Long Sleeve Off The Shoulder Dress For Fall

I am back!

It has been far too long since I last was able to sit down and write or share any fabulous fashion with you all. I’ve missed running around taking pictures and writing posts but wow sometimes life gets the best of you and you gotta prioritize even when it means putting passion on the back burner.

What have all of you been up to? Have you been getting into the fall festivities? I have. I’ve been burning all my fall candles, thinking about the holidays and begging for cozy nights in. I actually hosted Thanksgiving this year for the first time which was a crazy adventure. It was stressful but I would do it again in a heart beat.

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long sleeve off the shoulder dress

But fall is here and that means its time for coziness. A long sleeve off the shoulder dress might not sound like the centerpiece to a cozy fall outfit but throw in some tall socks and you are in business. It’s all about how you style it.

There is something about this outfit that will just make you feel like taking cute pictures in a pumpkin patches or being surrounded by family on Thanksgiving. A good  long sleeve off the shoulder dress will do that to a girl.

This dress from Ann Taylor has the perfect shape and be dressed up for your next special occasion or be ready for another day being the fierce working girl that you are. It’s not quite completely off the neck but more of a boatneck neckline. Can you say hello to looking fabulous like Megan Markle?

long sleeve off the shoulder dress

The color of this off the shoulder dress screams fall with the navy stripes and all the warm brown tones, which let’s be honest is all you are really asking for when looking for that perfect fall look. As most of you who have been around a while you know I am am much more jeans and a T-shirt than miss pulled together but that doesn’t mean I don’t love fashion. That’s why I started down this adventurous rode of fashion blogging. Cause I love all things dressing and small and the only thing better than being petite is being fashionable and petite.

long sleeve off the shoulder dress

Has anyone every told you that you are to short for tall boots? I’ve heard that line about a million times and yet here I am rocking my favorite knee high riding boots like no one else has ever said anything. You’ll love that they are the perfect height to wear with dresses or jeans and the color is the perfect amount of distressed.

Adding the belt to this basic long sleeve off the shoulder dress made me feel a little extra something. Sophisticated, strong? It’s that moment when you know the outfit you have on is so good that the way you walk, the way you move is different. These kind of outfits are one in a million. They make you feel your age and show you just how fierce you are. And yes I know that’s a lot for an outfit to make you feel but we all have those outfits and don’t pretend you don’t have yours in your closet waiting for that special moment.

long sleeve off the shoulder dress

Putting in the knee high socks serves to purposes. One, to give this look an even more fall appeal but also to keep the boots from rubbing on the back of your leg and giving you blisters. These ones I actually bought when I was in a pickle having worn these boots with a dress to my job at Charlotte Russe and the skin on the back of my knees was getting irritated. Turns out these are one of the few pairs of knee high socks that fit short legs perfectly. Not to long, not to short, just enough to peak out from above the boots.

A long sleeve off the shoulder dress for fall is nothing shy of the perfect way to head into cold weather if you want to add a change of pace to the jeans and sweater routine though not gonna lie most days I am wearing a nice sweater and my fav jeans. If you wanna see some of the best sweaters I have in my collection that you need in your closet check out this blog post.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and are getting ready for the holiday season. I also want to say thank you to all of you for being patient with me and coming back to keep reading and being part of this fabulous petite community.

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