Date Night Style: Black Leather Jacket + Over The Knee Boots

You know how sometimes you can put on an outfit and feel like you run the world? For me, almost every single one of those outfits lately has revolved around the best over the knee boots for petites and the worlds best petite leather jacket.

Guys, I may or may not have found the magical unicorn of the worlds best over the knee boots for petites. They are the perfect height for wearing with skirts or jeans, they are soft suede, and are the perfect tightness around the thigh to not be uncomfortable but they also stay in place perfectly all day.

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A Leather Jacket Great For Petite Women

Yes, it does exist it just took most my life so far to find it! And much to my surprise, this gem of petite leather jacket didn’t come out of the petite section at all. BlankNYC is a brand that until recently wasn’t even on my radar. But I was walking through Nordstrom Rack, okay yes, I do a lot of shopping there and found this one on clearance. Of course, I had to try it on just for fun. I mean it was supposed to be just for fun until I figured out that it fit so well.

That the sleeves weren’t too long, they were perfect. That it gave such a nice shape and was so soft and comfortable. Then I checked the price tag, prepared to be horrified. It was under $100. I couldn’t resist! Can you believe that? Petite leather jackets should be more common than you would think but unfortunately, the ones that are out there are fairly pricey. However, just because it isn’t labeled petite doesn’t mean it won’t work for us little things.

Petite Leather Jacket

And of course, with a petite leather jacket comes the need for a fierce outfit and some red lipstick that will make you wanna strike a pose and walk the street like its a runway. Which let’s be honest, we can all use a little more of that!

Best Over The Knee Boots For Petites

I know there are people out there who say you can’t wear over the knee boots if you are short but girl you better watch me cause I think they are so cute and fun for a date night look or pairing with a sweater during the day. The entire trick with over the knee boots for petites is finding ones that actually hit you in the right spot. They do exist out there you just have to be willing to do some digging.

I found the best over the knee boots for petites at Nordstrom Rack and I can’t stop wearing them every chance I get. I will say you need to invest in some good waterproofing spray if you live somewhere that has rain or snow because they are made of really nice soft suede that will get ruined if you get them wet.

best over the knee boots for petites

It took me a good long time to find these, in the color and style I wanted. I don’t have the time for ones that lace all the way up the back even though I love the lace-up detailing and the way these are designed makes them so easy to get on and off. There is a zipper that runs up the inside near the ankle till about the knee or a little below that makes them easy to pull on and makes sure your pants stay tucked in nice and tight, something I’ve always struggled with that can sometimes make them look not so flattering. I’ve never had a problem with these at all. These are seriously the best over the knee boots for petites.

Lace-Up T-Shirt

Even though this boots are seriously best over the knee boots for petites, lets talk about the rest of the outfit.  Lace-up everything has been my motto for the last year or so. I have sweaters, T-shirt’s, and jackets with cute lace-up detailing and every time I am out and see more I want to buy it all. But I’ve learned to have some self-control I guess cause it’s been awhile since I have added to my collection. I’ve had this t-shirt for a few years now. It’s my way of throwing it back to what were I guess my edgy days of beat up converse and punk rock music.

I really was just a kid growing up in the early 2000’s and that was the style. So this new twist is right up my alley. I throw a bralette on underneath it cause the v is a little deep and having a fun pop of color or design underneath is just super cute.

Petite T-shirt

Little Black Leather Bag

This bag was a Target find. I’ve been searching for a great little black leather bag like this to take with me when I just need the bare essentials with me. Wallet, phone, keys, and that’s it. This number fits the bill. I feel like Target has upped their game lately. They have always been the black hole where paychecks often go to die but I feel like they have their quality and started carrying some super cute new brands that I just want to buy everything from.

This little black bag has been on repeat constantly since I bought it, I mean I even styled it with my fav thermal for an adorable casual look. I love the gold detail and the crossbody strap that makes it easy to carry over one shoulder or across your body to keep things close when you are out running around. I love it for date nights as well as for more casual looks like pairing it with this flowy thermal top outfit for farmers markets and errands on weekends.

best over the knee boots for petites

This is a great outfit for date night and don’t let anyone tell you can’t wear things like these boots just cause you’re short. The best over the knee boots for petites weren’t easy to find but they were so worth it. Look for great pieces for petite women that might not come from the petite section and you can find some great gems. that will be sure to make you feel like the world is your runway. Oh and don’t forget some fabulous red lipstick to make you really feel you are unstoppable!

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