Navy Stripes, A Spring Dress And Finally Some Sunshine

The sun is finally starting to shine again here in San Diego and the weather is warming up which means its time to think about dresses, skirts, sandals and pairing it all with a nice tan, or in my case a slight sunburn. I know, I know I live in San Diego where it is supposed to be sunny and 75 all the time but well, the truth is that we have good seasons and slightly less good seasons. But when the sun finally comes back, a good petite navy and white striped dress is classic perfection.

I love sweetheart and structured top dresses like this. I think there is something so perfect and cute about them, while still adding a little something extra to a sundress. Perfect for spring with a cardigan thrown over the top or summer evening with wedges and some statement jewelry there isn’t an occasion where you can’t make slightly structured dresses like this work.

I found the gem of a dress at Express and let me tell you, trying it on was a magic moment because it actually fit everywhere including my boobs. I wish I could find it online but since I bought it from the outlet that has been challenging. I found a similar striped one, and one that has a similar fit and flare to look to it from Old Nacy, that would be gorgeous for spring. I am not the largest chested gal on the block but for some reason, they make these dresses in the oddest proportions that could make the dress fit perfectly everywhere else but squeezing the crap out of your chest or everything else being too big and it is big enough to fit your boobs. So to find a magical middle ground where I can get both to fit and actually love the way it looks was once in a lifetime, so of course I had to buy it.

The navy stripes are such a classic look this summer. And I love how clean the white and navy looks. Oh and if you wanted to know the truly best part of this dress? It has pockets. Yes actually pockets which honestly even if it hadn’t fit as well as it does probably still would have been enough to convince me to buy it. I don’t know why I am such a sucker for good dresses and skirts with pockets but to me, they just add a little something adorable and extra stylish for any dress.

While I am not usually the gold jewelry type, pairing it with some navy blue it looks so beautiful. The navy in this necklace works with this dress so well and they make a beautiful statement piece that pairs well with the neckline of this dress. I found this at Charming Charlies but they have since stopped selling this one. I found this navy blue flowered one on Amazon, and the flower detailing would be perfect to pair with this dress for springtime. I love how the length of the necklace is perfect for the neckline and ties everything together so well.

Baublebar from Target has some of the cutest jewelry out there including these adorable three ball earrings. I’m not usually a big earring person. In fact, for most of the time I don’t take out the studs I wear every day. However every once in a while when dressing up for a special occasion I like to switch it up and put something on that makes me feel a little bit more dolled up. These are really cute and can look great dressed up or with a more casual outfit for a pop of color. I paired them with this adorable boyfriend jeans and henley outfit that I love wearing on the weekends.

And of course, nothing says springtime like a sweet pair of sandal wedges. I’m not a big heel wearing kind of person but if I am going to be wearing them I prefer block heels, which I rounded up my favorites of, or a nice pair of wedges, They are more sturdy and much more comfortable than a stiletto heel meaning I can feel comfortable running around at any event without wanting to rip my shoes off every five seconds. These natural colored wedges are so comfortable and have been staples in my wardrobe for years because they pair perfectly with everything from dresses to jeans, skirts and even dress short for an effortless look that gives this petite girl just a little bit of height.

The statement piece of this entire outfit is this gorgeous yellow handbag that I was little unsure about when I first got it but now I am obsessed with it! I love the color and how bright it is. I think it is a great way for me to start breaking out of my neutrals groove by slowing adding in pops of bright fun colors. The yellow works well with the gold in the jewelry and I love how it pops against the blue and white. This bag is also is beautiful for rocking with denim jackets and dresses for fall for a great little pop of warm fall color.

I am so ready for more spring weather and less rain. It has been a pretty grey winter and to be honest I hate the gloominess as it makes me feel kinda blah. I definitely thrive in sunshine and blue skies which is probably why I liked living in Arizona so much. There was rarely a day when I didn’t wake up to sunshine which to me is probably one of the best things ever. So even during the very brief winter, rainy season here in San Diego I have to dream about days like this when it is finally warm enough to throw on my favorite dresses and enjoy the sunshine.

I hope you all are having a great start to the week and that there are warm weather and sunshine headed your way soon. I know my posting schedule has been a little off lately but I am trying my best to get it back to normal soon!

I love you all so much and thanks for stopping by!



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