5 Interview Outfits for Petites To Make Them Forget Your Size

Hey, guys! I was in an interview recently and when I walked in I could tell almost immediately that they were a bit surprised. It was one of the worst interview experiences I’ve had. They seemed uninterested and almost annoyed but that’s not the worst part of the interview. To some people, it’s always going to be something that throws them a bit. But something I know now is that walking in wearing a slamming outfit, wearing confidence on your sleeve you are going to kill it every time. I have gathered up my favorite interview outfits for petite women to help you feel your best. Even if you don’t get the job you’ll still leave feeling good about yourself.

The Perfectly Cut Blazer.

Whether you are neutral kind of girl or the kind of girl who loves a pop of color having the perfect Blazer is a must. Ann Taylor offers many great styles for all seasons from lightweight for the summer to warmers ones for winter. I also love this soft seafoam colored one like this from the Banana Republic that is perfect for the warm weather and summer season! It’s cut just for Petites!

best stores to shop for petite clothing

This three quarter sleeve blazer is a dream and while not specifically for petite women comes in sizes all the way down to extra-extra small. I own this one in gray. It’s definitely the perfect business yet still casual piece for transitioning from thing to thing throughout the day. If you get a blazer that’s cut right at hips, it will help even out your proportions making sure you look every part the adult that you are. The classic cut will be oh so business while adding some fun color to it will keep it youthful.

Blouse, Blouses, Blouses.

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Classic soft blouses like this are perfect for interviews. They look perfectly professional while still being lightweight enough and making sure you don’t look like you are overdoing it. Paired with a sleek pair of dress pants and some comfortable heels not only will you be feeling your best but you will be looking your best as well. Make sure those shoes have a little bit of a point like the ones in this adorable olive green and grey work outfit to add a little extra length to those legs and really make sure you are power walking your way into the job you’ve always wanted.

Whether you are wearing them under a blazer, cardigan or are wearing them alone, every working girl should own a wide variety of cuts and styles. No matter what look she is going for she has more than enough to chose from. This one from Express is one of my go to’s. So lightweight and comfortable, I also love the zipper detail and the lace gives it a little extra something. I also adore this cross back detailing one, when I don’t feel like wearing a jacket the little details with the lace and scoop back are great little details to add some pop!

The Perfect Ankle Pant

best stores to shop for petite clothing

A narrow cut pant to hit right at your ankles paired perfectly with some great pumps. It’s the perfect outfit to send your confidence and your style through the roof. Using them to add a pop of color to your look assures you’ll turn heads in the best way possible. I love these ones from Ann Taylor because not only are they super comfortable but they come in a pattern or color to match any mood I might be in. I call these the party pants. Colorful but a perfect staple to keep you looking fresh and on the move all day long. If cut right at the ankles they also help you look taller. Pair that with some stellar confidence and no one will even remember you are not 6 feet tall. They look great with blouses or sweater outfits for interviews.

The Practical Heel

best fashion trends for petite women

Every girl needs a pair of heels that are comfortable enough to wear all day. They should also make her feel like a million dollars. I’m in love with a great nude pump but I’m also not afraid of a little color. For me, I don’t feel comfortable wearing heels that are too high. But ones that have a bit of point are sure to make your legs look longer. You’ll look taller, without having to be wearing sky-high heels. I adore these ones from DSW, I own the ones in nude and red, cause who doesn’t need the perfect red pumps?

These are colorful ones also fantastic, and come in so many gorgeous colors and patterns it’s hard to only pick a few! A good pair of pumps that helps look you look put together as well as giving you some extra height, is going to make anyone think twice about commenting on your size. They will be focusing on your qualifications. And watch you walk away with your power strut, thinking they just find the newest employee.

If you aren’t a pumps kinda girl adding some heel with these adorable block heeled booties is the perfect middle ground for making sure you are looking tall and confident but still feeling comfortable. If you want the perfect pair of block heels for interviews I have rounded up some of my favorite pairs that would be absolutely perfect.

Cardigans To Keep Out The Chill.

best fashion trends for petite women

It’s not a secret that office buildings in the summer are usually about the same temperature of a meat locker. I find it nice to always have a light cardigan or sweater I can throw on to stay warm. This one from JCPenny has the perfect amount of structure and I love the wide lapel detail. This one from Eddie Bauer has the perfect drapey fit, that’s comfortable keeps me warm and still looks professional. Cardigans are a great way to add some adult vibes to your outfit, say you are all business. You’ll also be ready for whatever celebration you might have for after you walk out a job in hand ready to start your new position.

It can be difficult to get people to look past your height sometimes. Wearing an outfit that makes you feel awesome is the key.  Strategically using your wardrobe to add some age while also using it to build confidence will make sure they aren’t evening paying attention to anything other than the impressively perfect answers to their questions. You can walk into an interview, meeting or any kind of business situation like the badass babe you are.

I hope you guys are having a great week.  These interview outfits for petite women help me feel my best. Whether you guys are looking for a job, are interviewing or already have one I hope that some of these fashion tips help you guys keep your business style fresh and fun as we roll into summer! I love you all so much and thanks for checking out my blog!



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