Hey, Everyone! Today I am going to share with you guys some of my favorite affordable face masks.  When I was younger I was terrible at taking care of my skin. Even though I am blessed with pretty clear skin it isn’t healthy to abstain from good skincare. I am starting to pay for it now as I get older. I have searched high and low to find my favorite face masks for helping my skin. Now I’m sharing them with you guys to hopefully save you some time and money.

The Love Of Face Masks Grows As I Do

While good skincare products are essential to healthy skin, you also need to be drinking plenty of water and eating right. As an athlete my whole life you would think that I would learn to down water by the gallon. Unfortunately, I have the opposite problem, I didn’t drink water, ever really. Most of my hydration comes through fruit and things of that nature instead of just water. As a teenager, I used mostly soap to wash my face and I never used face masks. Now, I am paying a lot more attention to how much water I am drinking in order to keep myself from getting dehydrated.

There are a few face masks that I have found, that are extremely cost effective and really get the job done when my skin needs a nice pick me up at the end of a long day. Some of them you can use once a week or less and some of them you can use every other day or so just depending on how your skin is doing.

My Favorite Face Masks Worth The Hype

  1. Mask Of Magnaminty Face Mask by Lush. I’ve talked about it before on here but this is one of my all time favorites. Fresh minty smelling and gentle enough to use as often as you like. It leaves your skin feeling soft, clear and helps calm any redness you might have going on. You do have to use it pretty quickly as it expires after a couple months as its an all natural product. Well worth it! IMG_1091

2. L’Oreal Pure Clay Face Mask. In terms of drugstore clay masks, this one is a winner for sure. While not exactly like the Glamglow Super Mud mask, it’s a pretty comparable dupe. As it dries you can see where it is soaking up all the extra oil in your skin. If you have dry skin this might not be your favorite because it does tend to be a little drying. With activated charcoal that really helps clear all the impurities as long as you put on a nice rich moisturizer after it really works wonders.

3. Formula 10.0.6 Skin Brightening Face Mask. This is a peel mask that I usually only use about once every 5 days or once a week. I love this mask because it removes all of the dead cells, oil, dirt, and grime that builds up in the skin over the course of a day. The citrus and papaya in this mask really tone the skin. I notice a really big change in my skin as well as the size of my pores with the consistent use of this peel mask.

4. Origins Peel-Off Face Mask. The most expensive mask on this list but honestly the most IMG_1092amazing refining mask. I have yet to find one better at really shrinking my pores and refining my skin. Coffee Beans and Ginseng are two of the active ingredients in this mask that work hard to improve skin. I always try to find cheaper alternatives to this one and while there are some like the Skin Brightening Mask on this list that I really like this one is still the best.

5. Nugg Anit-Aging Face Mask.  These single use masks that come in packs of five are amazing. Since they have expanded their range I’ve really come to love the brand. Enriched with Vitamin B3 and White Tea, this mask goes on like a smooth gel and helps give your skin some extra bounce and life while helping prevent environmental damage as well as helping the appearance of fine lines.

Face Masks Are Your Friend!

Implementing masks like this into your weekly routine will do wonders for the skin. I hope these suggestions will help if you are looking for some new masks to help some problem areas or if you are just looking to keep your skin looking its best.  If you are looking for some more beauty products to love go check out my blog post on 10 that I am head over heels in love with.  What are some of the face masks and beauty products you consider to be the best?




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