5 Petite Women’s Purses You Need In Your Collection

I love purses. Recently I have started recognizing them for the staple fashion accessory that they are. For a long time, I was the girl that carried the same bag till it fell apart because I didn’t really see the point in having to switch my stuff between different bags all the time. But somewhere along the way, I found this deep love for pretty bags, pairing them with different outfits, using them to add a little something extra to even a casual outfit. However, I have learned that some bags look ridiculous, they are too big, or the straps don’t fit right or sometimes they are just off.

Have you ever made the mistake of trying to make a bag work that just doesn’t? You walk out of the house and catch a glimpse of yourself in the reflection of a window or something and you realize that maybe your favorite tote or something just isn’t really working. So, I’ve made it my mission to find great purses that are perfect for those who are a little more on the petite side. The word overwhelming gets used a lot when it comes to petite fashion but that is because its easy for us to look like we are swimming.

Now, I am not saying you can’t rock oversized bags, or sweaters or anything like that but its all about scale. Oversized takes on a whole different size when it comes to those of us who are petite and even more so for those who are like me and really petite at under five feet tall. However, it’s still possible to pull these looks off flawlessly and with style. Regardless of how you rock your bags or what the event, finding the perfect bag can up and outfit and make it something more than just a cute outfit for brunch.

1. Clutch or Handbag

Petite women’s purses

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I never was a handbag kind of person. I wanted my bags to have straps and preferred cross body’s because they were easier for me throw on with any outfit. I got this yellow handbag with a Steve Madden tote I bought and to be honest I have found myself reaching for it more often than I thought. The yellow color will be perfect for summer days or even moving into fall, it’s a great statement piece to add to any outfit. Its big enough to hold everything you need and is made of comfortable soft faux leather, that will look beautiful for any occasion. I am inclined toward wearing neutral colors so finding ways to add fun to an outfit, a bag, or even some fun shoes can make a look. I’ve rocked this yellow handbag with a casual flannel look and with a gorgeous white dress to add some fall color to go from summer to fall.

2. Crossbody

Petite women’s purses

I am still a fan of a traditional crossbody as they are great for casual outfits. I’ve had the same one since I was probably a senior in high school and it’s still one of my favorite pieces to add to any outfit. A great neutral color that can be paired with anything even those moments when I feel like being a little more creative with the colors in my outfits I can grab this bag and know it will still look great. The strap is adjustable thank goodness so it can easily be made to look great no matter how petite you are, fitting perfectly whether you are more of one shoulder or crossbody type of girl. Oh, and who doesn’t love a bunch of interior pockets to keep everything organized and easy to find. I paired this classic bag with a classic white sweater and some boyfriend jeans that was perfect a weekend brunch with girlfriends.

3. Workbag

Petite women’s pursesTaking my laptop everywhere means I need the perfect bag that can carry my laptop and everything else that I need for busy days. Calvin Klein makes some beautiful bags, and this one not only makes taking my laptop with me but is such a stylish piece with the chain detailing on the straps and the simple CK design is beautifully understated and a nice step up from just a plain black exterior. The structure of this bag makes it perfect for taking to wear with business looks and makes sure that this bag will never accidentally get pressed out of shape. Definitely a great piece to have in any collection, the straps are also a great length for a petite woman, hitting so that the bag rests nicely under your arm.

4. Satchel

Petite women’s purses

Every girl needs a great little satchel to take with her on weekend outing, to the office, dinner and just, in general, to be able to carry everything in a stylish way. I love the soft tan color of this, as it makes it easy to pair with anything even my most brightly colored summer dresses. Great for carrying a notepad, wallet, makeup, pens and anything else I might deem important enough to throw into my bag and lug around with me on various adventures throughout the day. Perfect size, this is a great bag for the girl who prefers to hang her bag off her arm or hold it in her hands as it will hit just right with straps that are the perfect length. Rocking this with an adorable weekend look really added a little something extra to the look that made it all pull together.

5. Tote

Petite women’s purses Now, even for us petite ladies a beautiful oversized tote never goes out of style. Whether used for shopping, weekend trips or carrying things for your kids, totes are extremely versatile. However, finding the right balance between structure and flattering is always a challenge for those of us on the more petite side. Steve Madden makes beautiful bags that I have found to be great for those of us on the more petite side whether you are looking for a more structured or more relaxed style. I styled this one as part of a business look that was fabulous and extremely versatile.

I also adore Vera Bradley. Though I’ve had to replace and shorten the straps on mine, the size of the bag its self is great. I love the bright color and fun patterns that make them so beautiful for the summer or a surprising pop of color in cooler months. The fabric material makes it easy to wash, and easy to care for. No matter what your color scheme preferences are Vera Bradley has a bag that is perfect for your style.

When you are looking for the perfect bag it’s important to remember that size is proportional to the carrier of the bag. Oversized totes are doable as long as you make sure to chose ones that are oversized for someone with a more petite frame vs someone who is of average height. It might not seem like that big of a deal but I have found that a giant tote can take away from the overlook of an outfit.

Of course, fashion is an expression of who you are so, by all means, express yourself. I am merely making suggestions based on my own personal experiences and the knowledge of those who have commented on how certain things look. Petite women’s purses are a fabulous way to show off your fun, unique style even if you are required to wear a uniform or more strict business attire.

These are some of my favorite petite women’s purses that I reach for constantly, expressing myself even when I am at work. The love affair with purses has grown strong with me recently and I am always looking to add new beautiful ones to my collection. Whether your style is versatile, chic, trendy, simple or something else entirely a great collection of handbags will never go out of style.

Since we don’t get the luxury of large pockets or sometimes any pockets, purses get to be a fun new way to express ourselves and make a statement. What are your favorite petite women’s purses to rock? Do you have a go to brand or style that is super flattering?

I hope you all are having a great start to the week and don’t forget to tag me in your fashion posts on Instagram @livinglifepetite so I can see all of your beautiful outfits and be inspired by all of you!





  1. Tiffany

    January 23, 2018 at 7:18 am

    Great lists! My go-to bag is alwayas been totes! <3 By any chance you are looking for collaborations, you can check out of – it's an influencer marketing platform where bloggers and business owners meet. Cheers!

  2. Tiffany

    January 23, 2018 at 7:18 am

    Great list! My go-to bag is always been totes! By any chance you are looking for collaborations, you can check out of – it’s an influencer marketing platform where bloggers and business owners meet. Cheers!

    1. Charlie

      January 23, 2018 at 7:42 pm

      I love a good tote! Thank you so much for the tip! I’ll look into it! Thanks for letting me know! XOXO Charlie

  3. Eriche

    March 23, 2018 at 6:01 pm

    Loved this post and totally agree. Especially love the oversized tote!

    1. Charlie

      March 23, 2018 at 6:03 pm

      Thank you so much!! Right def a fav!

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