10 Best Clothing Brands To Shop For Petite Women

Hey, guys! I am continuing to update my summer wardrobe as more and more sunshine and warm weather returns to San Diego. I know shocking right but this part of California actually has pretty late summers. Though it never gets very cold, we do have gloomy weather until late June or early July. But anyway I have noticed that there are certain places that are better for shopping for petite clothes than others. Certain places that just seems to be better for those of us who are slightly vertically challenged. I decided to round up my top 10 places to go shopping for petite women, in the hopes that it will help you guys when you need to add some pieces to your wardrobe regardless of the occasion.

ASOS. I stumbled upon this place not too long ago while I was looking for the perfect maxi dress to replace one I had that has worn out. The best part about it, they carry most of their styles in a petite size. They are all cut proportional and with shorter inseams! The gods smiled upon us and gave us this incredible gift, let us not squander it with hours of useless digging through countless websites or alterations. The downside is that you do have to wait for it to come in the mail. But my order was here in about 4 days, it was totally worth it too for amazing quality! Go check out their petite section now for everything from pants, shorts, tops, dress, skirts and anything else you could possibly want all made to fit us perfectly!

best stores to shop for petite clothing

Ann Taylor. I love this place for all of my business and interview appropriate clothing. My biggest obsession from this place is actually their leggings. I know that sounds weird but they are seriously the most comfortable and high-quality leggings I’ve ever owned. Maybe it’s a little crazy but, I have purchased 3 pairs cause they were on sale. I hit this place up and look through their sale section or wait until the end of season/end of years sales for the best deals on my favorite go to’s.

TopShop. Another online-only story I don’t even care that I have to wait a few days for pieces to get to me. I love this store because this is where you will find all the trendy fashion-forward pieces you can’t find anywhere else. For all the ultra trendy girls out there, or the girls like me who just want a little pop of something bold this is a haven for those kinds of edgy amazing styles, that make me feel like a million bucks!

Express. Until about 3 weeks ago it has been years since I set foot inside an Express. But I am actually pleasantly surprised they have an entire department for petite clothing! And yes, it’s as magical as it sounds. A plethora of styles in everything from skirts and tops to dresses and t-shirts, all for a great price! What more could you possibly want? shopping for petite women

Dorthy Perkins. European stores are a hot spot for those of us who are more petite. And this store is no different. Everything cut for women under 5 foot 3 they carry some of the cutest staple items that are great quality and are absolute must-haves in my closet. Just be aware this brand is similar to H&M or Forever21, the clothes will wear out after awhile. I don’t know what I did with myself before finding this place. Especially the jeans which are the perfect fit and so comfortable! The cherry on top is that the price is so wallet friendly!

Miss Selfridge. Another one of the European stores that it’s okay to be obsessed with from the second you set about scrolling through the petite section of the website. I know I was. It is a bit unfortunate having to wait for the clothes to come in the mail. Honestly, it’s so worth it because they fit me perfectly every time and you will never be disappointed in the quality or the compliments you get from everyone when you are looking every bit the fashionista!

LOFT. I used to think that this place was all work no play, which is really not my style though I definitely use this store for that, it has become much more a gold mine. Their petite section is so cute and stylish. Everything from cute blouses, to adorably printed skirts perfect for evenings out or a day running around the city I have added some pieces from here into my wardrobe and its stepped up my look big time!

Old Navy. Ever since I found the world’s most perfect little summer romper in the petite section, Old Navy has been where I’ve shopped for most of my staple items such as t-shirts, shorts, and occasional cute rompers or dresses. I never wore rompers until I found that one. I always had that issue of what I like to call diaper butt. Where the back of it was just so baggy that it wasn’t cute at all, well now I’m obsessed and have bought a few different ones from old navy. 

Gap. I needed a go-to place for jeans and well, I found it. While I realize this might not be shocking as they have been legendary for things like this for some time. I’ll admit I thought they were a little too old lady. I know it’s awful but I don’t want to shop the same places my mom did when I was younger. I’ve found so many cute pairs of cute pants from them over the years. I’m confident in telling you no matter what your style is, this is a great place to go for pants, jeans, leggings all of those kinds of things.

Tobi. I ordered a dress for my boyfriends birthday from this site. Even though it came the day after his birthday, my fault not theirs I promise, I am so in love with this stylish site. That offers cute, summery, very southern California vibed clothes that fit smaller frames super well! Cost effective and they almost always have a sale of some kind going on which makes this place super affordable.

So yes a lot of stores are getting rid of their petite dedicated sections. There are still tons of options out there. Yes, it means doing a lot of shopping online. I think its totally worth it for great pieces that fit perfectly. If you want to see what I’ve been shopping for check out my post on summer must-haves! I love you and I hope you all have an awesome week!



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