5 Leggings Every Petite Women Needs In Her Closet

My entire life I didn’t like leggings.

I didn’t hate them and if they were thick enough I didn’t have a problem with other girls wearing them in public but I just never did. It was something that always made me uncomfortable out in public, I’m not even sure why. Maybe it was because they aren’t really pants, or if your shirt isn’t long enough you can see every little curve and bump.

Fast forward a few years and well, my opinions have changed a bit. Now there are still and a place for them but I have definitely turned into one of those girls who will throw on a pair of her most comfortable leggings and run to the grocery store or target really quickly.

I always make sure to wear long enough tops to cover my butt cause I am still super paranoid about them being see through but long story short I have been converted.

And thus a whole new struggle began to find the best petite leggings out there. You know, the kind that doesn’t bunch with 5 yards of fabric at the bottom or have words that disappear at the bottom cause we are too short.

You’ll be surprised how difficult it has been to find petite leggings, seriously, if any athletics brands out there want to start working on resolving this leggings for petite women issue I would be forever thankful. But anyway unfortunately when it comes to petite leggings there is going to be altering involved for a lot of them. However, if you are smart, you can find great ones that fit like a glove.

Petite leggings

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I’ve mentioned it before, in fact, I’ve written an entire blog post about how shopping in the kid’s department can help save you some major cash on basic items like sneakers, sunglasses and other items. But, I have also scored big time on finding  leggings for petite women in the kids or juniors section of some of my favorite retailers like Nike, Adidas, and others.

The juniors section at Kohl’s has also been great for thicker more winter time, wear with boots kind of leggings. The best part? They even have pockets. Yes, you read that correctly, pockets. Magical little places where you can keep your phone, keys, money or anything else. I love these so much for the colder months whether I am pairing them sneakers for some quick running around or a sweater and some boots for a casual outfit during the weekends. I did have to hem these but it was totally worth it cause, I mean leggings with back pockets to keep things? Its like finding a magical unicorn.

petite leggings for working out

Since we are here we might as well talk about the super expensive elephant in the room. Lululemon. Not known for their petite leggings I do love the way their leggings fit in every department except the length. However, if you are willing to alter them, or even get ankle length ones that turn into perfectly full-length ones for us shorter girls, you will probably fall in love with these. They will put a serious ding in your wallet and aren’t often on sale, but if you are looking to save some cash check sites like eBay or poshmark and you can find some great deals on them.

For a long time, I avoided places like Gap because I thought their fashion was a little to mature for me. But then I discovered that some of the basics in my wardrobe could be purchased from their petite section. That includes great leggings that are specifically made for petite women with short legs. Everything from basic black ones to colors and more you can find great pieces to add to your collection that is made specifically for those of us who are vertically challenged.

leggings for petite women with booties and olive green top

While not leggings for petite women in the athletic since I am still going to include these Ponte pants from Ann Taylor on here because they are truly worth every dime. They are still high waisted and comfortable while allowing a little bit more dress up options before they are a little more like pants. They go great with booties and boots in the fall and winter while pairing it with a chambray top will make them perfect for spring. I might own three of the exact same pairs because I was that obsessed with them.

leggings for petite women with sneakers

Among my other favorite things that I put in the leggings for petite women category are my favorite jeggings. They are made out of stretchy materials like leggings but are built more like pants with pockets and zippers making them a little easier to dress up with booties and a cute top for a casual outfit whether you are wearing it for a casual dress code at work or a night out on the town with your friends. No matter what the occasion every lady could use a pair of these leggings for petite women.

petite leggings dressed up with booties

Petite leggings can be really tricky to find but hopefully, this list will help you find your next pair whether you need something more athletic or something more every day casual these pairs have been on my list of favorites for years. And as I mentioned I have been getting more and more into my leggings lately finding ways to be more comfortable in wearing them as part of my casual wardrobe.

Fall in love with these leggings and let me know where you guys shop for the best leggings for petite women that fit great and make casual outfits, workouts, hikes or anything else you have planned.




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