For Your Information, I’m Not Too Old For Graphic Shirts

Hey, guys! So as you may or may not have noticed, I love fun graphic shirts that have cute and or relatable things written on them. Anything about coffee, tacos, tequila and/or lazy weekends are right up my ally. And at 22 I don’t think it’s completely inappropriate for me to love wearing them. I’m young at heart and young in body so no, I’m not too old for graphic shirts.

Especially when they are super soft, comfy and just all around perfect for my casual life outside of business. However, just a few short days ago I had someone tell me that it was tacky for me to be running errands in a tank top that said “Sweat Pants, Messy Bun, No Makeup.” Now I didn’t think anything of it, because well, I was just out getting groceries and things like that, so what was the issue. Not to mention that this person was a total stranger who had casually started a conversation with me in line at the store. Who was she to tell me I was too old for graphic shirts?too old for graphic shirts

Now I’m not sure what your opinions are on the subject. But I’m of the notion that it’s really not any of their business. I wouldn’t wear my Instant Human, Just Add Coffee t-shirt to a job interview or networking events. However, if I am out running around town, out at lunch or down on the beach there isn’t really anything inappropriate about me wearing something funny on my tank tops, t-shirts or any other article of clothing.

I was shocked by the fact that 22 was suddenly considered by some to be too old for such things. I mean yes, I joke pretty regularly about being old. Mainly because  I would rather spend a Friday night curled up at home being in bed by 10 pm than going out to the bars. I’ve never really been a huge crazy night out type of person. However, despite all of that I am still young. At least I think so and that means that I will continue to wear my goofy shirts writing and all. Sure, there are certain more fit for a 32 year old who is rocking a vintage comic book cover shirt, that might not work for an economics professor, just like a teacher might rock a funny educational line versus and engineer.

too old for graphic shirtsThis Instant Human Just Add Coffee t-shirt, from the brand Crazy Shirts is a must for every coffee lover out there. They actually dye the shirt using Kona Coffee from Hawaii where the company is based. Yes that means that at least for a few washes it actually smells faintly of coffee which is basically heaven.

Any kind of tank top with a music reference is one that I have to add to my collection. So when I found that combined my love of Fridays with my love of music I had to add it to my collection. So yes Friday’s I love you and yes soft green tank top I love you just as much! They don’t sell this particular one anymore but I found another cute one, this one showing the love of weekends, from Target.

These two from Etsy are on repeat in my closet. They are so comfortable and well, in this day and age who doesn’t love the Instagram perfect top. This lazy day top is a perfect fit for the beach, or just running around town, in fact, this was the very shirt I was wearing in the aforementioned situation with the lady telling me I was too old to be wearing these kinds of t-shirts. And this is my Sunday shirt, the shirt I wear when I really want to project to the world just how much I am feeling like doing nothing.  too old for graphic shirts

And yes, I will continue to wear my fun graphic t-shirts. Even though some people will judge me for it, and yes my collection will probably continue to grow. They might not be appropriate for all occasions, but they are perfect for running around on casual days. So snap your Instagram pictures. Be comfortable. Rock that cute tank at the beach. Let the whole world know that you love Sundays, brunch, coffee, lazy days and more. Because honestly, you are never too old to wear whatever the hell it is that you want.

What are some of your guys favorite graphic shirts to rock? Are you more of music lyrics type, a quote type or a fun saying type? I hope you guys have an amazing week and you spend you free time wearing what you want. I love you all, thanks for checking out my blog!




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