Petite Fashion Basics You Need In Your Closet

Its all about the basics. Without great petite fashion basics none of your favorite outfits look nearly as fabulous as you want them to. From t-shirts to layer with great jackets, to dresses you can’t live without, petite fashion basics are staples and well basics for a reason. Don’t fool yourself though they can be just as tricky to find as any thing when it comes to finding them for petite women.

As with anything, it comes to the fit, cut, and for me the fabrics. If I am going to be wearing them all the time I want them to be super soft and comfortable especially since like most busy women in the world we not only want to look great but I want it to be easy to wear. I own an iron, shocking, but true but I prefer not to have to use it everyday so wrinkle free and absolutely I have to be able to through any great petite basic in the washer and dryer. Its a no hand wash or dry clean zone.

Where do we start on this list of great petite fashion basics?

Petite Fashion Basics


What better place to start than with the center piece of most great outfits. Honestly, I live most of the time in great t-shirts. Whether I am throwing them under a jacket or wearing them on their own with a pair of jeans, I have an entire stack of these Madewell pocket tees in all kinds of colors because you can’t go wrong with them. If you are looking for tees that you can put through the wringer without them ever showing any signs of wear and tear these are what you need in your closet. Take it from someone who still drips coffee on herself almost every day, you need these because they best

petite fashion basics - t-shirts



Petite jeans. The bane of my existence. Seriously there are fewer things that I hate more shopping for pants. But I’ve found a couple of holy grail brands I can always turn to. And in order to save you all the heartache and headache of this same struggle of trying to find the perfect jeans that aren’t insanely long are awkward on a petite frame, I am sharing some of my favorites.

Lately I have been obsessed with these cuffed ankle jeans from Express. I was shocked when I pulled them out of the package and the fit so dang well in terms of the length. Most express jeans some in regular and petite lengths and in general I find that there petite jeans are actually made for petites which is super nice.

petite fashion basics - jeans

Those pair might be my biggest favs right now but they are only one of many pairs I have in my rotation. If you want more brands and styles to rock I have a whole post on the best ones here, that you can check out!


I don’t know about everyone else but jackets are kind of my thing. Well that and shoes, oh and bags, and okay just about all things clothes related. But thats not the point, the point is that jackets are a great petite fashion basic that can really help up the wow factor of any outfit. Whether its a classic leather moto jacket or a blazer to rock that next interview in, doesn’t everything just feel better in the perfect jacket?

Blank NYC has become my go to for both leather and suede jackets. They are cut on the smaller side, the sleeves are a great length and they have fabulous high quality faux options for those of us looking for alternative to real leather. This edgy little take on a leather jacket has been on repeat for the past two years since I found her at Nordstrom Rack, and yes, its a she.

petite fashion basics - jackets

I also love shopping loft and old navy. Both have a surprisingly good selection of jacket options for those of on the smaller size looking for great petite fashion basics.


Dresses are great for any occasion. Including when you just don’t want the effort of having to put on more than one piece of clothes. Looking so put together is easy and plus, everyone will think you put so much effort into yourself when really its easier than just about anything.

Some of my favorite places I have found dresses over the include on again Express, Abercrombie and Fitch and Vici Collection which is an online retailer. Most of these are geared more towards juniors and young adults but most of the time the fit of the dresses end up being better. This adorable lace cami dress from Abercrombie and Fitch will be a staple this summer I am sure.

petite fashion basics - dresses


Skirts aren’t normally tricky for me as a petite women. I can’t speak for all of us but in my experience unless you are looking for a maxi skirt is pretty easy to find ones that are cute, comfortable and easy to wear for any affair. If you have been super into the denim skirt trend lately I can help with that cause of all the skirts I have this one was harder to find that any of the others. Most of them were to long, or didn’t fit right in the waist or just weren’t comfortable.

However, Joe’s Jeans, if you kind find them at your local Nordstrom Rack for cheaper, makes some of the best denim period. This denim skirt is no exception. Soft, comfortable, the perfect fit, what more could you ask for?

petite fashion basics - skirts


For many years, until recently, I avoided most shorts. I preferred dresses or skirts in the summer but then a friend of mind shared an odd nugget of wisdom with me that changed the game for me. I’ve always had bigger thighs. I was an athlete and my body type shows it. That can make it tricky to find shorts that aren’t like shoving my legs into sausage casing. The remedy to that? Simple by the shorts a size or two up.

Seriously it was like magic. The are still tighten enough at the hips to stay up, or you can wear a belt, and yet they are lose and comfy on my thighs. Shorts are back baby and I couldn’t be more excited. If you have this same issue trying buying your next pair a size or two bigger. My favs lately are these Target Wild Fable denim cut offs.


This section could be a blog post all of its own. Oh wait… It is! If you are looking for some of the best shoes to add to your collection of great petite fashion basics, look no further than this entire blog post chalked full of goodies!

petite fashion basics - shoes

Thats all I got for some of my favorite petite fashion basics. Hopefully this helped those of you looking to fill some wholes in your wardrobe staples or for those looking to invest in some new pieces. Most of these are affordable and all of them are high quality and will last for years to come.



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