Do you guys have a favorite place to shop? I mean, to be honest, I usually stick to shopping in the juniors section of most department stores unless I am looking for something particularly adult for a business meeting. It saves me money and the clothes just tend to fit better. However, there comes a moment when you stumble upon a gem of a store that makes you think, hey, maybe I can shop among the big kid’s sizes for once. Nordstrom Racks petite section was the game changer for me in 2017 and I am still over the moon obsessed. Their petite section has seriously helped up my fashion game, from killer jackets to shoes that are ready to slay the sidewalk.

Walking into Nordstrom Rack, I was really unsure what to expect, I’ve never really had great success with Nordstroms, so I wasn’t sure that Rack was going to get my fashion juices going. Nowadays I have to remind myself not to stop by the one that is between my office and my house because I will spend every cent of hard earned money. Sifting through the piles of stuff that I have bought from Nordstrom Rack in the past year and asking me to choose a favorite is like asking a mother to pick her favorite child, she won’t admit it but she really does like one more.

Nordstrom Rack Petite Section

BlankNYC Leather Jacket was so far outside of my comfort zone, but its so much more than just a basic leather jacket. With asymmetric details and zippers, this jacket is beautifully edgy. However, the best part of this jacket is the slight shoulder pads that help give it a dynamite shape. Or perhaps the best part is the fact that the sleeves aren’t too long, or that its snug for a perfect hourglass shape, or that the faux leather is soft and easy to wear with everything from leggings to jeans to dress. I am partial to thinkings its all of this put together that will make you fall head over heels in love with this jacket.

Nordstrom Rack Petite Section

If anyone ever tells you that petite women can’t wear over the knee boots please put on your favorite pair and stomp right over them looking fierce. Thanks to the fact that Nordstrom Rack has adult shoes going all the way down to a 4, it’s easy to find the best shoes for the smallest feet. Over-the-knee boots were something I added to my wardrobe this year and I’ve been in love with them. No matter how petite you are, finding the right pair of over the knee boots can be a struggle but once you do, they are a great versatile piece you can pair with leggings, jeans, and dresses.

Nordstrom Rack Petite Section

As much fun as it is to be able to wear all the fun stuff we want, sometimes we have to dress up and go to work. Having a great blazer to fit your petite frame will go a long way in sprucing up your wardrobe. Finding a good one has been a struggle but when I found one in the petite sections at Nordstrom Rack that not only fits really well but is stylish I was ready to tackle interviews, networking events and even a weekend brunch. A good fitting blazer can go from your day at the office to happy hour with just a few changed accessories. You’ll fall in love with how beautiful this blazer is and how confident it will make you feel.

Nordstrom Rack Petite Section

Steve Madden steals my heart. From their adorable boots and shoes to bags that make you swoon, you’ll love everything about the fun, basics they have. A great neutral tote will never go to waste as a wardrobe staple. I have this bad habit of carrying around way to much stuff and so oversized totes are dangerous because they quickly turn into a Mary Poppins situation. But I also love being able to have all my notebooks, pens, laptop, headphones and all the other little odds and ends that I deem necessary to drag around during my day. Soft leather and the perfect color, you can pair it with everything and anything.

Nordstrom Rack Petite Section

Riding boots are another staple item I couldn’t do without. I mean who doesn’t love a good pair of riding boots with a jean jacket and a pretty dress. I’ve worn through more pairs that I can count and had to have the soles replaced on even more. But I always keep going back and buying more, I’ve owned from everything from the cheapest $20 pair to ones that have cost $100 or more, and I have a few pairs I’ve bought from Nordstrom Rack that are truly some of the best I’ve owned. Frye and Tommy Hilfiger are two of my favorite brands, and Nordstrom Rack is the best place to get them for an awesome price.

Nordstrom Rack Petite Section

If you are looking to hop on the vest trend you will find some great ones in the petite section here. Cozy and lined with faux fur, I’ve been obsessed with this one. I never thought I would be into the whole vest trend but maybe I am changing my mind.  They are so easy to wear and a great extra layer or fashion statement if you are looking to add something extra to an outfit. Paired with booties and skinny jeans you can for sure flip an outfit into something stylish and ready for a great weekend day, having brunch with friends or making a Trader Joes run, you’ll look flawless.

Nordstrom Rack Petite Section

Jeans are always one of the hardest things to find for petite women. I’ve struggled with companies that have advertised short lengths for petite women and unfortunately to them petite means 5’3-5’4 which isn’t exactly going to cut it. However, I have found some great pairs at Nordstrom Rack that are great for petite women. NYDJ and J.Crew are both go to for jeans for those of us that are really on the petite end of the spectrum and finding them for a better price is always more fun. You’ll find some great, stylish options that will not only fit great but will be friendly to your wallet.

Nordstrom Rack Petite Section

Quarter zip sweaters just might be the true love of my life, for being so comfortable. I am not sure when the obsession started but it did, and my collection might be considered by some to be getting out of hand, but you can never have too many. A rare snag, Vineyard Vines, make some exceptional comfortable sweaters and while they can be difficult to find when you stumble across them grab one. While they can be expensive if you can find them at Nordstrom Rack, they are much more affordable and worth the money. Fitting just the right amount of oversized, it’s the perfect addition to any comfortable wardrobe.

I have an entire closet full of great finds from Nordstrom Racks petite section, and from their store in general, however, if I had to pick the ones I wear the most and love the most these would definitely be them. I have gotten to this point in life where I want to start investing in nicer clothes and Nordstrom Rack is a great place to find really cute and functional pieces from the best brands, for a great price.

Nordstrom Racks petite section has been a gold mine for me this past year as I discovered that it is one of the best out there. Their selection isn’t always the greatest but its modern, chic and appropriate for young petite women. Next time you are out shopping, take some time to peruse through the selection at Nordstrom Rack and you’ll find some great additions to swoon over.

Any of you as obsessed with Nordstroms Racks petite section as I am? I love seeing how you guys are rocking your petite style. Tag me @livinglifepetite on Instagram and let’s inspire each other with some beautiful looks!

I hope you all are having a great start to the week!





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