A Perfect Cold Shoulder Top For Spring Time

Spring time makes me so happy I want to sing. And not just because  the weather is getting warmer and days are getting longer. But because spring fashion is some of my favorite in the whole world. You finally get to show some skin, wear fewer layers and play with feminine patterns.

I mean it also has its draw backs, like having to shave your legs again. Oh come on, I can’t be the only one who shaves their legs much less frequently in winter when I am wearing jeans everyday and sweat pants at night. Well, even if I am, its a reality, because lets me honest keeping your legs nice and smooth is a lot of work,.

But anyway, moving on to sunnier subjects. Lol, okay that joke was kind of lame but this beautiful cold shoulder top for spring I am styling isn’t.

Cold Shoulder Tops Are So In

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cold shoulder top

cold shoulder top

I didn’t know if I was ever going to be comfortable wearing a cold shoulder top like this. The issue is that I have never been comfortable wearing strapless bras. I constantly feel like I am pulling them up all the time and never feel like things stay in their assigned places if you know what I mean. I am still trying to figure that part out but I think I am slowly getting there. Maybe I’ll do a blog post on finding strapless undergarments for more full chested petite women.

But lets get back to the point of this post. A gorgeous chiffon cold shoulder top that is perfect for spring. The gorgeous dark blue color stole my heart, but if you want something more springy it’s available in 8 different colors. I am not usually a big Nordstrom shopper as I very rarely find things there that grab my attention however, I had my eye on this beauty for months before it finely went on sale and I snagged one for myself.  1State is one of my favorite brands and this top is no different. Flowy, comfortable and oh so stylish how could you not love this  cold shoulder top?

cold shoulder top outfit

cold shoulder top full outfit

Pairing a cold shoulder top with classic dark washed jeans is a great way to make this outfit perfect for everyday or even to the office if your work allows a more causal dress code. These jeans, as you may know if you’ve been around are some of my favorite for petite women. Yes, they come from the juniors section, and no, I’m not embarrassed about it because honestly not only are they one of the best fitting pair of jeans I’ve ever owned but they are also one of the cutest.

These jeans are from Jessica Simpson’s brand and not only are the extremely comfortable, soft and stretchy, the short inseam length while still maybe a tad bit long is about as close to a perfect fit as someone who is 4’10 can hope to get. The wash is perfection, and they are perfect for everything from booties, to sandals, dressed up or casual worn to baseball game.

cold shoulder top

And then the booties. You’ve heard my lavish them wish praises over and over again here and on my Instagram but if you happen to be new here, these are hands down the best booties I’ve owned to date. Stylish, comfortable enough to walk forever in, and well just all around the fashion love’s of my life. Dramatic, maybe but Steve Madden and I have an understanding, if I am going to spend money on his fabulous shoes, he will continue to make pairs that make us swoon, and last forever.

Honestly, I’ve had these shoes for years and they have held up fabulously through long walks, puddles, sunshine, rain, new apartments and being tossed into suitcases. And yet here they stand, stead fast like the tutu from sex and the city that should be written about and marks something bigger than its self. I actually styled them with a cute peplum top too which you can check out here!

And while these ones aren’t available anywhere, there are some other great options out there that are just as lovable.

Steve Madden Leo Bootie 

Steve Madden Webster Bootie

Steve Madden Cade Bootie

cold shoulder top

cold shoulder top

Again dramatic but honestly I think each piece of clothing I own has some kind of story. I could tell you about how my favorite pair of jeans came into my life right at a time when I needed something to give me a boost about the reflection staring back at me. or about how this cold shoulder top I am telling you about in this post is one of the pieces in my closet that helps me feel my age when I don’t always see an adult ready to take on the world.

So if you need something that makes you feel like you are standing on top of the world, a little flirtatious, a little cute, a little fun, this cold shoulder top is everything you need and more. No matter what color you decide to get, you won’t regret adding this piece to your collection.

I hope you all are having a great start to the week!



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