Petite Outfits Roundup: Best Petite Outfits of 2018

I can’t believe I am actually writing a petite outfit round up post for 2018!

How does each year seem to be going by faster and faster?

But whether we are ready or not 2018 is coming to an end and I always like to try and to a roundup of some of my favorite posts and petite outfits from the past year. Its fun to look back through all the seasons and see what outfits were really well loved this year. You know, those outfits that we reached for time and time again even though there were hundreds of options in our closets.

Well, for me these 8 petite outfits were those looks. The ones that I had to wash every other day to make sure they were clean, the ones I was reaching for when I didn’t have time to put much thought into my outfits and could trust they would look fabulous.

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  1. 2018 was the year of the overalls

    back to school outfit- accessories
    I wasn’t sure when I first saw overalls coming back into trend this year. But, then I found this pair from Dollhouse at Macys, and well lets just this is a petite outfit love affair that everyone should be part of. With a button and zipper waste that ads some definition, you won’t want to take these off from the moment you put them on. Pair them with your favorite sneakers, and a t-shirt with a hat like this one from ASOS to add something special, or booties and a long sleeve sweater for a more fall appropriate look, they are versatile and one of the best petite outfits that I am glad to be taking into 2019. If you want to see all about how I styled this look check out the post!

  2. High – Low Dresses


    petite outfits - high low dress
    High- low dresses are one of those petite outfits I wasn’t sure were going to be for me. High-low dresses can be tricky to wear for petite women as often times they often not hitting right where they should. However, once you find one like this fabulous floral printed one from the Juniors brand American Rag at Macy’s you’ll be just as obsessed with this petite outfit as I am. I love that this dress has a little bit of flare and you can wear it other on the shoulder or off the shoulder depending on what kind of look you are going for. Pair it with heels or sneakers, either way this petite outfit is a dream and a go to when you need a look. Check out how to style this great piece here!

  3. Over The Knee Boots

    Petite Outfits - Over the knee boots
    Another one of the trends from this year that not only can I not get enough of, but that a lot of people say petite women can’t wear. Well, I am here to tell you that this petite outfit featuring these fabulous over the knee boots, is going to make those naysayers change their minds. Pairing them with a leather jacket for some extra edge and sass, like this asymmetrical one from Blank NYC is just the icing on the cake for this fabulous petite outfit that I won’t doubt you will see a lot more of in 2018. All the details on this outfit can be found here!

  4. Basic Body Suits

    Petite Outfits - Black Body Suit
    To be honest body suits were one of the things that tugged at my insecurities but I was determined to learn to rock one in 2018. And that is exactly what I did. I found this basic black body suit at Macys and put together one of my favorite outfits of 2018. Nothing flashy, nothing over the top, just a little something that is a great addition to the every day collection of looks that are easy to put together or even pack for trips. Add a sweater, flannel, or another outer layer to take this into fall or add some coziness to one of the best petite outfits from 2018. Check out the outfit post here.

  5. Denim Jacket and Black Denim

    Petite Outfits - Denim Jacket and Black Jeans
    Not a new trend, but one that came back big this year and one that I finally hopped on band wagon for this year. I grabbed this denim jacket from Levi’s, a favorite brand as you can see, and honestly the fit is perfection. It can be hard to find a denim jacket with a good cut for petite women but finding one in the juniors section is a great way to make sure they fit. These black jeans were a grab from Jessica Simpson line, which might be shocking but their jeans are honestly so great.

  6. Boyfriend Jeans and Boots

    Petite Outfits - Boyfriend Jeans and Booties
    You’ve seen this style a dozen different ones, but one of the top petite outfits of 2018 was pairing them with a grey Henley, a scarf and the top booties I had in my closet this year. If you’ve been around a while you know these boyfriend jeans are my favorite and are from Charlotte Russe. This Henley is a target snag. The boots I bought at a DSW in Chicago and will never stop wearing them till they fall apart.  I wish I had more chances to pull this look out of my closet this year, but that’s okay because I have a feeling its going to be coming back a lot in 2019.

  7. The Year Of Over-sized Thermals

    Petite Outfits - Over-sized thermals
    Well it was that, and bralettes put them together and you have a stellar combo on your hands, ones that is not going anywhere anytime soon. Well, it just happens that my favorites in both cases came from free people. I always comb the sale racks waiting for these gems to show up. This over-sized thermal is a game changer however, definitely buy a size down as its very over-sized and flowy. I am wearing an extra small and I love the way it fits a little big, its the perfect cozy, comfort piece. The bralette is a fabulous addition and so comfortable all the time but supportive enough to handle your day in. These black jeans have been on repeat all year as well and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. If you want all the outfit details check it out here!

  8. Romping Around For The Summer

    Petite Outfits - Summer Romper
    During the summer months there is nothing better than an adorable romper to make you feel truly ready for the best time of year. If you can dress up as part your fourth of July petite outfit then that just makes it a thousand times better. This cute little blue number was a snag from Old Navy and is great for the summer time including being a great cover-up for the pool. I couldn’t find this exact one but I found a similar one from Free People. Comfortable and flattering with the cinching at the waist, you won’t to put this piece down for the entire season. You’ll be disappointed when you have to fold it away for the year.

    And that’s it. 2018 has come and gone with lots of great outfits, experiences and all kinds of madness. I hope you all had a lovely year and are ready for 2019.


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