Cheering On My Team And How I Style A Casual Game Day Outfit

I am a hundred percent that person who is still in love with their college team. Most of my wardrobe is made up of college gear I collected over my years on campus and I have collected more since graduating. I love repping my college swag loud and proud even as an alumnus. I mean, I look pretty damn good in a maroon and gold. But no seriously, just because I’ve graduated shouldn’t mean the end of my time in my university colors. A great casual game day outfit is a must in the spring for baseball season.

It just means I change the way I wear it. No more cut up t-shirts, or face paint and stickers or temporary tattoos of pitchforks for game day. I am still loud and proud, with displaying my gear out in the adult where appropriate. Game days are still great days to gather and local refuges for my college team, drink some beer and watch my boys play. I keep my style casual and ready for whatever outcome the game might have.

casual game day outfit

Casual university t-shirts are my favorite. I opt for the softest ones possible and own one in every major school color. Yes, that might seem a bit extra but they have been amassed over the years for different themed game nights in the stadium and such. I have bought a couple from the kid’s section but most of them were a once semester treat from the campus store before going home for break. Also, a must for a casual game day outfit no matter what team you root for.

casual game day outfit

These skinny jeans are from American Eagle and are some of my favorites just because of the quality and fit. They are super comfortable and the more you wear them the softer they get which is the best part of any good pair of jeans. I’ve had these ones for years and love them now more than when I bought them. To be honest I wasn’t sure I was going to like them that much but clearly, I’m obsessed and wear them more often than is probably acceptable.

casual game day outfit

I have talked about these booties before but unfortunately, Steve Madden doesn’t make them anymore. These booties from Steve Madden are extremely similar and would look just as cute on game day with jeans and your favorite team’s jersey!

casual game day outfit

This ASU tumbler is from Tervis which is an amazing travel mug company that makes insulated mugs for just about everything and anything. No matter what college team, pro team, tv show, cute saying, pet obsession or random design you want I can guarantee they have a mug for you. They are some of the best travel tumblers I’ve ever used and I’ve started amassing a growing collection but this one is by far my favorite. Football season can get a bit chilly so I always make sure I have this pullover sweater with me throw on in case things get chilly. Not actually team gear it still shows my pride with its perfect color while keeping me warm. I bought mine a size bigger so it’s really oversized and comfy when layering it over a t-shirt or other top.

casual game day outfit

I also like to have a little bit of ASU with me where ever I go I have a lanyard that is attached to my keys. Not only does it make them easier to find but it also lets me show off my school pride everywhere I go. Seriously though, without this thing attached to my keys, they would disappear into the abyss that is my purse never to be seen again. Call me obsessive but I really just love where I went to school, and not just on game day.

I want my casual game day style to be as comfortable as humanly possible, so a t-shirt and some jeans are the perfect way to go. The booties are the perfect touch and the sweater lets me get cozy when it cools off, or when I am walking back from the bar. Cheering on the team is the best and rocking a cute casual game day outfit is one of the best parts!




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