A girl can never have too many shoes. It’s a scientific fact, as there always be a style or color we don’t have and absolutely need to add to our collection. And yes if we have them in black a lot of the time we need them in brown or that bold color option we buy to be adventurous.

They can make or break an outfit in more ways than one and sometimes I just can’t help myself when it comes to cute shoes. When I was younger we always used to get one cute new pair at the start of every school year and since then I’ve loved adding new ones to my collection. From cheap fashion pieces that will go out of style in a year or two to the investment pairs that will last for years and years. Adorable petite shoes will always have a place in my heart.

As a younger kid, I spent most of my time in old beat up old converse because I was always out running around beating up my sneakers, playing and just being a kid. Now as an adult I have found a new appreciation for taking care of all the pretty shoes in my collection, no longer am the sneakers only girl. In fact, you are more likely to find me in a pair of cute heeled booties or pretty sandals. Okay, I still do have a love for a cute pair of sneakers don’t get me wrong, but I’ve learned that I can have the best of both worlds in my petite shoes.

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If you’ve been around the blog, you’ve seen these booties a million times, you know the obsession is real. Seriously, I don’t think I have ever worn a single pair of shoes with more different looks through every season until I added these to my collection. I mean they are steve madden so it was love at first sight but I had no idea how much I would love wearing them. To be honest I think part of why I love wearing them so much is the sound they make on hard flooring. I know its weird but they make a sound that makes you want power strut across the room with all the confidence in the world. The perfect neutral color for any outfit, you won’t be sorry you added these to your collection.

Best petite shoes

Sometimes, I try to convince myself to pull my life together with a cute look for work but most times I end up in dark washed jeans, flats, and blouse because I am too tired to put more effort into my outfit at 6 am. Having a great pair of flats that I can wear with any outfit is super important and these ones, while extremely basic are the perfect easy to wear piece to add be able to throw on no matter what else I plan on wearing to work. Maybe not the most exciting shoes in my collection but definitely ones I am glad I purchased when I got my new job because I am not always going to be wanting to wear booties or block heels to the office.

While I might not always feel like wearing block heels to the office, for a great date night looks in the summer, or for a Sunday morning brunch. The rich burgundy color is gorgeous, and just bold enough to draw attention without overpowering your look. Block heels are great petite shoes because not only do they look gorgeous with just about everything, but they are incredibly comfortable and they give you a power strut to rival even the best runway walk. I love the lace-up details that give them a certain edge to them that would look great with a band t-shirt as it does with a white dress and a denim jacket.

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Even though I’m not the same girl who ruined countless pairs of converse as a child everyone still needs a great pair of sneakers in their closet. Cliche, as it might be Adidas Superstars, are by far some of the most comfortable sneakers I’ve ever owned. You can design them yourself or stick with classic white and black colors. Pair them with a t-shirt dress or boyfriend jeans, and you’ll be ready no matter what your day has in store for you. Run around the city or be ready for long romantic strolls through the aisles of Target or the grocery store.

Best petite shoes

Slip-on shoes are my bread and butter. Thanks to a casual dress code at work, and a constantly on the move life, being able to slip into these adorable Keds, rocking a skirt or even a pair of leggings when I really just need to get out the door, they are the perfect addition to any weekend wardrobe. Step in and by on your way without worrying about laces, zippers or anything else that could possibly hinder your ability to be out the door and ready to go. Narrow and perfect for petite feet, these Keds are the perfect neutral color to wear everything even my most colorful dresses.

Sandals are a must in any wardrobe, and I have worn through more than my fair share of great ones over the years. By far my favorites are these thong sandals that have not only held up through summers of running around in Arizona but here in the beach weather of San Diego as well as the sand that can ruin shoes so easily. The gold detailing is super cute and just the right amount of some shine. The tan color of these is a flawless addition to any outfit, and despite the appearance, these sandals are surprisingly comfortable. So wear them to go get your toenails done, and then wear them to show off those cute little feet in the summer sun.

I wasn’t going to talk about flip-flops but well, I am a true southern California girl now I guess because my rainbows are an obsession that is literally guaranteed by them to last a lifetime. I was so resistant to the idea at first but it has slowly been growing on me that these flip flops could be worth the price. Considering you get a lifetime warranty and they are high quality, comfortable and built to get wet in the ocean I am super glad I have these in my collection!

No matter if you live where it’s warm, where it’s cold, or where it’s a little bit of everything finding great petite shoes can be a struggle. Hopefully this has given you some ideas of where to look and find exactly the petite shoes you need to make your next outfit pop!

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I hope you guys had a great hump day and I’ll be back with a new post on Friday!



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