All The Petite Spring Fashion For Women You Need In 2018

It still blows my mind that February is almost over! March and springtime are just around the corner which means its time to start looking forward to petite spring fashion! I hate the cold, which is why I went to college and now live someplace where our winter wardrobe consists of throwing a cardigan on over my t-shirt. So for my spring and or fall fashion is the extent of cold weather outfits but the stores are finally starting to roll out there spring fashion and good lord almighty am I excited for all the beautiful colors and fun new styles I’ve seen so far.

With spring fast approaching I have started looking through my wardrobe to decide what I still need to add to my collection for the season. I might be a neutral type of girl but every year I pick one or two colors for every season to help add a pop of fun to my base of blacks, grays, whites and other neutral colors. This year I’ve become attached to mint greens/ blues and lots of white florals that are right and fun. I know, look at me finally embracing my more feminine side! I still will never be a pink person but I am defiantly all about some lace and floral patterns this spring!

Petite spring fashion

Peplum tops are probably one of my favorite trends over the last few years. But a standout for me has been the fact that this flattering style has made the transition to a casual easy to wear t-shirt material that is soft and comfortable. My number one requirement for most fashion other than those that I wear on very special occasions is that I can remain comfortable and still look like I’ve put some effort into my outfits. A peplum t-shirt does just that by stepping up the dull t-shirt and giving some shape to the top as well. I love how soft and movable this top is, and the color is definitely a must-have for spring. I am seeing it everywhere and I absolutely adore it!

Petite spring fashion

What would spring be without some wedges? Whether you need something for a spring birthday party, dinner or even just brunch with the ladies, a good pair of neutral wedges will never go out of style. Not really a new trend I am still so obsessed with them and love how every year new twists on this old classic add something new to be desired. Mine is still a much beloved stable every spring from pairing them with jeans, to maxi dresses and sundress. If you are planning any warm weather vacations this spring or going into summer make sure a good pair of wedges has made it into your closet. They will add some height but are sturdy and comfortable enough to allow you to take the compliments of how beautiful you’ll look and forget the pain of wearing traditional heels.

petite spring fashion

A sundress. I mean do I really need to say more? Sundress in all their glory, whether you like florals, lace or solid colors are never out of place in a spring wardrobe heading into summer. Layering them up with a denim jacket or a cardigan for those cooler spring days and then shedding the extra layers when summer rolls around to make them not only versatile but beautiful and fun. This is really where I let my bright colors have their moment. While I love a basic white sundress as much as the next girl, with a new season comes my burning desire for something bright. It’s really a moment for me to trick myself into thinking I can be that girl when in reality, I am still going to be a basic color and pattern type of person. I will say this though, the bold pattern on this dress has me feeling some type of way!

petite spring fashion

Even though a great pair of wedges is never misplaced, I can’t be wearing heels all the time. As much as I wish I could slay some spring pumps all the time, a great pair of everyday sandals will go a hell of a lot further in my closet on a day to day basis. The braided detail, the little pops of gold hardware, and the beautiful color make them a great option to pair with anything from distressed denim to skirts, dresses, and shorts. Spring and summer wouldn’t be the same with cracking out those new sandals, getting a fresh pedicure and finally feeling the sun our your feet. Dress them up, or dress them down and make them perfectly unique for you. There are so many choices when it comes to colors and styles, that its hard to chose the perfect pair, or maybe don’t chose. and just buy them all because there is no such thing as too many fabulous pairs of spring and summer sandals.

petite spring fashion

So everyone says that petite women can’t wear maxi dresses. But if I’ve taught you anything through sharing fashion on the blog, its that you can wear whatever you want no matter how petite you may be. Maxi dresses are a spring staple for me and I’m not going to say its because it means I don’t have to keep my legs clean shaven but that might be part of the reason. Too much information? Sorry but that’s just the truth. I also love them because they make me feel like a princess. For the longest time, I never got to wear the long dress, not even for my senior prom, now that I finally have found that I can wear a dress to the floor, I have added quite a few to my collection. I continue to look for new ones every year, and the obsession is very real. The petite section has rare gems of petite dresses that fit like a glove. They aren’t too long, and they are the perfect piece to transition into spring and summer.

petite spring fashion

I was never a bodysuit kinda girl but lately, they have been creeping their way into my wardrobe. A basic black bodysuit like this is seriously the best spring staple because it can be worn with everything from skirts to jeans and shorts. Cute and casual or dressed up for a night out or date night, I can’t stop wearing this on repeat. I love the way that it’s versatile, easy to layer and easy to wear. It was so hard to get on board with this trend and I had to try on about 3,000 of them to find one that I felt was flattering and perfect, and of course, it turns out to be the most basic one.

I am so ready for spring. Longer days, warmer weather and more sunshine are all things I am craving. I know, that might sound strange cause I live in sunny San Diego. But the days still get short and the weather still gets cool. Petite spring fashion is just around the corner and I am already cleaning out my closet and making room for all the beautiful new items I will be adding to my wardrobe. What petite spring fashion are you most looking forward to?

I hope you are all starting your week off on the right foot! As always I can’t wait to see your fashion so please follow and tag me on social media @livinglifepetite and share your beautiful looks with me so we can inspire each other!






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