5 Petite Dresses You Need This Spring And How To Find The Perfect Fit

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As spring and summer arrive I have been all about adding great dresses to my closet. and while they are waiting for this weird San Diego Weather to pass so I can start wearing them more often I figured I would share them with all of you because, well that is what I love doing.

These dresses are some of the best fitting and most comfortable in my closet and ones I continue to return to time and time again when I need something quick and comfortable to throw on without much thought. Cause lets be honest, is the best part about a dress that you don’t have to try and match an entire outfit. Its just one piece and go.

I can’t be the only petite women out there who struggles finding dresses. I mean to long, to big, awkward proportions, sleeves hitting wrong, oh you name it I am sure we have all encountered the struggle of trying to find the perfect dress for any or every occasion.

Whelp, since I know I can’t be the only with dealing with these crazy issues so hopefully the dresses you find here and the information on how to find the perfect petite dresses for the season will make it so you no longer have to face the sinking feeling of knowing nothing you love will fit when you walk into the fitting room.

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Favorite Petite Dresses

These can be tricky to find for petite women but this gorgeous one is a must have petite spring dress for this season. Don’t leave it out of your closet. Styling it with a gorgeous denim jacket makes this easy to wear to the office and our for gorgeous spring events.


petite spring fashion

Maxi dresses can be almost impossible to find for petite women. Believe me I know the struggle and it is very real to rock this particular trend. But don’t worry I have managed to find some that are truly a dream and that’s not something I am going to keep to myself. They are affordable and a dream come true so if you don’t sleep on these if you are thinking of adding one of these petite dresses to your closet this spring.

back to school outfit- petite dresses

You’ve heard of the little black dress, well spring has the little white dress. And yes I know its shocking because I am notorious for not being able to wear white seeing as I have a bad habit of spilling things on myself but this one is so cute I couldn’t pass it up and now I am passing it on to you. Snatch this one up as its not only a great piece to wear solo for the spring and summer but throwing on a jacket or sweater over it as the weather remains or turns cool and you have a great petite dress for anything. You can see everything I used to style it in this blog post here!

Adding a little sleeve and the flattering boat neck on this dress make it the perfect piece to take to the office or out for an evening out when the weather might be cooler. Style like I have with some adorable boots or throw on some heels and be ready for a more formal occasion. No need to layer, this petite dress is ready to go for spring. Check out my blog post all about how I styled this adorable dress here!

I’ve never met a know detail that I didn’t like. This petite dress is no exception to that rule. I actually grabbed this in pinch when I had no time to find another option and it turns out it is hands down one of my favorites. You can see how I style it here and go grab an adorable knot detail for yourself because it gives you the most beautiful shape and are extremely comfortable.

An over size t-shirt I can wear in public that also has a lace up detail? I am so on board which is why when I found this lace up t-shirt dress I grabbed it and haven’t stopped wearing it since. I actually wore this as one of my looks during all my college graduation festivities years ago. Not to my actual graduation of course since it was more of a dress up occasion but that’s what I love of about this petite dress and why it is so perfect for spring.

What To Look For In Petite Dresses?

Depending on the type of dress there are a couple different things you can look for, especially when shopping online, that can help you ensure the perfect fit. Petite dresses can be tricky however here are some general rules of thumb to help.

For longer dresses keep the hem length in mind as that’s going to be one of the hardest things to figure out when determine whether a petite dress is going to fit.  For example when looking for a high low or Maxi dress the longest it should be is around 50-55 inchs for a perfect fit that won’t be to long but if you want to wear your maxi dresses with wedges will still looking flattering.

If you are looking for a petite spring dress that is perfect length to hit you in the middle thigh then look for something around 30 inchs from shoulder to hem. That way it won’t be to long or hit you awkwardly around your knees or anything.

If the dress has a narrower or tighter fit I would suggest something that is just a tad bit longer because it will scrunch or bunch up on the bottom and you don’t want to risk any malfunctions that can occur if your dress rides up.

Make sure you also pay attention to the bust size and other measurements. I am on the large chested side and so sometimes dresses can be to tight in that area making it hard to shop online because there are times when certain styles of dresses that don’t stretch to allow for any extra breathing room.


Hopefully this post will help you find some great petite spring dresses to rock this season and ensure they fit properly. If you need help measuring your chest size for the perfect dress fit or to know how many inchs you need in the bust of your dress, I have an entire post about how to find the perfect fitting petite bras that will help show you how to measure here.



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