5 Spring Fashion Trends You Need To Try This Season

Daylight savings has come, and with days getting longer, there is more sunshine in the future and time for spring fashion trends. Living in San Diego, I’ve been dipping my toe into the water of spring fashion trends for a while, no joke intended, as we’ve had some gorgeous days over the past couple weeks. But springtime has always been one of my favorite seasons, as has its fashion. As a kid, it meant that soccer season was back, I was finally allowed out  of the house in shorts again, and that I no longer had to trudge to the bus stop in the snow, cold, and dark. Now as an adult it means getting up for work in the dark, afternoons at the farmers market and plenty of daylight to run errands.

And while my style has gone from soccer shorts, shin guards, and jerseys, to dresses, tank tops and cute sandals, my love for this time of year is still strong. Every year a few more new spring fashion trends come around that I can’t wait to try and some of them end up being staples that I love for years to come. With warmer days fast approaching the heavy sweaters are slowly being packed away and its time to breathe some new trends into your petite outfits for spring.

Fashion Trends You Need To Try This Spring

spring fashion trends

I am so ready to break out my spring favorites and try some new more adventurous styles that are outside of my comfort zone. I am insanely addicted to Pinterest like I could sit there and look at my outfit goals for hours on end without fail, which has me craving some more adventurous style as I so often am reaching for the same old things time and time again. It’s hard to step outside of your comfort zone but I am determined to try and bring something new and different to my spring style.

White Crop/Ankle Pants

spring fashion trends

I know, not quite the revolutionary trend of the year but I love a good pair of white pants and have been on the hunt for some fabulous crop or ankle length ones for years. I know I could just hem some but I am always looking for ready to wear options. White pants are so easy to style for spring, easily brightening up your color palate for the sunny weather. The slightly shorter length makes them far more appropriate for the warmer season and yet they will still keep you warm enough on these breezy days or evenings.

I have found some great petite options, which means I am ready to kick off my spring in a stylish petite outfit. These petite mid rise white skinny jeans are not only the perfect length but they are super comfortable. Wearing white for me is always risky business because I have a bad habit of accidentally dripping coffee and or other things onto myself. So yes, sometimes I am still basically a five year old but I always have so much going on and when I am not paying attention I’ve been known to tip a Starbucks cup or two onto my white clothing now and again.

Stylish Overalls

Guys, I am actually so excited for this spring fashion trend to make a comeback. These were big when I was younger but at some point we just kind of left the phase of overalls behind but they are coming back around and I am all for it. So perfect for days running around at the farmers market or brunch with your girlfriends these are going to be on my go-to list for the weekends for sure because they are so comfortable and look so cute with a classic white or grey t-shirt underneath and some sneakers.

spring fashion trends

I have found a couple pairs to be obsessed with both of which give great shape, are super comfortable and will be sure to make there way into your heart and your favorite trend of spring 2018. If you’ve got some budget to spend, these Madewell Overalls are so stylish and cute. The side zip helps them give you a great shape and they come in a few different washes for any taste. However, if you are looking for a cheaper option, the H & M ones are a great dupe. Featuring the same adorable side zip for shape and a great casual distressed color you will want to wear these again and again!

If you want to see some my favorite way to style these adorable overalls you can check out my blog post here!

Striped Dot Everything

spring fashion trends

There are a lot of pattern trends that’s go around every season. With spring fashion trends it’s usually florals or pastel anything. However, I am so ready for some stripes to take over my wardrobe, like this striped dress. They are so much fun, and a cute way to add something new and playful to your wardrobe. Whether you go for the classic black and white or something with some color for your petite outfits this spring adding in some fun patterns will help liven things up a bit.

From dresses to blouses and pants, stripes are a great pattern no matter how you wear them. Again, another trend that used to be extremely popular when I was younger but is now coming back around I love being able to dress this pattern up in more adult ways then I did when I was 5 years old covering everything markers.

Blazers Aren’t Just For The Office

spring fashion trends

Have you ever wished you could wear your favorite blazer more than just a day or two a week in your office outfit rotation? Well, this spring is a great time to find out how to dress them down with some jeans and a cute t-shirt for any casual plans where you want to look a little pulled together but still ready for anything that comes your way. Find one that is made of a comfortable lightweight material as a great way to add a little something extra to your petite outfits this spring.

I love this blazer from New York and Co because the cute strips are perfect for adding a little something extra to a plain outfit, plus it’s lightweight and is a great fit for a petite lady. It won’t be too long or to short and hugs nicely giving a really nice shape. Pair it with dark jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers for a great errand outfit or switch out the shoes for some heels to be ready for wine night at your favorite restaurant with the girls.

Boyfriend Jeans

spring fashion trends

I have been seeing more and more stylish girls rocking boyfriend jeans and I am excited to wear more of them this spring. Wearing them cuffed with some sneakers or flip flops for an effortlessly laid-back look is the perfect Saturday afternoon farmers market attire. I love that they are so comfortable and slightly more loose fitting than traditional jeans making them my pant of choice for brunch, lunch and really anytime I know I am going to be doing a lot of eating.

My favorite go-to boyfriend jeans are from Charlotte Russe. I was skeptical too at first but they have held up surprisingly well, are super comfortable and have been worth the chance I took on them. Reasonably priced I always wear mine cuffed so I never have to worry about them being too long but everywhere else these fit like a dream.

I am so excited to rock some great petite outfits this spring. All the new trends are just getting me more excited! What trend are you the most excited for this spring?

I hope all had a great Friday and are ready for a good weekend!



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