Sometimes it gets to be all about you, and when it comes to your skincare it should be.When I was college kid I was terrible at taking care of my skin, I mean I made every mistake in the book, including the cardinal sin of sleeping in my makeup. After all of that I found my at home spa night that really helps keep my skin looking its best.

I know, I know, terrible. But as a busy student who was up until 2 am studying and pulling all-nighters with my friends, I didn’t always have the motivation to go through even the simplest routines so I often times just curled up and went to bed.

It wasn’t until maybe the last year or so that I wised up and discovered that putting some time aside nightly to wash my face and that pampering myself with an at-home spa night was something I love to do. Seriously though after a long day, coming home putting on a nice facemask and settling in with a book, there is nothing better.

my at home spa night

And of course, in that year I have tried so many different products trying to find the perfect combination that worked best for my skin. I learned right off the bat that my skin is pretty temperamental. Depending on what time of year it is, it only tolerated certain types of products. There are certain things to that it never likes.

I learned the importance of moisturizing twice a day after washing my face and after masks as well. I don’t think my spa night routine is overly complicated but it really helps my skin look and feels its best. Once I found the products that worked for me I became ride or die for them and while I still do try a lot of products to try new things, I keep coming back to the same staple items.

  1. Before I think about applying any masks to my skin, I want to make sure my face is nice and squeaky clean. When I first used the Dr. Brandt Poredermabraison scrub I really didn’t like it at all. It felt a little too rough on my skin that I was worried it was really going to be irritating. However, despite how it felt, after using it for a few weeks my skin started to look so much brighter and my pores were shrinking. This stuff isn’t cheap but its magic in a bottle and a little goes a long way.

I also love the St. Ives Apricot Scrub, You can find it at most drugstores for a couple bucks but this stuff is such a good exfoliator for the skin. It’s so good at getting a good deep clean, and as its less intense than the Dr. Brandt one, I can use this one every other day, whereas I really don’t want to use the other one more than once a week usually before my spa night.

2. If I have any kind of breakouts going, I really like to spot treat them with my L’Oreal Pure Clay Mask as this helps draw all of the impurities to the surface as well as drying them out to help them heal faster. I don’t use this mask all over my face because it can be drying and my skin doesn’t need it. But this is an amazing mask if you need some oil control in your t-zone or to control blackheads which I also occasionally use it for on my nose.

3. My biggest issue that I deal with redness. The masks I use the most are ones that will help detoxify and calm all of the redness, especially on my cheeks. The Mask of Magnaminty from Lush is by far my favorite and go to mask to help calm my skin and keep the redness down. It smells like mint chocolate chip ice cream and is all natural. I’ve been hooked on it, though you do have to use it within a given time frame or it can go bad so if you are trying it out or don’t use masks that often by the smaller container.

4. A few chapters of a book in and after the masks have gotten a chance to work their magic and I’ve washed them off with warm water comes toner. I used to think toner was just a waste of time, I didn’t really see the benefit, till I started using one on a regular basis. Botanics All Bright Cleansing Toner, has been a magic addition to my spa night routine. And has made a massive improvement in the tone and brightness of my skin by helping get rid of dullness and help the texture.

5. The last piece of my span night routine is a moisturizer. I’m not the biggest fan of lotion type moisturizer as I feel like they clog my pores and just leave my skin feeling coated. So I opt for gel moisturizer that is water based and soaks right into the skin. Garnier SkinActives Moisture Bomb is hands down my favorite. I use to after my spa night and on a daily basis to keep my skin hydrated and smooth.

my at home spa night

Sometimes we all deserve a little pampering and when it comes to my skin I have started making more time for skincare. Putting on a mask, digging into a book or relaxing in the tub with some candles burning is the perfect way to unwind and take some time for me.  I try to make time once a week for my at home spa night and to really give my skin the TLC it deserves.

What are some of your favorite skincare products you use to pamper yourself? Are there some products I should be adding to my spa nights?

I hope you all had a great Monday!



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