Summer Rompers: Get Ready For Some Romping Around

Ready to do some romping around this summer?

Okay, but terrible puns aside I have been so into summer rompers lately. I mean other than the fact that they make going to the bathroom a little awkward they are a great staple item to have in your petite summer wardrobe. I mean they are perfect for hot days or throwing on over your swimsuit or throwing on with a bralette and some sandals for the perfect summer day outfit for running around enjoying the sunshine.

In the past year or so I’ve added several summer rompers to my collection. A couple that are definitely a little more dressy and one that it a great casual piece. I thought to find one that would fit proportionally would be challenging but surprisingly old navy carries rompers in petite sizes that made it such a breeze to find the perfect one that I love.

Summer Rompers To Love

summer rompers

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This casual romper is so lightweight and comfortable that I’ve had friends refer to them as my in public pajamas. I mean, I won’t argue with that because that’s exactly what it feels like. The drawstring at the waist allows for a flattering shape while tv-shaped neckline makes it easy to add fun accessories and lets you show off that beautiful tan, or in my case, that beautiful skin that’s the color of paper.

Not only is this romper the perfect summer day outfit but if you are looking for a less traditional way to rock the red, white and blue this year for July 4th, this is it. Throw on this romper, add a red bandana headband and some red lipstick for the perfect look to hang out and watch fireworks in.

Of course for me this the world’s best lazy girl on a coffee run outfit. Its one piece, I don’t have to worry about matching and I can be out the door on my way to be caffeinated for the day.

summer rompers

With all the sunshine here in San Diego, sunglasses for these blue eyes are an absolute must. I’ve been on the search for great pairs for my petite face my entire life. When I first saw these Quay Australia one’s floating around on the internet I was convinced that the would be too big for me. Even though they carry them in mini sizes I wasn’t sure they were gonna be small enough because let’s be real, most companies who claim things are made for small, petite or mini, women have an interesting sense of where that cut off is.

But after trying them on in a local Topshop store, not only was I pleasantly surprised I was full on obsessed. They are bit oversized but not to the point where they look ridiculous and they are surprisingly comfortable. Don’t let the gradient fool you, these sunglasses are surprisingly dark which is great for people who live near water or snow where light reflects and can be particularly bright. They have definitely been added to my list of best sunglasses for petite women. Every summer day outfit needs a great pair of sunnies.

summer rompers

My soccer coach growing up would be so disappointed in my choice of footwear these days. He was always telling me that flat shoes were bad for my feet and yet these MIA sandals are some of my favorites to just throw on and run out the door. I’ve worn them for everything from dinners to days at museums and parks and everything in between. The old pair I literally wore until I busted the strap because I loved them so much. If you are looking for a great pair of neutral sandals that won’t break the bank, these are definitely a pair you should check out. A must-have for any summer day outfit this year.

Target has stepped up their quality game in the past year or so. I’m not saying their stuff was poor quality before but they have taken on some new brands that have really just made me fall in love with them all over again. Including this bag made by A New Day which is a brand, they started carrying maybe in early 2018? I had been looking for a little black bag for awhile and finally found one that I would take with me for everything from date nights to casual days out running errands. 

The quality feels like its much more high end than the $20 I paid for it and I’ve had no issue dressing it up. It’s always nice to have a smaller bag like this for when you want to go out and about but don’t want to worry about taking the big purse. You can just throw this on and be out the door. It goes with everything and I love adding some gold accessories to make that part of the outfit pop!

summer rompers

These baublebar earrings from Target are also major favs. I love that they are much more of a statement but not nearly as heavy as you’d think. They are plenty comfortable and while I’m not usually a matchy type of girl I am kind of loving this blue on blue look that I have going here. These come in a bunch of different colors too so you can find a pair to go with any look.

Great summer rompers can be casual or dressy, but they are always perfect for warm days and fun nights out with your family and friends. And while they might make going to the bathroom a little awkward they are a great way to look effortless and pulled together.

I hope you are having a great week. I know they can be tough but hey throw on your favorite summer rompers and go tackle whats left.

I hope you are all having a great week and I will be back with more on Thursday!



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