5 Ways To Change Up Your Summer Wardrobe

Do you ever get tired of pulling out the same looks every year when summer rolls around?

I had a weird moment where I realized that some of the clothes in my summer closet were over 5 years old. I had them since I was a freshman in college!

Yikes! Okay not really as they are great basics to have around but its time for a change. Finding some new ways to style old classics or finding new ways to make them pop is key to making sure you don’t feel stuck in a rut. Something I am not the best at is not wearing the same great outfit on repeat all the time. I find a look that I love and I will wear it all the time. Anyone else guilty of the same thing?

But that’s okay because sometimes all it takes is adding a little something here or there to really make an old outfit look brand new. So whether you are tired of wearing the same old dress the same way and are looking to spice it up or have bought some new items this summer and are looking for some ways to spice things up, here are 5 ways you can change up your summer wardrobe.

Embrace The Magic Of A Belt

change up your summer wardrobe

Dress feeling a little drab after you’ve worn it for the thousandth time? One of the best ways you can change up your summer wardrobe is by adding a belt to some of your dresses. Add shape, define a waist, or add a fun pop of color with a belt that can completely change the look of a dress. You’ll be amazed how something some simple can completely change the way a dress looks and feels.

Or a skirt or even high rise shorts that you’ve been dying to find a new way to style. A belt can completely change the way these outfits will look and feel.

My favorite belts for people who are more petite are actually made by Madewell. Great quality and super cute whether you are pairing them with a dress or your favorite jeans. The best part is that they go all the way down to an xxsmall which is perfect for more petite ladies.

Do Something New With A Scarf

change up your summer wardrobe

If you though scarves were only for fall and winter you would be wrong. They are also the perfect way to add some flair to your wardrobe this summer. Use it to add a pop of color or to spice up a bag that might be feeling a little bit overworn or drab. Or even as a cute hair accessory when you need to hide hair that is maybe a day or two out from its last wash or just needs to be kept off your neck because its to hot.

No matter what kind of vibe you are going for a scarf is a great way to spruce up and outfit that might need a little change so you can continue to wear your favorite newly spicy outfits on repeat all summer long.

I love buying cheaper scarves from Amazon because I can buy a lot of them and change them out no matter what outfit I am wearing or what vibe I am going for.

It’s All About The Jewelry

change up your summer wardrobe

Jewelry trends are always changing, and its one of the easiest ways to change up an outfit that you’ve worn maybe one too many times. This year seems to be all about delicate layering, whether that’s stacking bracelets, rings or even necklaces it’s an easy way to add some feminine fun flair to your outfit. even the most basic outfit can be made something completely new by adding some great necklaces and a bracelet or two.

Whether you favor silver or gold there is no easier way to show off your favorite pieces than adding them to a great outfit and showing off your favorite pieces. And no worries cause there really is no wrong way to stack, mix and match your new accessories.

I have loved stacking my bracelets lately and the place that I get some of my favorites like this Cartier love bracelet dupe and this buckle bracelet is called Peach Box.

Hats Aren’t New But They Are Great

change up your summer wardrobe

Not only are they great for protecting your from severe sun damage, but they look fashionable and completely transform the way an outfit looks. Have a dress that needs something more than just your favorite sandals to really pop for your next brunch date with your girlfriends? Consider adding an adorable hat that will not only have all your friends wondering why you look so fashionable and why they have never seen that outfit before.

If you need some suggestions for some great hats for petite heads check out my blog post about the 5 best hats for petite or small heads that will have you looking oh so stylish and ready for anything the day has in store.

Sunglasses Are More Than Just Practical

change up your summer wardrobe

People use sunglasses all the time but while for many they are just eye protection they can also be something to add some flair for summertime outfits. Whether you are a classic Ray Bans kinda girl or like something with a little more flair, adding some fun sunglasses that really add a little some new and fun to your outfit will make you feel sassy and fun, while making it easy to deal with all the summer sunshine.

Sunglasses can be hard to find for more petite women but I’ve compiled a list of some of the best sunglasses for small faces, so you can find the best pair that won’t overwhelm your face or make you feel like you have bug eyes. So check out the list and find the pair that is perfect for you and your style or maybe more than one so you have more options to spice up your outfit.

So whether you love your classic summer outfits and want a way to spice things up while still remaining true to your style or whether you are trying to figure out what you want your look to be for this year, try adding some or all of these tips to your summer looks and seeing what kind of fun fashionable outfits you can come up with.

I hope you guys are having a great week and staying cool with some of the intense heat going all during the summer.



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  1. Jessica

    July 11, 2018 at 12:20 am

    Great tips dear. I love scarves, they can definitely add character to your outfit. And yes, sport some jewelry to add some flair.

    Jessica |

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