It might be a cold week here in San Diego but I can’t help but continue to daydream about all the petite spring fashion that is quickly approaching. Even though we don’t get cold here like I am used to from growing up in the mountains, we get sweater weather and a few months out of the year where like everyone else we tuck away our sandals and shorts, in favor of bundling up in boots and jeans.

However, as excited as I was for the cooler weather, sweaters and hot coffee, I am ready for warm weather, dresses and iced beverages again. This weekend was a nice little taste of spring that’s on it’s way, even though it quickly got taken away again.

I have never been a bodysuit kind of person and even though I still am not on some days but lately I have been trying to embrace this style. Some days I look in the mirror while wearing a bodysuit and I feel fabulous, but on other days I feel like I look gross. That’s just the way it goes and I think we can all understand that feeling. This basic black bodysuit though has had more good days than bad. The simplicity is why it meshes so well with my casual style but it’s also easy to dress up. I love the scoop neck style making it easy to pair with my favorite jewelry and jeans or a pretty skirt.

Guys, I’ve found the worlds most perfect jeans for petite women. It has been a struggle for years to find jeans that fit well in all the right ways and much to my surprise they come from the juniors section at Macy’s. I never thought I’d be saying that Jessica Simpson makes some stellar jeans but oh my gosh are they fabulous. A good amount of stretch, soft denim, and the short sizes are perfect for those of us who are shorter. I love the washes and colors they come in and I am definitely going to be adding a few more pairs to my collection. Okay, I might be buying them in every possible, color, and style.

I’ve been told my bootie game is strong. And no not that bootie, my ankle bootie game. I love them because no matter what season it is I can find a way to make them work. Dresses and skirts in the summer, jeans, and leggings in the colder months, they are the most versatile shoes in my closet. A few years I ago I grew obsessed with crochet and lace detail on boots, however, at the time I couldn’t find the perfect pair. I didn’t realize how much I still wanted to add them to my collection until I stumbled upon the most beautiful pair ever at DSW in Chicago over the holidays. And yes I wear them way too much, and yes I won’t stop until they fall apart.

I usually prefer white gold or silver or traditional gold jewelry but there is something so classic about black and gold so I decided to pair a couple of my traditional gold pieces with this outfit to really add some pop. Delicate earrings a layering necklaces have become my jam lately and I can’t stop. These necklaces are just too beautiful paired together with the shorter one that is just a cute little piece and the bolder statement of the long feather necklace. It adds just a touch of sparkle and makes this outfit feel far less basic.

This feather necklace has been part of my collection for a long time. I am pretty sure it’s from Claires or something like that. I bought it in my early teens when there was really no need for me to invest in nice jewelry but I wanted something fun to wear and I actually wore it a lot throughout high school. Its definitely making a comeback though! The shorter one is a gold T that I was given by my grandmother. My legal name was given to me after her’s and I am the only grandchild with the same first initial so when she wanted to get rid of some of the jewelry she didn’t wear anymore it only made sense that I am allowed to take it.

I love this bag. I’ve had it for going on five years now and I amazed it hasn’t fallen apart on me yet. The leather is super soft and I love that it has both short and long handles depending on how I want to wear it. I usually wear this with the long strap as a crossbody for more casual outfits where my bag doesn’t need a ton of structure. However is your bag preferences are something else I have an entire post about some of my favorite bags for petite women that you can use for some inspiration. The best part about this outfit is that changing the accessories gives it a totally different vibe.

I hope the weather is starting to warm up wherever you are and that you are looking forward to spring! As you roll out your new fashion for the season please follow and tag me on social media @livinglifepetite so I can see all the fabulous trends you are rocking.

As always I hope you are having a great week so far and that the last few days go by quickly!



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