fit is a dream for petite women and its the most perfect piece for fall. Its a front runner for being my thanksgiving outfit! While we usually keep this casually and comfy for thanksgiving this dress as tons of room for all the eating and if you live where its colder you could easily throw on some tights and warmer boots to make this so precious.

In fact… This dress would also work Christmas, so who knows maybe in the next week or so you will see it making the rounds again styled a little different.

You guys know that I rave about this hat from amazon! Living in California and being so fair that I can’t be in the sun for more then 10 mins without getting sunburned, large hats like this are a must have year round! They are so cute for fall but are just a great for summers running around outside or spending time on the patio. I feel like it really adds something cute to this outfit but it has become a stable in so many looks for me in every season!

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