I can’t believe that there are only 30ish days left in 2017. This year has flown by in a whirl of different emotions and exciting new adventures. From moving to a new city, the struggle of finding a job, and adjusting to post-grad life, its been a jam-packed 330 days, and the last 30 aren’t looking any different. I am going, to be honest guys, I’ve had the hardest time getting into the holiday spirit while living here in San Diego. It has been so warm here that I have actually not realized how late in the year it is. Thanksgiving snuck up on me this year hardcore and I know that Christmas will too. However, I really want to get into the festive season with this warm weather.

The holidays are my time of year and I have so many good memories of the season spent with family. For me it always meant snow, cold weather, wearing a billion layers and being outside in air so cold it burned a little when you breathe. But this year, even though I will be spending the actual week of Christmas in Chicago these weeks leading up to it are going to be spent in balmy 65-70 degrees here in San Diego.

So in order to get into the holiday spirit, I have been forcing it upon not only my wardrobe but my house, makeup, and food as well. My hope is that by surrounding myself with enough season, smells, colors, and fashion that I will actually start to believe its only three and a half weeks till Christmas.

getting in the the holiday spirit

Candles have been a holy grail item for me in terms of helping me get into the cozy mindset of the holidays. Even if its 70 degrees outside I love walking into my house and having it smell like apple spice or pine which are two of my favorite winter scents. I bought this Frosted Cranberry one last time I was at Bath and Body works along with Sweater Weather, which smells like a pine forest dream come true!  I think I’ve burned through more in the past few weeks than I usually do in an entire season.

getting into the holiday spirit

Christmas lights create such a cozy atmosphere. I have them hung up in my apartment to really help give that holiday feel to my place. Hanging up around my bed I leave them on most nights while I am curled up working or watching tv to really give the feel of the holidays even though its bright, sunny and warm outside. I started doing this in college in my dorm to help things feel more homy and now I’ve had a set in every apartment I’ve lived in for the past 4 years. I usally don’t take them down but just decorate them for the holidays.

getting into the holiday spirit

Drinking all of my fall or winter teas is a brilliant way of tricking my mind into remembering that 2017 is almost over. Can you believe that? I bought a few teas from Teavana and they are my favorites. The Mulled Pomegranate Cider because you know I am about anything pomegranate and the spice is perfect for fall. Spiced Apple Cider tastes just like apple cider without all the extra sugar which I love as I don’t like super sweet things. They smell so good, and I know it might sound strange but they taste like the holiday season.

food getting into the holiday spirit

Cooking all my favorite winter foods means breaking out the crockpot on the weekends! I pulled it out to make a dish my grandma used to make that was always a staple when visiting the freezing city of Chicago in winter. Pot Roast with gravy served over gnocchi. Straight up comfort food and one of the things that has helped  me getting into the holiday spirit the most this year. I have tried cooking a lot more of the food my family makes for myself this year.

getting into the holiday spirit

Its finally getting cool enough here that wearing sweater won’t kill me, well most days. I’ve been taking every advantage to get into the mindset of the holidays by wearing my cozy sweaters and coming up with some great fall fashion. As much as I love summer, I can’t get enough fall fashion, its where my creativity really excels and to be honest my fall wardrobe is better than any other season for me.

getting into the holiday spirit

Of course, my makeup changes for fall as well. I am wearing more matte full coverage foundations like the L’Oreal Total Coverage and rocking super warm toned lippies and eyeshadow as well. Much like my fall/winter wardrobe is my best, so too is my fall/winter makeup, especially the more I play with it. The Morphe 35O pallete is my favorite thing ever anytime of year but in the winter I love creating simple warm toned eye looks to rock with some classic red lipstick.

Does anyone else have a difficult time getting into the holiday spirit? I can’t wait till I have a house of my own to decorate for Christmas with a tree and the whole nine yards. How are you guys getting into a festive mood and are ready for the end of the year!




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