Checklist: Must Have Back To School Outfits For Petite Women

I’m not sure where this summer has gone but it has flown by.

Which means returning to campus is just around the corner for those of you still in school. Which means it’s time for back to school outfits.

back to school outfits

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With summer coming to end its time to head back to campus and why not head back in style?

Getting ready for a new school year can be stressful enough without having to think about all the things you need for your back to school outfits. Especially being petite. Trying to find the perfect jeans, sweaters, and dresses to rock around campus can be such a hassle, even more so if you don’t have time to run around getting things altered.

You’ve heard the expression you only make a first impression once. Well, take from a petite girl who went to school at the biggest campus in the country. Standing out is about being confident and having clothes that you feel great it is super important.

Ah, but have no fear because just like target puts out a list every year of things you need to make sure to purchase when heading to campus, you now will have a list that you can take with you to make sure you have everything you need to be ready to go back to school in all your petite style.

This list will include the things you need to be ready to go for any day on campus from classes to lunch with friends and maybe even meeting up with your crush. While there are so many things you need to remember for heading back to school don’t let the basics of your wardrobe be adding any extra stress to your day.

While not an all-inclusive list for your back to school outfits it will make sure you have everything you need in your closet as you head back to campus this year. These are all suggestion of great items that you will get plenty of use of throughout your time on campus.

Back To School Outfits

Back To School Outfits Essentials

Petite Jeans

Ugh talk about one of the hardest things to find in my experience as a petite woman under 5’0. Most jeans classified for short or petite women are still too long, over the years though I have managed to find a few brands you’ll swear buy when it comes to buying your pants. Not only are they great for back to school style, but they are brands that you will continue to love and continue to buy again and again whenever you need new pants.

Favorite Pants:

Petite Tops

College is spending most of your time running to class at the last minute or hanging out with your friends. Being comfortable is super important but you still want to look cute. Having a couple basic t-shirts, some nicer tops for interviews, meetings with professors, or dinner nights are a must. Also once fall rolls around you will be dying to curl up in a comfortable sweater while studying for midterms in the library at 2 am.

Favorite Tops:

Gap Petite T-shirts
Free People Thermal
Levis Crewneck Sweater
BlankNYC Leather Jacket

Back To School Shoes

back to school outfit- shoes

Comfy, meets cute in the best way. Walking across campus in uncomfortable shoes is not going to be a fun time so having an assortment of comfy shoes you can throw on and be out the door in is key to getting those extra few minutes of sleep in the morning. That’s not to say that a few cute pairs of heels don’t have their place, but the shoes on this list are ones you will get the most use out throughout the year and ones I am sure you will be glad to have.

Favorite Shoes:

Adidas Youth Baseline Sneaker
MIA Sandals 
Steve Madden Riding Boots
Calvin Klein Pumps

Back to School Bags

back to school outfit- bags

You can expect to head back to school in style without the perfect bag. Or you know 5. A must-have tote for taking to class with your notebooks, laptop, and things like that are a must. A backpack for when you really need to haul work to the library for group projects or study sessions will help make sure your back isn’t on fire by the time to stumble back into your room in the morning wondering why you decided to be the project leader in the first place.

Favorite Bags:

Calvin Klein Tote
A New Day Black Cross Body
Steve Madden Backpack 


back to school outfit- accessories

Of course, having cute accessories ready for nights out, brunch or even if you want to spice up a basic outfit a little bit to make you feel more put together is a must. From cute bracelets to instagramable hats, and baseball caps for game day, you’ll be able to mix and match for any occasion. If you need more inspiration for fabulous hats there is an entire post about them that will make sure you find the perfect one. You will be amazed how much putting on your favorite necklace or some fun bracelets will make you feel so much more put together.

Favorite Accessories:

Nadri CZ Hoops
Fossil Watch
ASOS Panama Hat
Baublebar Layered Necklace
Target Bandanna Headband
Alex and Ani Bracelets 
Banana Republic CZ Studs

Petite Dresses

back to school outfit- petite dresses

Comfortable dresses are a lifesaver in college. People will think you put more effort into your appearance than you really did, you get to be comfortable and look super cute. You can style them for spring, summer, fall it doesn’t matter the season you can make your favorite dress look perfect for anything and have people wondering how you manage to look so pulled together for that 8 am class you are all dreading.

Favorite Dresses:

Old Navy T-Shirt Dress
ASOS Maxi Dress
Little Black Dress

This list will help you kick off your semester in style, and make it easy to not stress about what you are packing as you get ready to head back to campus. Style these great back to school outfits the way that makes you feel the best whether that’s dressing down, or dressing up and be ready to kick ass this year. What are some of your go-to back to school outfits and must haves?

I hope you are having a great week!



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