Since moving to San Diego a few weeks ago I’ve spent much of my time playing tourist. I’ve decided to do a tourism series here to share some of my favorite finds with all of you. San Diego is known for all kinds of things. A few of the biggest are its beautiful beaches and booming food culture. I’ve rounded up some of the best restaurants I’ve found so far in this city!

Growing up in Colorado, I have a great appreciation for great food as Denver and my hometown of Boulder have huge growing food cultures, throw in the beach and I’ve found my happy place! It’s been so much fun taking some time and explore my new home, including all the amazing beaches, bites and brews it has to offer. But even more fun than that is being able to share all of them with you, give you a look into some of the best new hangouts I’ve found.

Best Restaurants I’ve Found Yet

First on the list is the Baja Beach Cafe in Mission Beach. Located right on the beach you can’t go wrong sitting on the deck watching the sunset sipping a giant margarita. They have 22 different varieties served either one the rocks or blended. You can also dive into the most delicious basket of nachos I’ve ever had. Though it can be a little crowded on weekend nights if you are lucky enough to find a seat outside on a nice night, you are sure to fall in love. Happy hour prices mean that drinks are cheap and with entrees big enough to share its an expensive way to unwind after a long day. No list of San Diego’s best restaurants is complete without some Mexican food!

Living in San Diego seafood is as much of a staple as Mexican food, so naturally, I was eager to find the best I could. I love seafood and The Fish Shop in Encinitas or Pacific Beach has quickly found a place in my heart for having the best Ahi Poke I’ve tried since coming out here. Poke is raw tuna, usually served with soy sauce, sesame seeds and wonton chips or rice. Though every place dresses it a bit differently. The menu is unique in that you can pick your fish, your marinade, and how you want it served (ie Taco, Salad, Sandwich etc). They make sure there is something for everyone. This place also has a large craft beer! My favorite beer here is the AleHouse Pale Ale. They have a decent wine selection as well making it ideal for a nice lunch break on any day.

We all need a quick grab and go place, which led me to find, through the help of family out here Robertos which makes probably one of the best quick burritos and rolled tacos on the planet. The chicken burrito with rice and beans is large enough I can usually get two meals out of it. When I want to grab something quick there is nothing better. If you are a more adventurous type try the Calfornia Burrito, a steak burrito with French Fies in it! Seriously, it’s like Chipotle or Qudoba only a hundred times better. I know you think what how can that be? But it’s so much better and more authentic not to mention, cheaper.

When we first got to San Diego we were living up in Del Mar, but about a week ago we moved to Ocean Beach and the first place we went out to dinner when we got here was a place called OB Noodle House. While it sounds like a pretty typical Pho place, this funky place is a weird mix between a delicious Asian restaurant and an odd Irish themed bar complete with dark wood and sports playing on TVs. The house fried rice is a favorite with a unique peppery kick. They serve a steak pho with a delicious savory broth.

For desert throw back a Peanut Butter Jameson shot! According to our waiter its liquid magic, and he wasn’t wrong! It seriously tastes like a milkshake. The most recent theory is that this beautiful little concoction is Jameson, Peanut Butter, and Baileys. I could drink like a million of them!

Whew! What a post! If you’ve stuck around this long, cheers to you friend! That’s all I got for now but check out my next post in this series all about my favorite bars and places to grab some locally inspired cocktails and local craft beer! I would love to know what some of the places you consider the best restaurants in San Diego! Comment and let me know!

Until next time!




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