To be honest, I really didn’t feel like blogging today. I seriously was just having one of those days were working on a post, and all the technical stuff just seemed like an awful thing to spend my time doing. I really didn’t feel like doing much of anything today. I don’t feel like being an adult much right now. Which, come on, one more day until the weekend but sometimes lack motivation strike at the worst time.

It’s not like I am going through anything particularly distracting right now or that I’m in an emotional slump which happens as well, I just for some reason woke up this morning and was like I don’t really feel like doing much of anything, working, adulting, or blogging and the creative juices for my blog post today just weren’t flowing.

I love my blog. I love that this is something that I have created for myself and that I get to share my love of fashion, makeup, and life with all of you. But somedays, the motivation just isn’t there to sit down and write. How I Find Motivation

But I figured it was the perfect opportunity to share how I find motivation through these little slumps. Because here is the kicker, we all have them. There are always going to be moments where we lack the motivation even when its something that you love. Chef’s don’t always feel like cooking, athletes don’t always feel like playing, and let’s be honest most of us don’t always feel like going to work even if we adore our jobs.

Now I know, that this should probably be saved for a Wisdom Wednesday post, but since this is real life and it doesn’t run by someones else’s schedule or my own really, so here it is some personal wisdom about how I deal with life on a beautiful Friday.

Music is and always has been the biggest thing that helps me get through life. Happy, Sad, Excited, Angry doesn’t matter what I am going through, or working on I am never far away from a pair of headphones. Every blog post I write, when I am taking photos when I am editing, reading, cooking, cleaning, the speakers in my house are always on and usually a good 5-10 min dance and karaoke break really helps me focus and get back to work.

Freewriting. 99.9% of the time when I don’t feel like doing anything jotting down whatever is going in my head really helps. It lets me disconnect for a little while and just let my mind kind of wander a let go. I am definitely more naturally inclined for creativity through words than the visual aspects of blogging so to just free writer for a bit whether it’s journaling, poetry, fiction, short stories, or just streams of thoughts just helps get me back on track.

Reading A Book. To completely disengage from my world into the one that’s been created is the best way for me to take a break and find some motivation be just as kickass. Some of the people in these books whether they be fiction or non-fiction are so inspiring and impressive that they just ignite that kind of fire inside me to get back into whatever it is I need to be doing.How I Find Motivation

Coffee. Yes, this might sound crazy, but to be honest, I feel like I can go tackle anything after a cup of coffee. It might be the caffeine or it might just be the conditioning after years of drinking it alongside class work in college when I was pushing deadlines and had no motivation to finish assignments because there were so many. It truly does help me focus and push through to get my work done.

Playing Video Games. I know this might seem weird but seriously this is one of the best ways I’ve found for motivating myself. I think a lot of time my lack of motivation sometimes happens when I am dealing with severe writer’s block and the best way I’ve found for getting past that, is to just force my brain to focus on something else completely. Some of my best content ideas have been spawned while not thinking about anything even remotely related.

Going For A Walk. Fresh air does wonders for my motivation especially if I’ve had to be inside all day. It’s so much more difficult for me to find motivation when I’ve been working on something else all day, or inside. Maybe that’s just me but I get restless and then go about doing everything except working on what I need to be doing.

How I Find MotivationSo at the end of all that, sometimes its just about getting it done. Because whether it’s my work or this blog, there is always going to be a moment when you need to find a way to get back to the grind. Slumps are okay, lazy days are okay, rough days are okay. They happen to us all as we are human, we can’t all be running at a million miles an hour all the time, we have to slow down and realize that sometimes it takes a little something extra to be our best.

How I find motivation is by getting out my own head. Learning when to just get back to the grind and work through it, and knowing that most of my work is not just about me. There are people couning on me to get my shit done.

How do you guys motivate yourselves when you are struggling? Is there something specific that makes you feel like you can tackle any project or problem?

I hope you all have a lovely weekend! Thank you so much for stopping by!








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