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Spring Transition Outfits.

it was one of those days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold. When it’s summer in the light and winter in the shade:

We all love spring weather! It is always is a relief to breathe in warm fresh air after being cooped up inside all winter. The trees start budding, the grass becomes greener and the birds start building their nests. Spring is a time to refresh, its a time for new life and the start of a warm summer. I always get a little sentimental when it becomes a little too warm for my heavy woven sweaters. I love all oversized sweaters. I am hopeless when Fall weather hits; give me all the layers! I absolutely adore cuddling up and layering to my heart’s desire. And seriously, i layer until the last possible second. So when Spring rolls around and i start sweating in that wool knit, i know it’s time to transition. What helps me to transition smoothly is a fresh spring closet! I live in the midwest, so sometimes our season transitions drag out a little. A day in january could feel like spring but then sometimes we get a couple inches of snow in April! When weather like that hits, it is really hard to plan for outfits. Do i wear a winter sweater today and a spring dress tomorrow? Oh, the struggle is real friends! Instead of having my closet possess my entire repertoire of clothing, i leave my winter clothes nestled in their box and keep my spring clothes neatly hung in my closet. But how do you wear spring clothes on days when it’s freezing, you ask?  I have here 6 different tips for outfits that can be worn on those transition days!

spring transition outfits

Spring transition outfits

Dresses and jackets!

They just go together. I love a simple casual dress! This dress can be dressed up or down depending on the accessories and shoes paired with it! I love the little knot at the bottom! It definitely adds a little detail! So here I wore it with tights and booties. I mixed up the colors and enjoyed the variety. Don’t be afraid to add a couple colors to an outfit; especially to a neutral solid colored dress. For a more chilly day, I added a suede leather jacket, black leggings, and black booties. This beautiful dress could also transition nicely into summer! Skip the leggings and add a cute strappy sandal!

spring transition outfits

spring transition outfit

Spring transition outfit

spring transition outfit

Black Is A Statement Piece

Black! Black is a statement piece. It can easily be worn with anything. It is also perfect for almost any occasion and it can be worn year round. This darling black crochet top was styled with a simple pair of jeans and black kitten heels. The silky lightweight jacket added just the perfect touch of elegance as well as warmth for that night out on the town!

spring transition outfit

spring transition outfit


Its okay to wear long sleeves. Just because it came with sleeves does not make it winter! This dress has all the feels of spring! From its lightweight fabric to its ravishing floral print. Once again, the notice the knot at the bottom. I have this crazy thing for details, you guys!  This darling piece also showcases the cold-shoulder feature. It’s perfect for those sunny but chilly days!

spring transition outfit

spring transition outfit

Sweaters are okay!

Huh? Did you just say sweaters? Yes, I did! Don’t pass it up just because it is a sweater. Now I’m not saying full on wool knit sweaters, I’m saying wear a spring sweater. Sweaters that are a lighter weight, brighter colored and shorter are definitely okay to wear during the early Spring months. This specific sweater that I am wearing is a crop top. It hits mid waist and goes perfectly with a pair of high waisted jeans.

spring transition outfit

spring transition outfit

Colored pants.

Enjoy wearing pants before it becomes too hot out. Change it up a little though, don’t always grab your favorite denim. Try a colored jean or trouser. Maybe one with a print. Mix it up a little and add some fun. These two outfits here were compiled based on the pants. The aqua jeans I paired with a lightweight floral sweater. I picked the dark top to compliment the bright bottom. {I didn’t want to relive the 90’s. Hello white on white denim; haha.} The second outfit was based on the navy blue trousers. The trousers had a little print detailed on them so I choose a bright white top with a little mustard color to pop. I also added a jacket as well, seeing as the top was short sleeved.

spring transition outfit


Use them. wear them. Pick colored, pick solid. It really doesn’t matter. They are perfect for that spring dress on a windy day. This adorable white floral dress is one of my favorite pieces. I seriously love how many colors I can pull out of the design. the maroon tights and tan jacket matched perfectly. For warmer days, I simply wore it without tights and added a pair of black heels. It’s that darling little graduation dress!

I hope this was a help to you as you try to discern whether spring is here to stay! Enjoy piecing together those outfits!

Kelle Rose

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