10 Of The Best Sunglasses for Petite Faces

Hey, guys! With summer here that means so is the sunshine and its time to worry about protecting your eyes from all that beautiful brightness. However, if you are more on the petite side or have a petite face, finding sunglasses that are cute and don’t overwhelm your small face can be a struggle. I’ve been through so many pairs that just don’t fit right simply because it’s so hard to find pairs small enough to fit without shopping in the kid’s section, which I will admit I have done.  But I’m here to save you a lot of time and effort with 10 of the best pairs of sunglasses for petite faces that I’ve found over the years.

sunglasses for petite faces

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I love aviators, you’ll love the classic shape and the way they go with everything you want to wear from gorgeous dresses to your best winter jacket. However, having such a small face makes it extremely difficult to find them in a style that won’t swallow your entire face. Anyone else has this problem where they just don’t look right? Well, don’t fret cause you’ll love these perfect pairs that are oh so flattering!

sunglasses for petite faces

God bless Ray-Ban for finally realizing that us people with small faces want to enjoy aviators as well! The now have aviators in a smaller size! Hallelujah! Still oversized they are the perfect fit so as not to overwhelm the face, and yes I’m fully in love with them! I have a full-blown addiction to these as they are my go-to sunglasses, I wear them just about every day!

However, I don’t want to always worry about wearing my expensive sunglasses out and about especially to the beach! So I also love these super colorful fun aviators from Lord & Taylor, I mean the blue and teal colors! Yes please for summer! For the pair I take everywhere cause I don’t have to worry about damaging them this awesome pair from the site Optic Nerve are go to’s for any adventure and they are under $40!


sunglasses for petite faces

Wayfarers, when bought in the right size, is one of the most flattering shapes especially for those who have smaller faces. They compliment so many face shapes and can be done in some stylish color combos from reflective lenses to straight up classics like these Ray Ban ones.

Even if you love your aviators, having options is never a bad thing. You’ll love stepping outside the box and rocking a classic pair of wayfarer sunnies on your next beach vacation or running around town. Surprisingly one of the best pairs ever is this super stylish pair from JCPenny! They are nice a sturdy, and feel far more luxury than they are! The half-rim tortoiseshell look a great versatile favorite! The half-rim also keeps them from being too overwhelming on a petite face.

Another super cost effective pair is these amazing “Bae-Watch” glasses from the San Diego company Blenders Eyewear. These ones might still be a touch too big but at only 54mm still, nothing overwhelming and they carry these in so many amazing color combinations!

sunglasses for petite faces

You might also love this sleek pair from the brand Suncloud which you can find online or at REI. At still under $55 these are such an amazing pair of glasses and there is definitely one of the best mid-range brands out there. Another great option if you have a small face is this delicate metal rimmed pair! These will be a touch more oversized but due to the thin frame will still look fabulous on those confident rockstar little faces! Even if you don’t like this style check out their line cause you won’t be disappointed!

For The Wild Side

If you are into something a little wilder and fun these crazy glasses, these ones offer a pop of some color! You’ll be addicted to this super fun rounded glasses collection from Blenders Eyewear! At only 50mm these are perfect for those who have a small face and want some statement glasses to rock this summer! They come in all different colors and patterns. My personal favorite is the Kate Forest but they are all so cute!

sunglasses for petite faces

These amazing cat eye sunnies from Kate Spade are to die for if you are looking for something bold and truly eye-catching. You’ll fall in love with them the second you try them on! They are perfect the women who like something a little bold and sassy. If you are a petite girl, or have a small face and still love some good flair these are the pair for you!

You won’t be able to get enough of these out of the box pair from the brand Le Specs! Nothing makes a statement like rocking some confidence in a super bold pair of sunnies while out and about! People will be dying to know where you got this unique pair of talkative sunglasses for sure!

sunglasses for petite faces

Whew! I hope this post saves you some legwork when trying to find that perfect pair of sunglasses for petite faces! I know all too well how much of a struggle it can be! But I’ve spent years finding the best ones and know you’ll be rocking an awesome pair all summer! As always,  thank you so much for checking out my blog! I love you all and hope you guys have a great week!





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  4. Meg

    January 5, 2019 at 8:03 pm

    Maui Jim’s Baby Beach sunglasses are another great option for petite faces.

    1. Charlie

      January 5, 2019 at 8:26 pm

      I will have to try those! Thanks for the recommendation! XOXO Charlie

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